Fruits Basket

Beginnings and Endings

((New story of mine. This is just a starting chapter so the main plot hasn't really been put in play yet. Also I promise the chapter to be longer next time. Anyways, enjoy. I fixed a few mistakes that I manage to catch so...yeah.))

Chapter 1

Every beginning has an ending, but sometimes things can become an endless circle. Being cursed from the day you were born and knowing that curse will pass on to someone else pains me every time my mind comes across the thought. Some people would just accept their fate as being cursed and try to live their life, but I can't. Not being able to be accepted by my own family and to never be able to embrace the person a truly care for, drives me mad. Why me? Why should anyone bare such pain, but me? I just wished I disappeared sometimes...but


Kyo tilted his head slightly down to see Tohru waving up to him. She wore a heavy jacket around her light figure since the winter day seemed to carry a chill in the air. Her face was as bright and cheerful as if it was sunny day in summer. Kyo felt his cheeks begin to burn a soft red and he casually gave her a soft nod to acknowledge her wave, 'Damn I can never just wave to her like a normal person...its all because of...'

"Yuki are those bags too heavy?" Tohru asked in a polite manner.

"Oh no, not at all Miss Honda. We better get inside though, the weather is getting a bit chilly and we wouldn't want to catch a cold now."

"Right! Once we get everything inside I can cook some leek soup."

Their voices soon faded inside and Kyo could feel his throat tighten up to the thought of leek soup, "Blah, why do we eat that nasty crap all the time?"

"Because it's good for you," Shigure said from the ladder that led up to the roof to where Kyo was sitting.

"How can that crap be good for anyone!"

"You seem to be the only one with the problem so you're out voted."

"Grrr..." Kyo slammed his fist against the roof leaving a hole in it.

"Kyo, stop destroying my house. Oh and before Tohru scurries out here you better get inside. You know she is worried about you being out in the cold since you don't have a jacket on. I swear kids these days. They just don't know when to put on a jacket or know when to come inside-"

"Shut up already!" Kyo hissed at Shigure, "I get the point."

"Humph, I could use a little more respect."

"Yeah right, perverts don't deserve respect."

Shigure shook his head as he began to walk down the ladder.

"Shigure..." Kyo said lightly as he kept his eyes focused on the mountains in the distance.

"Hmm?" Shigure said as his head popped back up into view.

"The curse...why does it have to be like this?"

Shigure was silent for a moment as he considered the things he could tell Kyo, "Its...hard to say Kyo. It's like asking what's the purpose of life. No one knows the answer."

"Well...someone should."

Shigure smiled lightly as he walked down the ladder to go back inside. Kyo remained sitting there a bit longer wondering his own question to himself. After sitting there for some time he felt his stomach growl, "...Hungry, but..." The thought of leek soup came into mind and he could already feel himself gagging. He sighed lightly as he got up to his feet. It wasn't like he was going to eat leek soup anyways though. Tohru sometimes made him a special dish since he disliked leeks so much. As he walked back down to the house he felt himself blush lightly again. The thought of her making something exclusively for him made his feelings tingle with the sensation of being accepted and cared for. Something he was denied of when growing up. He ducked his head down as he slipped inside, but he was so lost in his thoughts he ran right into Tohru who had gone up stairs to call him down for dinner. His chest pressed against her body lightly and at that moment he knew it was to late to try and back away from her. In a loud poof and a cloud of orange smoke Kyo had transformed into his orange cat self.

He landed on top of his cloths and looked up to Tohru who had fallen against the ground.

"I'm so sorry! I'm so stupid, I should have told you I was coming up!"

Kyo's ears twitched. He hated it when she apologized like that since most of the time it wasn't her fault, "Don't worry about it. I was the one that wasn't watching where I was going so just drop it now."

Tohru rubbed her eyes, "...ok."

'Oh damn did I make her cry!'


"I'm ok...

