All right, the story you guys have probably been wanting for some time now. Lol. This is a sequel to Nightmares, a Yuffie/Vincent fanfiction that I started last year, end of August to be exact and I just now finished. I've been really busy with my FFX fanfiction so that's why it took a while. If you are interested in the Rikku/Auron pair I suggest you check it out, it's called How I Found You.

Enough of the chatting, onto the story. I also warn that this story may have a different tone then the previous story. Mainly because my writing might have evolved a bit or something since last August.

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Nightmares Reawakened: Chapter 1 – Breaking of The Heart

Rating: R          Genre: Romance/Action/Adventure/Angst and all that good stuff

Pairing: Yuffie/Vincent, some Tifa/Cloud.                       Author: Sakura Yosei


            The shots still rang through her ears although the sound had occurred a few minutes earlier. It was almost as though her ears wouldn't let go of the sound. She could only look around confused and dazed as her friends came toward her with worry. She paid them no heed for they didn't know the source of the sound.

            She soon spotted a man in all but he still had his trademark crimson bandanna. She couldn't help but let her face light up with happiness despite the events occurring only moments ago. She stood, letting her brother's dead body fall off of hers with little grace. He couldn't help but notice the petite woman running towards him as he put his gun back into its sheath. He brushed his arm a bit and then felt her latch her arms around his torso. He just seemed to look at her with a little of curiosity and indifference.

            Not feeling his arms around her she looked up in confusion at his emotionless expression. He could tell her emotions were hanging on her sleeve now, confusion, happiness, pain, and despair.

            "Vincent?" she asked unsure, using his full name.

            "Is there something you need Yuffie?" Vincent spoke seriously.

            "Your alive…" She spoke, unable to believe quite yet.

            "As it would appear, I am. I was stranded in a primitive town." He explained with his usual casual, cold manner.

            "Now, we can be together again" Yuffie spoke getting excited and trying to ignore his tone. 

            She hugged him even harder to put emphasis in her words but felt him carefully remove her arms from around his torso. He looked down at her slowly, with a bit of a intrigued look in his eyes.

            "We?" Vincent spoke a little harshly.

            Yuffie's face went from pure joy to pain in little time. Her face paled and she had to accept it since they first started talking: something was different, very different about Vincent. She slowly backed away from his tall frame, realizing who he was now.

            "Why…I worked so hard to help you become who you were with me…and…and…you threw it away…" Yuffie spoke very slowly, her hands at her chest near her heart.

            Tifa, Cloud, Nanaki and Cid just looked from the distance, seeming confused as to what was truly happening. To honor Nanaki's words however, they choose to let tem be.

            Vincent let out a small sigh unnoticeable to Yuffie and pondered in his head how he would explain exactly. That person Yuffie knew was still there, always had been, he just needed to have this persona dominant right now, for what reason, he didn't know. So Vincent started to explain and was sure he was probably lying.

"I saw my new side as being insufficient and was not helping me atone for my sins. Falling off that cliff was another sin and made me realize that I was trying to hide my true self and feelings."

At this point, Yuffie seemed like she was going to burs but she realized she couldn't in front of Vincent, it would make things a lot worse, she needed to bring back her tough shell from her AVALANCHE days as a ninja. She really didn't want Vincent to berate her.

"Atoning sing…I thought you left all that behind!" she couldn't but scream her frustration for her year's work had gone down the drain so quickly.

Vincent just casually stared at her and started to turn his back to her.

"This will be my que to leave Yuffie. I have atoned for one sin for leaving you by saving you and already another sin is added to my list. I must go back to where I belong and think about what I've done. Excuse me." Vincent stated to walk away from the quivering woman.

Yuffie's hands were then clenched tight and her teeth gritted. She never before felt so angry and hurt. She much rather suffer from Kenji's torture's with those foreign toxins she had received had caused her tons of pain. That's how bad her heart was feeling. Before she could control her impulses she pick up a rock near her foot and chucked it at him, making a gash on his right ear.

"You bastard!" she screamed and fell to the ground, holding herself.

Why, why did he even have to come back? She thought. Vincent, her Vincent had died that day on the cliff, she was sure of it. Only problem was, his shadow, his former self now haunted her with his presence.

Vincent stopped and carefully felt his ear and shrugged slightly and continued walking. Why did sins always have to plague him so?

**I sense regret, by the way, that girl knows how to throw** Chaos butted into his thoughts.

++A good throw that one day will get her in trouble but yes, I think I maybe having some regrets…I shouldn't have come back, I just caused her more pain++

**You still love her?" Chaos inquired.

++I don't know Chaos, I honestly don't know anymore…please let me think.++ Vincent replied.

**As you wish…** Chaos responded and was gone from his thoughts.

Yuffie just watched him disappear onto the horizon, she felt like time had slowed. Her heart had broken in half with his "death" but now her half of a heart was broken even further from his rejection and his transition back. She wasn't sure she had a heart left at all, though she knew she still loved him, no matter how much pain and anger. A warm hand on her shoulder interrupted her thoughts. She looked up and was met with wine colored eyes.

"Tifa…" Yuffie spoke gently.

Cloud, Cid and Nanaki were right behind her looking perplexed at Vincent's exit.

"What happened?" Cloud broke the silence.

"The old Vincent is back and he 'can't' be with me anymore…" Yuffie said, trying to accept it herself.

"Yuff…I…" Tifa has started but was cut off by Yuffie forcing the brunette's hand off her shoulder.

"No. Just the fuck up Tifa!! I don't want to her your apologies…your pity…you're little advice. Just Shut Up!" Yuffie screamed out of control and ran toward the Wutai Palace.

"Yuffie, Wait!" Tifa yelled but was stopped by Cloud's gentle embrace from behind stopped her from moving.

"Let her go awhile…it's obvious she's going through way too much right now. She went through her father and her brother, then the hospital, suicide, memory loss, and now Vincent leaving her again. She needs to sort all that has happened." Nanaki explained.

Tifa just slightly nodded and glanced at Cid. He took his cigarette out of his mouth quickly and threw it to the ground, stopping on it violently with his boot.

"Vincent needs a $#*%$# shot to his #$@#$* head. Leaving her like that" Cid muttered by Tifa heard with astonishment.

He stomped even harder on his lifeless bud again with his boot in anger. "She like one of #@$*@#$ own, she may not no it but its why I give the brat such a #@$&%$ hard time." Cid explained and looked around annoyed.

The three just stood there, trying to conceal their pain, their sorrow and their slight anger. The crowd from Yuffie's execution had mostly cleared out by now but some still remained, shocked by Yuffie's attitude. Many of them pondered what life would be like after Kenji and some pondered what had happened between Yuffie and Vincent.

All Yuffie knew was she was broken all over….


So…my first chapter. It's mostly like a prologue. Lol. This is what happens exactly after her execution and whee…I'm staying on top of my plans like I promised. I hope you guys enjoyed and please R/R ^^ ::hands out Yuffie plushies:: thanks for reading, enjoy the plushie and until next time. Ciao!


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