Magic Of My Color – Part 1

There are so many things in my life

That I regret.

All the pain,

The confusion,

The fear I instilled in you.

But the truth is

I am set in my ways,

And I can't be someone else,

My friends, not even for you.

And I'm sorry for that too.


Forgive me,

For every time I ignored you,

Or yelled at you,

Or scared you.

For every wrong thing that I have said,

I'm sorry.

I never meant to do those things,

Wrapped up in this rainbow that I am .

Forgive me, my harsh glares.

Forgive me, my angry stares.

Forgive me, behind my wall I hide.

Forgive me, for being gray inside.

Forgive me, my introvert stance.

Forgive me, for not taking your hands.


Forgive me for it all.