Betsy fit in easily when she got to the school. Kurt and the others helped make her feel welcome, and she was soon taught by Charles how to control her powers and put up shields to make sure she didn't hear anyone's thoughts when she and they didn't want to. This in turn got rid of the light that was surrounding her face and everyone saw how young and beautiful she was.

She made fast friends with Jimaine and Ororo, and the two were sometimes quite inseparable. This made Kurt and Stefan jealous at times, and sometimes they felt like they needed a crowbar or something to peel the three away from each other for even a minute to talk to one of them alone without the other two right there.

"I'm starting to think that you like her company more than mine, Ororo!" Kurt once said during one of their star-watching nights. Ororo had simply shrugged and nudged him lightly in the side.

"Who says that that isn't true?" she had asked. She laughed when Kurt looked at her with a hurt expression and she kissed him lightly on the cheek. "I'm only playing with you, love." She said. "You can never be replaced." With that, she gave him a kiss on the cheek and led him back into the school.

However, Brian had a vendetta against them, and in a month or two he came back to the school with the best soldiers His Majesty felt obliged to give him to deal with the school. Twenty-five men in all, but they were the best in hunting both man and beast, and the King felt that with Brian they were enough to take down this so-called school.

It happened unexpectedly, when the three residents telepaths let their guards down and stopped scanning for any intruding thoughts coming towards the school. They were all outside and in a large field, which Charles had added onto his property not long ago. They laughing and playing around as they planted flowers and so on to make it look more colorful.

Betsy and Jimaine had just jumped soil on Stefan's head when the first arrow flew and sunk itself into the basket. Everyone got into a defensive stance, but they soon found themselves surrounded by the soldiers, each one of them armed and ready to turn them into pincushions.

Brian walked up into view, his broadsword in hand and ready to cleave anyone who tried to do something.

"Charles Xavier, you and your students are under arrest for the multiple charges of kidnapping, aiding and hiding Gypsies in your home, and for witchcraft and devil worship." He said.

"Devil worship?" Remy asked, placing his hands on his hips. "Mon ami, you have got to try and come up with something better then that!" One of the soldiers fired an arrow and he caught it, charged it, and threw it back at him, starting the fight.

Logan was forced to restrain himself from killing the men. He simply knocked them up with punches to the face instead, adding a few kicks here and there for good measure to vent his anger out on something.

"Scott, undo your cloth." Charles said.

"But what if I kill someone?" Scott asked.

"Narrow your eyes and just try to clip them." Charles advised. "Don't worry about it, Scott!" Nodding, Scott slowly untied the cloth covering his eyes and he opened his eyes slightly, red light erupting from them instantly and striking down one of the men's horses with an agonized scream.

Scott turned his head left and right, striking down two of the men before he was struck from behind with an arrow in back of his left knee, forcing him to fall and close his eyes to stop himself from hurting anyone he didn't want to.

Brian immediately threw himself at Stefan, swinging wildly as he tried to take off his head. Stefan was too swift for him, and he was able to swing around and grab one of Brian's daggers to fight back with.

"Come on you stupid Gadje!" he said, holding out the knife. "Let's see what you can do facing someone who is armed and ready for you!"

"Filthy Gypsy!" Brian roared, swinging his sword at his head. Stefan dodged the blow and he flicked the knife at Brian's face, nicking his cheek and leaving a line of blood behind that began to bleed slowly.

"Rom, Gadje!" he said. "We didn't come from Egypt!" Stefan continued to fight with only the dagger until it was knocked out of his hand and he was kicked to the ground. When Brian's sword nearly struck him down for good, Kurt teleported in and grabbed Stefan, teleporting away just in time to save his brother, but not spare himself a deep wound in his back.

When they reappeared he fell onto his hands and knees, gritting his teeth against the searing pain. Stefan tried to help him up, but he found himself and Kurt facing four men with their long swords drawn, and he was forced to raise up his hands in surrender.

"We need to give up!" Rogue shouted over to Charles. "Unless ya'll are going to make their heads pop we need to jus' give up righ' now before anyone gets killed!" Even though he didn't want to admit it, Charles saw that Rogue was right. When he opened his mouth to shout their surrender however, Betsy ran up to her brother and stopped him from slashing at a winded Sean.

