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A Cool Kind of Punishment

Chapter One : Monday

Tap, tap, tap.

"Are you done?" a gruff voice asked.

The clicking continued.

"I asked you a question!"

Tap, tap… then silence.

Rin saved the file onto a floppy disk, before swiveling her chair around to face the gruff voice. A cheeky, self-satisfied smile on her face, she said "Am now!"

The adolescent boy, no older than 15 put his hand out to take the disk but Rin held it out of his reach.

"OK, now, you owe me $30 for just writing out and typing up your English Essay. If you fail, you get a full refund. For every mark you get over passing mark, you owe me another $2. So if you get full marks, you should owe me oh…" a look of mock-thought passed over Rin's face, "about $130. Credit and cheques not accepted. Think you can cough up the cash?"

The teenage boy shoved his hand into his pocket, pulling out several notes. Spreading them in front of Rin, he let her take $30 before taking back $100. In return, Rin placed the disk into his open hand.

"Pleasure doing business with you" she said smugly. The other boy grunted in reply. 'One would wonder why I help these morons… even I wonder why I help these morons'

"How will you know what score I get? And how should I give you the money?"

"I'll call you when the time arrives" Rin said cheerily before hefting her bag onto one shoulder and walking out of the school library

Dear Diary,

Hi! I guess I shouldn't launch into my pathetic life before I introduce myself huh?

Well, my name is Rin, I'm turning 15 and I'm in the 10th grade. God, I'm bored, already, talking about myself. I mean, there are so many other things to talk about! Life, movies, boys… other people in general… What I'm trying to say, diary, is that I'm not good at describing myself. I'm not sure it's even possible to describe oneself. So I guess I'll just tell you about myself as I go, and you can make your own decisions…

P.s: I know you're just a diary, but once upon a time, you were a tree that provided me with oxygen!

I ran into Port Street Preparatory Front Building. Late. Very late. Late enough to fail the test that started 15 minutes ago. Entering the Office, I scribbled my name onto a late pass, almost tearing the paper in my haste. Pass in hand, I ran - and boy how I ran! Fire probably started in my wake!

Panting as I made it to room 19, I burst in…

… knocking poor Mr. Cheavers into the wall. My hand flew to my mouth in horror. Out of all the history teachers I had to knock out, it had to be the nicest one. Trust me to do that. Sure, we all had a test, but what I did could not be excused.

Wait… we did have a test didn't we?

Looking around, all I saw were people with textbooks in front of them, taking notes.

"What happened to the test?"

"Err… Rin? It's not 'til tomorrow," Theresa said, looking very worried but very amused at the same time.

"What?" All that running for naught? "Argh…" I groaned, banging my head against the door, only to hear a slight moan. Oh dear God, Mr.Cheavers was still wedged between the door and wall. Closing the door behind me, I checked to see if he was OK. He smiled at me genially.

"If you had wanted to do the test that bad, Rin all you had to do was ask…"

The whole class groaned before glaring at me.

"No! Sir! I err… was late… and um… I didn't wanna miss today's history lesson!" I smiled and crossed my fingers behind my back, so the class could see and I heard a few chuckles.

"Alright, take your seat, Rin"

Sitting in the empty spot next to Theresa I heard "Lovely entrance, Rinz, if only you had hit Mr. Dillon instead", "Maybe he'll forget to give us the test tomorrow" and "You're such a klutz!"

Yes, I know it was a lovely entrance, yea, I'm hoping he'll forget about the test too and, really, I'm not a klutz! Bad things just happen around me. Things fall and break, things get lost and teachers get hit by doors. I swear, it's just a coincidence!

I guess you could call it a curse but I think it's just a balance. After all, many would say I've been blessed. I have an adoptive father who loves me and cares for me, a fabulous ring of friends (and a few on the side) and I'm acing all my classes.

Most people I know have told that I have a personality that goes hand-in-hand with my looks. Now, as I have told my diary, I'm not one to describe myself, so I'll just take the word of my good friends.

