Author's Note: And here it is, the final chapter in my introspective view of her emotions. It is so hard for me to believe that I have finally completed a series that I have started. I can even remember what I was doing when I was inspired to write this back in the spring... Should upcoming episodes delve into her emotions more, I might have a few updates, but you should consider this series done. Anyway, again, I wish to thank all of my reviewers. I don't know if I would have finished without you.

Magic Of My Color – Part 10

Dark promises,

They are whispered to me in the dead of night. . .

Calling me, urging me

To go

And walk on that dark, torturous path

To terror and to death.

But the birth of dawn means yet again

I shall have a reprieve from the dark.

I step out into the day,

My sanctuary and prison behind,

Along with the demon who

Will be waiting for me tonight.

You do not know

The terrors I have faced,

The suffering I have endured,

The memories. . . and my past. . .

Could you even close your eyes if you knew?

So why are you surprised

When I do not smile,

Or even laugh or cry?

For if I did,

In a moment of lost control,

All of you could die.

I never asked to be this way,

Cold, distant, alone. . .

But I was never given a choice.

Misconceptions everywhere,

And I do not know exactly what you see,

But I know that it isn't really me.

My mind adrift,

Quite lost in thought,

I pause and cannot help but wonder. . .

Will you ever know me, truly know me,

Or am I destined to be

Obscured. . .

And forever bound within my shadow of blue?