By Alden


"Hn..." Sasuke said, sitting on a stool at the ramen bar, looking over at the old guy sitting near him. THAT was Jiraiya, the toad-sennin? One of the Legendary Ninja? He was, according ti the ramen server... Hmmmm... Sasuke turned his head, and ordered a pork ramen with miso. Naruto was rubbing off on him...

"Oh, it's you... How's Tsunade?" he heard the old man say, and Sasuke realised he was talking to a new arrival. It was that assistant, the one who always hung around Godaime. What was she doing here?

"She's good... Swamped under a lot of paperwork, and stuff..." The woman said, smiling faintly. She seemed sort of serious, Sasuke noted. Maybe she was the old woman's student. She looked like a medic.

"Ahhhh... Tsunade struck it big, haHA!" 'Jiraiya' (Sasuke was a but dubious about the idea) patted the woman on the back heartily, and ordered two ramens.

"Jiraiya-sama..." The woman rolled her eyes, smiling a bit at him... until his hand slipped a bit lower, as Sasuke noticed, and Jiraiya's face hit the floor. Sasuke shook his head.

"Stupid guy..." he muttered, and started slurping some miso from a spoon, while perking his ear up to hear more. For some reason, Sasuke was interested in this idea...

"Jiraiya-sama..." The woman repeated, her voice dangerous. He stood and grinned, apoligising lightly. The two sat and started talking rapidly about the past. How he'd seen her as a child, watched her graduate... Then, he never saw her again, when he, Tsunade and Konoha all split ways.

"Ahhh, Shizune, you were so cute..." He smiled a wily grin at the woman . "And you've grown up magnificently..."

"Well..." Shizune blushed, then stiffened, obviously remembering a word or two from her teacher about her lecherous teammate. Sasuke wasn't worried. Nobody would...

"Very magnifiecently, actually..." Jiraiya was breathing down the woman's neck, while she had completely frozen up. Finally, she punchged him straight in the face. "You digusting perv!"

Jiraiya sat up, and said something to the effect of, "At least I got a good look..."

Sasuke himself was ready to kill the old man for his antics. Women weren't... Oh well, not his business. For all he knew, the woman liked it. Sasuke looked down. His ramen was finished. Well... Gues it was time to go...

"Another pork ramen, please!" he barked, looking intently at the counter. Jiraiya giggled, then fell over as Shizune kicked him in the side.

"Jiraiya-sama? Are you drunk?" She leant down and asked, to which he replied...

"No... When I'm drunk, I have better taste..."

Safe to say his face wasn't safe from Shizune's foot. Medic's weren't exactly weak like Sasuke had guessed, having never met one. Jiraiya was down for the count, as Shizune walked off.

Sasuke walked over, and feeling as if he was having an identity crisis, leant over to the sennin. "Need help up?" he asked. When the man nodded, Sasuke draped Jiraiya's arm over his shoulders and lifted. The two slowly made their way to a nearby beanch.

Sasuke walked off. His identity crisis was over, and he needed to train.