Fruits Basket

Beginnings and Endings

((Author Note: Thought I forgot about the story, huh? Nope. I actually have been super busy with college. Sorry guys, I'm trying. Anyways here's a chapter from Shigure's point of view since it's the year of the dog. It doesn't follow the storyline right now. Just something for fun.))

Chapter 46: Special Chapter "The Year of the Dog"

'…What was that sound?' Shigure thought to himself as he rolled over in his bed, tucking his head further into his pillow while his cushions rolled over his shoulders. 'Ah that's better.'

"You stupid dog! Wake up already," Kyo's rather loud voice echoed within Shigure's ear. That boy had a pair of lungs on him; Shigure had to give him credit for that.

"I don't wanna!" Shigure whined as he rolled over to see the steaming Kyo in his doorway. Of course Kyo's barbaric hands had smashed the door until it was completely off the slider. Youngsters these days, they had no respect for their elder's property.

"Stop your whining," Kyo snorted as he pulled the covers off his bed, "Your alarm clock has been going off for an hour now and we're sick of hearing…" Kyo stared at Shigure who was down to his boxers, "…pervert."

Shigure chuckled lightly, "Now, now. I need my beauty sleep and to be a pervert I would have to be naked, like on Tuesdays!"

Kyo tossed the covers right at his face. Shigure could have sworn that he didn't remember the covers being so hard as he fell back against his bed from the impact. He could hear Kyo mumbling about what he said, ah he was far too easy to ruffle. Well Shigure figured since he was awake he better get dressed.

Mornings were very similar to Shigure. He woke up late, got a scolding from either Kyo or Yuki and then he would spend the rest of his day toiling around. It was the perfect life. Of course what made it better was Tohru's present in the mix of things. He rather enjoyed the two male youths struggling to get use to a female's presents. The entire time she had been there though has proven to have some positive effects on everyone and things seem to be calmer. Not in the physical sense, but to Shigure everyone didn't feel so conflicted. As cursed as they were, they found a purpose by just being around one simple girl.

"Uh, Shigure are you alright? You're just standing there," Tohru asked as she held a white basket full of laundry.

Shigure blinked a few times slightly confused for a moment before he chuckled to her question, "Oh dear, I guess I must have blanked out there. Silly me, Kyo woke me up too early."

"Oh, well I good breakfast will make you feel better. I'll get on it right away." Before Shigure could object she was speeding off for the kitchen.

He laughed lightly to himself, 'There she goes again. Always ready to please.'

Shigure tapped his chin as he walked off to watch Tohru in the kitchen, curious as to what she was cooking. He didn't get very for though as Yuki suddenly blocked his way.

"Good morning, Yuki!"

"More like good afternoon…did you make Tohru-"

Shigure faked a gasped, "Are you accusing me of forcing Tohru to cook for me? You should be ashamed Yuki! I would never do such a thing. Are beautiful flower has to be taken care of. We cannot let such a fragile creature become damage by our brutish nature. These very hands will…"

"Here you go," Tohru placed a bowl in Shigure's hands in the middle of his speech before disappearing back into the kitchen.

"Well she has good timing since I didn't like where that last sentence was going…stop acting like an idiot. You're lucky Tohru puts up with you," Yuki said as he headed off to go tend to his garden.

Was he that lucky? Maybe…most people went nuts by his constant comments and strange attitude; however Tohru always saw the good in people. She saw right through his tricks, "And saw what I really am…" Shigure said with a faint smile.

Shigure was walking towards his office as he ate the food Tohru had prepared for him, "Ah, a bit of heaven in each bite."

"What are you mumbling now?" Hatori said just as Shigure opened the door to his office. Seeing Hatori nearly gave Shigure a heart attack and he fell right over, food and all.

"Hari! You scared me," Shigure cried out as he wiped the bits of food from his face.

Hatori shook his head as he watched Shigure pull himself together, "It's not my fault you forgot I was coming over. Besides…" he picked up one of Shigure's books that were on the table, "I figured today was your free day seeing as you finished this."

"Ah, Hari you ruin all my fun."

"Stop your whining," Hatori set the book down as he leaned back in Shigure's chair, "I know you're not done with that book thought."

Shigure smirked lightly as he stepped inside and closed the door behind him. "Of course not, the prince and princess have only just met. There hasn't been a happily ever after yet."

"And will there be?" Hatori asked in a stern voice as he eyed Shigure.

"Who knows," Shigure said with a shrug as he turned to avoid Hatori's face. He truely hated it when Hatori did that. Not only did it freak Shigure out, but it made Shigure feel guilty at times. "It won't happen though if I stand here and do nothing."

Hatori smiled lightly to himself, it was strange to see such an expression on his long time friend but it did suit him, "Determine for a good story as always. However, as much as we interfere and fight it…things will take there own course in time."

"Maybe…" Shigure took a seat in front of Hatori, "But no harm in trying, right?"

"No matter what I say you're still going to do it. You're an idiot after all."

"That's the spirit, Hari!" Shigure got up suddenly and opened the door again, "Tohru! Hari is here, let's have a big meal!"

"Ok!" Tohru said as she clasped her hands together.

"Don't do what he says!" Kyo yelled from up stairs.

"You are all too loud…" Yuki rubbed his ears lightly as he tried reading his book.

That's right…we're all just a bunch of loud idiots, together in my house that you all love to destroy under my watchful eye. Under this cheerful exterior I really truly care and worry for you all. One day I will be able to hug you and thank you for all those happy memories. My only gift to you is this book…Beginnings and Endings.