This is a companion or sequel to Acceptance.  The first couple of chapters may be slow, but bear with me.  I think I have a good story in mind.  Enjoy!  And please read and review. Prologue

            Sandy grabbed Seth's arm.  They both clenched their strong jaws and eyed each other like animals ready to attack their prey.  Seth's brown eyes turned steely as he tried to wrench free from his father's grasp.  He wanted to shout, kick, and scream like a petulant three-year-old, but he couldn't bring himself to give Sandy the satisfaction.

            "You are not leaving the house like this."

            Seth tugged hard and broke free.  "I'll do what I damn well please."  He turned and headed for the front door.

            Sandy seized him again.  "I'm not going to let this behavior continue."

            Seth grabbed the doorknob, but Sandy had a strong grip and would not let his son budge.

            "Let go," seethed Seth through clenched teeth.

            "I won't let you ruin your life like this."

            "Come on Seth, don't do this." Ryan said as he came into the room and took in the scene before him.  He could hear the shouting all the way upstairs in the baby's nursery.

            "Stay out of this, Ryan," Sandy said quietly.  "This is between me and your brother."

            "I'm out of here."  Seth broke free again and sprinted up the three steps that lead to the front door.

            "No you are not!"  Sandy was quick.  He got to the door before Seth and stood in front of it.  "Get your ass back in the house and park it in the kitchen."

            Ryan would have listened.  Three months earlier, Seth would have listened.  But this Seth, this angry, strung out Seth couldn't care less.  He pushed Sandy to the side with such violence that Sandy stumbled, knocking his head on the wall.  Seth hesitated for a moment, but then yanked the door open and ran out of the house.