Apparently, I have gorgeous hair. Not that it's gorgeous anymore since I hacked it off to mid-back when it kept getting caught into things. Argh. Life is made up of things. Which is why my hair always gets caught. And which is why I hacked off about 30cm of it off. And I'm always having to comb it, like as if I haven't got better things to. And do you realize how long it takes to wash and dry? If I wanted to wash my hair in the morning I'd have to wake up at 5am! This, by the way, is like asking the Pope to wipe Satan's smelly arse.

Where was I?

Oh yea, me. Um… I have my mother's nose, apparently, but I all I have as a reminder is this old, tattered photo of her with my dad. They died when I was 6, murdered by a gang of hooligans looking for only a few bucks. I was with my neighbor at the time, but I don't remember much. I have brown eyes. Dull. A normal nose with a few freckles. Not that I mind the freckles, they're the only thing I like about my face. And normal pinks lips. I'm averagely heightened and slim. Not athletic. In fact, I'm a couch potato, and proud of it!

Most people say the most attractive thing about me is when I'm happy. Well it beats being an ice-queen. I wonder how ice-queens can stand being so alone. All my life I've been surrounded by people who love me, so I guess I wouldn't understand. All I understand is to smile.

"… hello! Earth to Rin!" Mr. Cheavers clicked his fingers. I snapped awake, realizing that I had been staring into my bag, the search for my pencil case made redundant by my thoughts. "Is there something wrong, Rinz?" he asked, using my nickname.

"Err… nothing, Sir, I just uh… was trying to find… um, this interesting… uh… article I found in the newspaper!" I said, improvising. I grinned apologetically.

"Oh? What newspaper and issue? I might just have it on my desk…"

"Yea, um… I forgot what it's about but I know that it was in…" crap, now I was in trouble. How was I to know what issue he had? Argh… maybe if I guess, the blessed gods above may be in a good mood today… "I THINK it was in last Thursday's Daily Telegraph, Sir"

"Really?" Oh no… he had a very evil smile on his face… oh please no… "Perhaps you would like to join me for the first ten minutes of recess to look through my copy and see if you can find it" which is basically just his corny way of giving me a detention.

Sighing, I took out my stuff (like things, stuff also makes up the world) and opened my textbook. Halfway through taking notes, the bell rang. I placed all my stuff into my bag, before pulling the single strap over my shoulder. Standing up, I waited for Theresa to finish packing.

We walked out of the room, keeping to the left side of the hallway when all of a sudden I was forcibly pushed into the wall. My bag fell from my right shoulder and my books and disks spilled out. Hurriedly shoving all my things back in, I ran up to the tall moron who had decided that I was a perfect bashing block.

"Hey! You!" I grabbed the arm of the idiot and spun him around.

Sesshoumaru. Of course, I should've figured it out from the white hair but rage tends to ignore such logical things. I growled.

"Aren't you gonna at least say sorry?"

He raised an eyebrow. "Why should I? You bumped into me" I gaped incredulously at him.

"I thought you were acing all your classes! You should know that the Laws of Physics state that if I were to bump into you, I would not have fallen down!"

"Rinz! Don't!" Theresa pleaded with me. Fat chance Theresa, but there was no way I was going to give in!

"Really?" Once again I growled.

"Look, just because you're the richest and most popular bitch in this school" the crowd gathered around us gasped "doesn't mean you own the History corridor! I was just peacefully keeping on one side, 'til you came prancing along in the middle of the wide hallway! What, do you get kicks out of bullying those prettier than you?

"If you really want to believe that. What could you do if I had done it on purpose?" My eye started twitching as he walked away, followed by the regular group of giggling girls and hanger-ons.

"Are you OK, Rin?" was heard all around me. Little Mr.I-think-I-am-Prince-of-the-School-Hallways-Sesshoumaru may have been the most popular, but he's icy cold. Most of the hanger-ons and popular girls considered him a friend. He considered them nothing. Whereas I, Miss-I-am-Cheeky-Sweet-and-Infectious-Rin consider everyone a potential friend. Except for the Mr.So-Mentioned-Above. Urgh.

I flashed a sweet smile "I'm fine, really, I just feel sorry for all the people who look up to him" Throwing a dirty look at his fading back, I continued on my way to Math with Mr. Dillon. Maybe I could pull the same trick and knock him out too…

I voiced my plan to Theresa and she started giggling like mad. Theresa is a great friend, she understands me. She doesn't judge, I guess that's what makes her so great to be around.

