~Devotion Drabbles~

Disclaimer: Well, I decided I'm giving it to the actors, cause they deserve it more than me.  But, I'm still playing guys, sorry!

Pairing: Leo and Margaret

Summary: Three Drabbles on the theme of devotion.


"I leave when you leave."

She follows him through the halls of the West Wing.  She watches his limp grow stronger as they near the East Entrance.  He won't admit it, but she can tell: he is tired.  It is well passed midnight and they are just leaving the office. 

He makes a fuss of having her let his driver take her home, since the Metro was closed and the walk too long and dangerous. 

In the car his hand snakes across the soft leather, until it reaches her long fingers.  Their hands clasp.  They didn't look at each other; their fingers merely sit intertwined.

"I go where you go."

He mumbles the words to his driver.  Pull the car around to the back in the morning, before 5AM.  He follows her slowly into the building and down the long corridor to her apartment door.  Check the hall to make sure no one is around.  He uses his own key to unlock the door.  Guide her into the apartment with his hand on the small of her back and sliding lower.  He watches her secure the locks on the door.  Take her hand and pull her towards the bedroom.  He undresses slowly, as does she.  Sleep in her arms tonight.

"I sleep when you sleep."

Wait till his breathing evens out.  She listens for his short, troubled breaths to become long and steady.  Close your eyes.  She snuggles against him, wrapping her long arms and legs around him.  Dream of the day when dinner and a movie are normal.  She smiles as he reaches for her in his sleep.  Whisper words of comfort, words of love, when he thrashes in the pain of a nightmare.  She doesn't sleep until he is so deep in sleep, he will not dream.  Let the soft morning light fall across his face.  She wakes him with kisses and more.