Well, here it is. The final chapter of Wrath of the Damned. It ties up no loose ends, but leaves them to be resolved in the sequel, which I intend to start shortly. I would like to thank everyone for their support and props, but I have to say I'm slightly ashamed of what I've done here. I intended 001/Karnax to be different from every other psychopathic experiment, but in the end he was nothing special. His godhood was just an excuse for his lack of character or originality. And I'm not proud of what I did to Pleakley. I thought it was funny to rape him at the time, and in a way it still is comedic, but in retrospect it was the wrong thing to do. I don't particularly like Pleakley (Do any of us?) but that does not justify treating him to such a cruel extent as I did. The same could be said for 625/Arnold, although I really think he could act the way I made him. I will try to be somewhat nicer to my characters in the future, instead of ruthlessly torturing them. You can thank Sandaa Shojo's uncomfortable fanfics for that. That's not to say there won't be a little angst or pain in the next story, but I'll try to tone it down a little while turning up the action. Hopefully there will be less mass deaths.

TT, I don't see why you're surprised about Sprout and Shortstuff. I said they were BF/GF back in chapter two!

A reviewer, thanks but no thanks for your miraculous 345. There are already enough overpowered experiments in this area of FF.net. We don't really need anymore!

Some guy E-mailed me a while back asking where Fibber was. He's not with Hamsterviel because Lilo and Stitch rescued him before he was teleported, much like I had them do with Angel.

And to everyone else, a big thank you, and I hope you like the next story!

Hamsterviel groaned and got up, rubbing his head. The last thing he remembered was being caught in the blast of 626's bomb. He looked around and saw he was several feet across the warp gate chamber than he had been before, no doubt due to the explosion. The chamber had been totally destroyed by the bomb, and all the clones had been annihilated either by the blast or by the rubble caused when the ceiling caved in. The gate itself had been smashed beyond recognition. Hamsterviel scowled. "Curse that experiment! It'll take days to repair this damage!" He dusted himself off. "Ah well, it's just a minor setback. Now that I have assessed his skills better, I can adjust my master plan accordingly. He'll never know what hit him!" He laughed.

"I don't think you'll get the chance."

Hamsterviel whirled around and saw Nosey, now with a metallic nose to replace the one that had been ripped off, standing on top of a pile of rubble. He was holding a gun. "199? What are you doing out of your cage?"

Nosey pointed the gun at Hamsterviel's head. "That explosion knocked out the force fields keeping us trapped. It also shorted out the chips you put in our heads to keep us controlled through electroshock. For the first time in months, I'm free. And now that I have my freedom back, do you know what the first thing I'm going to do is?"

"Let me guess: you're going to kill me."


Hamsterviel scoffed. "I'm not afraid of you. I survived the explosion that destroyed this chamber, do you really think you can kill me by yourself?"

"Maybe not…but who said I was gonna do it by myself?" One by one, all of Hamsterviel's other experiments climbed over the rubble, each one packing heat and ready to make the rodent who had shattered their lives pay. "This is checkmate, Doctor."

Hamsterviel looked strangely amused. "Is it now?" He chuckled. "Then go ahead. Shoot me, if you dare!"

"Very well." They fired. Dozens of plasma bullets struck Hamsterviel. Every one of them bounced off, scorching the area around him. Hamsterviel stood there completely unharmed. The experiments' jaws dropped. Hamsterviel began laughing insanely at their shock. Very pale, Nosey stuttered "Th-that's not possible. That should have killed you. You're not…you're not bulletproof like we are." Hamsterviel continued laughing. Nosey took a step back. "What are you?!"

Hamsterviel stopped laughing, an intensely pleased look on his face. His eyes shimmered and turned blue. His fur bristled and became black. His ears curved to look more like horns. His cape fluttered and split into a pair of bloody angel wings. "More than you can possibly imagine." He raised his hands, crackling with power.

A bolt of black lightning was the last thing Nosey ever saw.

Eerie enough for you? If you ever want to figure out what the deal is, you'll have to wait for the sequel! See you then!