Hello. :)

I started writing this story four years ago, uncannily finding the inspiration for cross-dressing Kazuki in a fashion boutique online. To this day, I have not gone beyond Chapter 8, and through this post express how I am not planning to continue it whatsoever. This story does not even come up to my mind anymore, except when I see unexpected (read: unrelated!) comments on my LJ, deviantart, email, and MSN asking me if I will ever update this story (even after all this time!)

So, once and for all, I will give closure to this epic disaster of mine.

First, it might be worth knowing that I am rather critical of the usage of the English language. And, upon re-reading Solace two years ago, found that in my frightful innocence and newness to the world of fan-made prose, have cooked up a horrible, terrible, bone-shatteringly-frightfully written story in terms of structure, wording, and especially characterization, not to mention plot development. I want to be precise, but I don't think many would be interested in them. If you find that you may possibly want to read (for whatever reason on earth?) my comprehensive criticism of Solace, then you may find it after the line break.

So to be clear, it is actually based on the opinion that the fics I have written in this era are horrible that I have decided to stop writing it altogether.

I also like to think that I have improved since then, and since 2006, have adopted a different internet pseudonym and started all over again writing for the Harry Potter fandom (Harry/Draco all the way!), conveniently completely forgetting that I have written for anime at all.

Anyhow, thank you for reading this notice.

See you someplace else sometime in the future?

Li Pei Fen/Deep Color

Hello once again. So, you've decided to read this after all, huh? Take note: a huge amount of self-centered talking lies ahead.

#1) I honest-to-death, truly believe that the one and only reason people have read and hopefully enjoyed Solace is because of the fact that Kazuki cross-dresses. No one probably paid attention to spelling mistakes, grammar inconsistencies, poor, poor, plebian-poor characterization, and even poorer dialogue. Come on, admit it. It's also probably the only reason I enjoyed writing it as well; and,

#2) I have utterly blasphemed Kazuki's femininity in so doing and have not respected the man-parts of his beautiful self. Tied with this is disrespect for Ban's manly pride as well. Come on, can you see him doing the things I wrote? I get goose skin when I think about it. In short, too much fan-service and quality goes out the window.

#3) Oh, the cheese-factor of it all! Seriously, I cannot believe that some people have bought the cheesiness and total fangirliiness of those 100 improbable dialogues! Again, I cannot stress enough how bad it is for a fic to have bad dialogue. It Destroys Everything, capitalized.

#4) Who the heck reads a fic with so much OCs? …and even have those OCs steal screenplay as much as the main characters? Especially with one that's named after a Yami no Matsuei character without originality whatsoever?

#5) Lastly, for you, my dear, dear reader who inspired me to write this review and is unbelievably still reading up to this point, I can't fathom how you manage to wait for four years and expect scatterbrained, plot-bunny-happy me to still go on writing about a non-existent, excessively-designed-to-the-point-of-ugliness necklace rumored to be in the mansion of some hotshot sissy who has a big sister that is so typical of anime plots to bring out his softer side, and the man and the half-man who are supposedly chasing after it but have met disaster along the way, one of which is the falling in "L" word, which I shudder to think out loud, much more to type.

To be clear, I am not writing this review to fish out compliments if some of you may possibly want to share any, nor is it a ploy to get attention to it while I secretly work on the next chapter so you may know I am writing it and expect an update, because, for the past 500 words, I have not been writing Solace. :) Actually, my sadistic/narcissistic self would love it dearly if you leave a review that agrees with my five reasons above, or with an input of your own. Be my guest.

So now, this leaves nothing but a thank you note for even reading Solace at all, and giving poor-ol'-fiction-naïve-2004 me a pat on the back and making me believe that I possibly could write! Because of you, I have enjoyed my training session in the world of anime fiction, and have been relatively successful in my venture into Harry/Draco in the present.

Fare thee well, lovelies. I bid you, adieu.

Typing in the rain with a caramel macchiato in hand,

Li Pei Fen

P.S. If somehow, someone out there is thinking about it, I am sadly refraining from giving away my pseudonym in the HP world. This is to avoid embarrassment upon recognition of that 989767549th alter-ego of mine.