Previously on GuitarGrrrl's version of Joss Whedon's Buffy the Vampire
Bronze Int. Night:
Cut to: Willow collapsing onto the bathroom floor.
Cut to: We see Faith carrying Willow home.
Faith: "C'mon Red wake up!"
V.O. Dawn: "Oh my God! Willow!" (She is still laying unconscious in Faith's
Cut Summers' House. Int.: Buffy: "What did you do to her?!"
Cut to Buffy and Kennedy on the front porch:
Buffy: "I forgave Willow, I have to forgive Faith. I may not trust her all
the way yet, but I know she
wouldn't hurt Willow."
Cut to int. Willow's bedroom.
Kennedy V.O.: "I wonder what's going on in there."
Cut to morning (5:00 a.m.) Willow's bedroom: We see a smiling Faith climb
into Willow's bed.
Cut to morning Willow's bedroom:
Kennedy screamed like an angry teenager and pulled Faith up out of the bed
by her shoulders. She has
Faith pinned to the wall. V.O. Willow: "Kennedy get let go of Faith."

V.O. Buffy: "How is she?"
Cut to Afternoon; Willow's room:
"How's my little weeping Willow?" Faith whispered. "C'mon Red. Take a
shower and get dressed. We
have things to do......"If you're not downstairs in thirty minutes I'm coming
in here and dragging your
ass out of bed, even if I have to throw you over my shoulder to do it."
Cut to basement: We see Faith smoking a cigarette on the cot. Buffy enters.
Faith looks pensive.
Faith: "It's Willow... I mean, Red. ... I just feel bad about... everything."
Buffy: "Wow, Faith with feelings. This is new."

Ext. Summers' House:
We see Kennedy watching sadly from the window.
V.O. Willow: "Faith what's going on?"
V.O. Faith: "Just—just come on."
Cut to the cemetery: Faith: "It took me a while to find it, but this is
what I did earlier. I knew you
wouldn't do it yourself, so I had to make you." Faith gave Willow's hand a
little squeeze and released it
from her own. V.O. Faith: "Tara." we see Tara's headstone.
Cut to: Willow crying on her knees in front of Tara's grave.
Cut to: Faith laying flowers next to Willow.
Cut to: Faith kissing Willow's forehead.
Cut to: Willow and Faith walking home. We see them arrive at the Summers'
Faith: "Goodnight, Red."
Faith pulled Willow in for a hug and kissed her softly on the cheek.
Cut to: Morning. Buffy and Faith are on the back porch.
Faith: "So now you hate me even more for trying to do something nice?"
Buffy: "No, Faith. I don't hate you so much anymore. —If you break her
heart, or if you're just playing
games, you'll have to answer to me, got it?"
Cut to Willow and Faith on the side of the house talking:
Faith: "I don't want to cause any more trouble or pain in your life,
Red...Look at me, Willow...Look at
me when I'm trying to tell you that I feel the same. I wanna know you. I
wanna show you who I am, I
V.O. Willow: "Just kiss me already"
We see the two women kissing intensely.
Fade to black

I do not own any of these characters. They belong to Joss and Mutant Enemy.
I am just borrowing them.

Two weeks have passed,

Int. Summers' house.

Willow is laying on her stomach, on her bed. She's got one hand on her chin
and the other is writing in
her journal.
^Well, it's been one hell of a ride these past few weeks. I've been to
visit Tara three times since Faith
took me that one night. It's weird, I go there to tell how much I miss her,
love her still...but I end up
talking about Faith. I keep thinking about her lips, how the felt on mine,
her body pressed up against me.
And then I wonder if it was too much for her...because it's been two weeks
and she hasn't said but three
words to me...^
There is a knock at Willow's door.
"Come in."

"Hey." Willow looks up to see Kennedy standing there with her thumbs in her
"Um... Hi... Can I help you?" Willow was not in the mood for this one.
"Well, we haven't really talked since you've been so close with Faith
"I haven't been close with Faith, I haven't spoken to her in two weeks."
"So, you're just blowing off everyone now?"
"No, everybody else is getting all avoidy, I'm just Willow."
"Oh..." Kennedy looks down and then up again, "So you wanna go get coffee
and talk or something?"
"Oh, no. No "coffee." I know what you're up to missy."
"Well then can we just talk for a minute?"
"Then what do you call what we're doing? Because I call it avoiding."
Willow sat up.
"Avoiding what?"
"I'm avoiding you, Faith's avoiding me. Dawn's the middle-man and Buffy is
in outer-space."
"Ok...If you're avoiding me then why don't you leave?"
"It's MY room!"
"Right... I just wanna say I'm sorry Will."
"Sorry for what?"
"Trying to push you into something, for not listening, for being an uber-
"And I don't know what else to say Willow. I didn't think about what I was
"I'm bored," Willow said, "Of you and your excuses. (Mimicking) "I'm sorry,
I didn't mean it. I didn't
know" Well, if you'd have listened you would have known. I told you no
right from the beginning."
Kennedy looked at her blankly.
"The only business I have with you is that you're a potential slayer and I
have to work the mojo with this
Scythe thingy. And, actually, I don't even have to interact with you for
that, so I think you need to leave
now. See—resolve face." Willow sat on the bed still making her resolve face
until Kennedy turned and
walked out of the room. She slammed the door behind her.

Willow went back to her journal.

Cut to the living room.
Buffy was giving one of her famous speeches and everyone looked rather
"What you guys don't agree with me?"
"We don't wanna sit around here and listen to what to prepare for. Let's
get in there and kick some
demon butt!" Kennedy said in a very cocky voice.
"Yo guys, listen, I know this sucks, but B's right," Faith said as she
looked at the older slayer, "She may
talk a lot (Buffy gave her a dirty look) but she's been in this much longer
than any of us. (Turning to
Buffy) I know they need to work on their skills, so let's show 'em how it's
"Alright. What'd you have in mind?"

Faith whispers something to Buffy. Everyone looks at the two slayers with
questioning eyes.