Kyo walked over to her and placed his paws on her knees to look at her face. Her clear eyes were a bit watery. He looked down to her hand to see she had scraped in when she had taken the small tumble, "Oh, you're hurt."

Tohru blinked lightly as she lifted her hand, "Oh. I guess I must have hit it on something. Don't worry Kyo, it's only a little scratched."

Kyo was glad he was a cat at the time. His blushing wasn't noticeable and he cleared his throat, as he was about to say something that went completely against his nature, "You should for a bandage..."

Tohru shook her head, "No, no, no I'm ok. Really!"

Kyo stared up at her, "Just go. I'll be down once I change back."

"Are you sure?"

"If I wasn't sure I wouldn't be telling you!"

"Ohh! Ok!" Tohru quickly got back on her feet and went out of the room downstairs to ask Yuki to help her. All Kyo could hear from the stupid rat was, 'Did that stupid cat do this?'

Kyo growled and he sudden changed back to his normal self. He quickly went to the door and shut it. Once he had some privacy he slipped his cloths back on and went back outside downstairs to join everyone for dinner.

"Well, well look who finally came down to join as for dinner," Shigure commented as he waved his chopsticks around, "I wonder what he was doing alone in his room...hmm?"

Yuki threw a spoon right at Shigure's head, "Don't ever say something like that again. It disturbs the mind."

"Er...right." Tohru just sat there smiling not sure what the boys were really getting at.

Kyo bit his tongue this time and decided not to reply to the dogs comment. He sat down at his place and looked down at his plate. Ah he was right Tohru had made him a special plate of fish. A light smile creeped across his face though he kept his head tilted down so Yuki or anyone for that matter could not see his expression.

"Oh, Kyo is it ok?" Tohru questioned since Kyo had his head down like he was going to be sick.

He looked up to her with a confuse look, "Huh? Oh, yeah its good..." He noticed Yuki staring at him again, "What?"

"Oh, nothing. You seem to be in a good mood. Strange is all."

"Shut up and mind your own damn business!"

"You're the one that asked..."

"Just shut up!"

"I could say the same to you."

Tohru laughed nervously, "Alright now, lets not..."

Shigure patted Tohru on the head, "Best let them get it out of their system. Let you and I enjoy this wonderful meal you made without the disturbance of those two. We should go eat alone!"

"No you won't!" Yuki and Kyo yelled in unison, which stopped their bickering.

After dinner everyone went his or her separate ways for the night. Tohru was in the kitchen cleaning up. Yuki went to sit and watch some T.V for a while and Shigure had gone off into his study to work on one of his books. Kyo was walking down the hallway to go back up into his room when suddenly Shigure's head poked out, "Kyo, come here for a moment please," Shigure said in a singing like voice.

Kyo rolled his eyes, 'I hate it when he talks like that.'

As much as he didn't want to Kyo walked over to Shigure's room. He only stood in the doorway since Shigure's room was cluttered with paper and books everywhere. It made Kyo wonder how Shigure actually got things done in this room.

"Ah, here you go Kyo. Kazuma wanted me to give you this book and scroll. He said it talks about the "cat" from legend in it. He also said you should open it when you feel like you're ready."

Kyo took the items, but frowned lightly, "Feel ready? When's that?"

"I'm not you so I wouldn't know. Maybe when you become a man."

Kyo's face went grim, "What are you getting at Shigure?"

"Oh nothing," Shigure said with a grin as Kyo stomped out of his room.

He slammed the door once he reached inside, "Stupid dog and his perverted thoughts."

Kyo looked down to the book and scroll in hand. His fingers ran over the scrolls rough paper sides. The item seemed pretty old and it almost felt like it was going to fall apart in his hands. He walked over to his shelf and set down the scroll and then the book, "When I'm ready?" He repeated the question, "...about the original cat? That has nothing to do with right now. Doesn't help with my problems. Useless piece of junk."

Kyo jumped down to his bed and curled up there, "It won't help with her..."