"Stop this, Brian!" she shouted. "No one kidnapped me! I said so in that note I left you!"

"Get out of the way, Betsy!" Brian snarled. Betsy narrowed her eyes and she stubbornly crossed her arms over her chest.

"No, brother!" she said. "Tell your men to stand down and leave everyone alone! They haven't done anything to you or anyone else for that matter!"

"You don't know what you're talking about."

"Look at me, Brian! Do you see those lights on my face anymore?" Betsy asked. "I don't hear those voices in my head either. Do you want to know why? Because these people helped me learn how to control my powers! They helped me, Brian. They didn't hurt me in any way!"

"They kept Gypsies hidden here, Betsy. That alone sends them to the dungeons!" Brian pointed out.

"They're called Romani, Brian." Betsy said angrily. "Gypsies are people who come from Egypt and besides, why do you need to kill them anyway? I've made friends with Stefan, Jimaine, and Kurt and none of them are evil, Brian. They're just like you and me."

"They've been lying to the King..."

"So have you!" Betsy said, silencing Brian at once. "You never told him about me did you?" she asked.

"You know I couldn't do that." Brian said.

"And why not? I was hearing voices and had lights in my face. That makes me evil and a witch doesn't it? It condemns me to the dungeons doesn't it?" she asked. "Don't you even know your own laws anymore, Brian?"

"I couldn't give you up to the King!"

"And why not?" Betsy demanded.

"Because he'd... Kill you..." Brian said slowly. Betsy swept an arm over the battlefield at the others.

"They haven't done anything wrong, Brian." She said. "They've just been living their lives and learning how to use their powers to help normal people. Do they deserve to die just because they're different?" she asked.

A groan interrupted them, and looking to the side Brian saw Stefan slowly helping Kurt to his feet, the wound on his back bleeding badly.

"Look what you've done." Betsy said. "Kurt may die from his wound if he is not helped right away, and all because you couldn't have a little mercy in your heart!"

"Turn back." Brian ordered. "Grab those who can't move and head back to the base, we shall work out a story from there." Some of the men wanted to refuse, wanting to point out the fact that it was against the law to help those who aided Gypsies, but one look from their leader's eyes said that they would most likely lose their heads if they even dared to say something like that.

"I suggest that you move somewhere else." Brian said. "The King wanted this place burned to the ground."

"I'm proud of you, Brian." Betsy said with a smile, hugging her brother tightly around the neck.

Kurt's wound took a few months to heal, due to the fact that they were forced to move to Paris to avoid any further problems from the King of Britain. The only trace of his wound was a thin milk white line that went from the middle of his shoulder blades down to the small of his back.

Remy was able to steal a few royal documents and in time they were a legal school where those who were discovered to have powers or some "abnormality" about them could be brought in to be taught by Charles and the others.

Some of these "abnormalities" were normal physical or mental differences, but Charles took them in anyway, figuring that he would give them a better chance than the mental institutions they had out there where they were beaten and locked up in cages.

The school started out at the same size as the one they had in London, but it soon grew into something akin to its own castle, due to the large buildings they had to build around the original to accommodate to new arrivals they received monthly; first from just France, and then the rest of Europe, including a few from Russia, Africa, and even China and Japan.

Ororo and Kurt were unable to marry in the traditional sense, due to laws dealing in such matters, but they did produce a child, and Jimaine pointed out that that was a good enough bond as any to show that the two were together forever.

They had a son, whom they named Bayard. The boy had a blue fur and a tail like his father, but the eyes and shocking white hair like his mother. The boy played endlessly with the child of Jean and Scott's; whose name was Rachel, and also with his cousin, the daughter of John Proudstar and Jimaine named Lilia.

Their school was a prosperous one, and for years to come it lasted, and the idea of those with gifts; who became known as mutants in the 1950's, and those without could live together soon became a reality, and the original place where the school once stood in London was turned into a park, and the building in France was renovated and turned into a museum, showcasing the history of the mutant's struggle for acceptance in society.

Das Ende