A/N: a short drabble. I was bored in English class today okay? I suppose
you can take it as Arwen after Aragorn's death, but it can be a wider
outlook than that. Review! Wow. I'm on a poetry spree. Three in two days.
As I journey through this Earth
All paths lead to one
The path that leads ever more
From this blissful shore
Ai, nightingale, why do you sing no more?
The stars, they kindle no hope
For one lost on this distant shore
Without a life, a love, unable to cope
Alas, here my life shall be ended
My thoughts no longer dwelling
My soul ever flying
Afar, wait, my love, I am coming.
So here, beneath the fading trees
I bid thee farewell, oh nightingale
My voice never more to join your song
In the depths of the night, where nothing is wrong