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Nightmares Reawakened: Chapter 5 – Resurgence of Past Memories

Rating: R Genre: Romance/Action/Adventure/Angst and all that good stuff

Pairing: Yuffie/Vincent, some Tifa/Cloud. Author: Sakura Yosei

Yuffie had been up for some time but she didn't want to wake him up. It was the last thing on earth she wanted to happen. She felt so ashamed, she had let this female in her take control. She thought that when this whole thing started she was in control but now she felt all control was lost. She watched as she fought with her own body as she forced…actually forced him to make love with her. The most painful thing was she saw him give in to her demon, something she didn't want. She wanted him to turn into Chaos, rip her body to shreds. All she wanted to do know was die, it was no use though, no matter how many cuts she created in her body the demon was heal it.

She was willing to admit she had wanted to be one with him again but not in the way the demon had done. She wanted it for love, not lust. She started to cry as she hugged herself, letting the crimson tears from her eyes hit her naked skin. What had she done? What would Vincent do when he woke up? She was safe enough distance from him, in a corner of the room to be precise. She just sat there, curled up into a ball as though she were still in her mother's womb. How could she? She could almost understand Vincent now in the way she wanted to atone for what she had done. Yuffie also pondered how she would cope with this new being, Vincent seemed to manage Chaos now and its other forms after 30 or so years. Would it take that long for this being to get along with me? She thought.

/I have a name you know…./ Yuffie suddenly heard the female demon inside her.

T…. then what is it….+ Yuffie asked the monster a bit afraid it'd take over again.

/I'm surprised you asked…./ the demon replied back sarcastically /your brother always called me Kumi affectionately for neither of us knew my real name/

Yuffie turned very pale from hearing the demon's words, she shivered a little as though she was cold but she was actually becoming more and more scared. The more she learned the more she wanted to block her mind out to everything and scream. She started to cry even more in the corner, noticing the demon went silent. After a few minutes of silence from the demon, Yuffie heard some shifting from the other side of the room, Vincent had just awoke and was putting on his clothes slowly. His face seemed emotionless as dried crimson tears were on his cheeks still. All Yuffie could do was back herself up farther into the corner, catching the shadows just right to hide her a bit more as she watch Vincent now set her clothes on the broken coffee table with ease.

Vincent slowly walked off towards his coffin, his head hanging a little low as he walked, not even noticing his now skin covered claw shaking a little. He had no idea really what happened the day previous, it was all a big blur now for him, he just remembered Yuffie having a demon and the demon had……raped him. God he hated the word, he thought. He just bit his lip gently and continued to walk, trying to block things out of his mind. He was unaware however of Yuffie's small and pale form slowly creeping over to grab her clothes from the coffee table. He wasn't aware until he heard some glass break from the coffee table that is. He spun around gently and walked down the hallway again but to the end he had entered from, he saw a naked Yuffie clutching her hand gently with a shard of glass hanging out of it, blood slowing seeping out as her body started to heal it. Her clothes were still lifeless but now on the ground when she had dropped them. Vincent just assumed that was why the glass had broken; she had grabbed her clothes too quick, probably in hopes to escape before he would notice.

Vincent honestly had no idea what to say to her, if he should stop her, make her stay and talk. His mind was full of many thoughts but he couldn't stop himself as he spoke very softly:


Yuffie turned to face him and looked at him very sadly, her eyes were full of sorrow and guilt as she backed away a little, picking up her clothes gently and slowly. Vincent just looked at her with his emotionless face but deep down there was so much he wanted to say now, seeing those eyes…he needed to tell her.

"I….I'm not mad…please don't go…You need my help, only I know what your going through" Vincent spoke calmly.

Yuffie looked at him a little shocked but bit her lip a bit before speaking hesitantly.

"You're not….?"

"No I'm not, it's not your fault…its…..that demon's fault" He spoke a bit hesitantly now, unsure of what to call this demon in Yuffie.

/My name is Kumi….I have a name. I was only having a little fun with my new host/ Kumi spoke rather perturbed.

"Her name is…..Kumi…." Yuffie nearly choked on her words as she spoke them.

"Wait….Didn't your brother have a fiancé back during meteor….named Kumi…?" Vincent asked as many thoughts went through his mind about it, Barrett had told him about it after Midgar was destroyed.

Yuffie just simply nodded and spoke very slowly, "I know why this demon named Kumi is in me now….."

"You do….?" Vincent spoke softly still but stopped himself, looking Yuffie over with concerned eyes as she shivered a bit. "Yuffie…I think we need to talk about this later….you need to clear your mind a bit….why don't you take a shower, get dressed and eat something…then we'll talk….?"

Yuffie just nodded again and shivered a bit more as she clutched her clothes to her body gently. Vincent hesitantly gave her a small hug and an even smaller smile, or at least Yuffie thought it was an attempt to smile. Yuffie just followed him silently down the hall towards the bathroom and mumbled a small and shy thank you as he handed her a towel. Vincent closed the door gently behind her to give her some privacy as he headed into the kitchen, to make her some food. As he did a small thought struck him while he chopped the tofu into smaller pieces, it was slightly awkward and yet comforting. Feels like the old days he thought for a second before going back to making Yuffie's favorite dish. A very small smile was on his face still from the thought.

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