"Ladies" I slowly turned my head towards the voice, dreading what was coming. "I was wondering whether you were planning to come to class sometime soon"

"Of course, Sir" I said "I tripped and fell in the History Corridor" A voice inside the classroom could be heard.

"So you admit that it was your fault? And not mine?" Peeking into the room I saw… Sesshoumaru. Great. Either I could admit that I was 'wrong' or that I had lied to Mr. Dillon. Which one was the lesser of the two evils? I looked at Sesshoumaru's calm, smug face, then Mr.Dillon's-I-am-ready-to-give-you-detention-for-the-rest-of-your-life face. The class looked on interested. No doubt they had all seen my argument with Sesshoumaru… wait a moment. What was Sesshoumaru doing in my math class?

"Sir? What is Sesshoumaru doing here?" Mr. Dillon's eye twitched.

"Detention second half of lunch today and tomorrow for being late to class and speaking out of turn! Now go take a seat Ms. Tsuyame and don't make me repeat myself!" Maybe I really should listen to him. The throbbing vein on his forehead looked about five seconds from making itself into a bloody fountain. And this uniform is new.

Looking around, I saw Theresa already seated next to Pristine. The only spare chair was next to…

… the Ice Prince himself. Sighing, I made my way to the table, bringing my hand up in a mock salute and mouthing to the class 'Aye aye Capt'n!' Hearing the general laughter, Mr. Dillon called out my name.


Spinning around so my hair caught the light, I smiled dazzlingly at Mr. Dillon. With my hand raised, I pretended as though I had merely held it up flick away stray hairs. "Yes, Sir?"

He eyed me suspiciously. "Make that a third detention after school today for that comment outside the classroom"

My mouth opened to tell him where to shove that third detention but I thought better of it and sat down instead. I sulked for five minutes before seeing a note land on my table.

'Don't worry, Rin-Poo! We still love you!' It was signed by everyone whom the note had passed through. Aw, shucks! Turning around, I mouthed thank you then gestured 'I Love you too!' earning a few warm smiles.

I turned back to my work, in a better mood, and the exercise was completed ten minutes before class. Mr. I-love-taking-Rin's-social-life-away had left a few minutes before to do watch over some Year 7 class so I glanced around. Everyone else was still bent over his or her desks, concentrating. I sighed and shifted back into my seat. I noticed Sesshoumaru, also finished. You can't blame me for what happened next. I was bored! My motto is 'Love 'n' affection!' Everyone is a potential friend!

"So why are you in this class all of a sudden?" I asked, not looking at him.

"The distance between first period and second period class was too much. I talked to the principal and now I'm stuck here with you"

"Great, so now I'm in English, Science and Math with you"

"You think I don't share the same sentiments?"

"Who said I didn't? You still owe an apology by the way"

"… I don't"

"You do!"

"Look, I'm not going to argue over this childish matter with a childish person like you. I don't need to listen to you to get through life"

My mouth dropped open. Why that… ! I looked out the window, once again sulking. One minute went past… then two… God I was so bored! I turned back to Prince Icy.

"Your brother is Inuyasha, right?" This seemed to be a more… safe start to conversation.

His eye twitched. OK… maybe not. I sighed. Only second period on a Monday and already I had received four detentions, I'd probably given my history teacher brain damage and I hadn't even been able to get a good conversation out of it all! The bell rang.

Yippee. My recess would be spent in the pleasant company of last Thursday's copy of The Daily Telegraph. Sigh.

What an interesting beginning to my week.

A/N: this is my first Inuyasha fic. A few notes. About Rin being hostile to Sesshoumaru, when I think of Rin I think of a sweet, cheeky little girl who loves just about EVERYONE. I see her as a person who will defend herself and her friends against a mean person. Of course, being caring person, she hardly ever holds a grudge and is always ready to make a new friend. Does that explain the fact that she was hostile to dear ol' sesshie, then wanting to talk to him?

I don't know if this is good beginning or not, so review me please!