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She woke to a ray of light shining through her eyelids and the morning ballad sung by birds outside. She cracked her eyes open slightly, hoping the adjustment would be less painful if she didn't let much in......nope, it still felt like she had been blinded. She sat up, stretched her arms above her head and threw her legs over the side to get up. She slipped on her slippers and stood up. She walked out onto the balcony and glanced at the scene before her. She leaned on the ledge and gazed out over the town. It would all be hers one day, but she didn't really want it. She didn't want to dissapoint all of the people that she cared about, not that she had met any. She hadn't been let of the palace grounds since she was born. She sighed and a knock on her huge oak doors startled her from her thoughts. The maid entered with her head bowed in respect and stated quite simply,

"Time to dress you, Your Highness"

"How many times must I tell you to call me Kagome, Sango?"

"At least once more Your Highness"

Kagome sighed again, not even the only person she had considered her friend her whole life would call her by her name. It was always " Your Highness..." or "Milady..." and the simplest it got was "Lady Kagome" All she wanted was to be normal, she would even trade her life for Sango's.

Sango made her way to Kagome's gigantic closet and opened the wooden doors. Many fancy, frilly dresses could be seen crowded into teh space that was big enough to hold an elephant but not all of the dresses she owned. Sango knew which dress she was going for though and she squeezed into the closet, temporarily disappearing into the clutter, to return shortly after with a large silk green dress. It had green pearls sown on it in leaf patterns along the skirt and emeralds lining the collar.

" Isn't there anything more simple sango?"

"I'm sorry milady, this is the simplest there is"

Sango undressed Kagome and fit her into the dress. It hugged close to her round breasts and slim waist and flared out at her hips. She wore tiny green high-heels and an emerald butterfly pin in her hair. She then followed Sango out of her room and four other maids entered to make her bed and clean up.

"Your parents are expecting you in the dining hall for breakfast. It seems they have something important to tell you"

" Thank you sango, did they say what was so important?"

"No, Milady'

"Come on Sango, at least call me Lady Kagome...something with my actual name in it!"

"Ok....Lady Kagome"

*Sigh* She was hoping she would finally break sango down and get her to finally call her Kagome, but at least this was one step closer. She turned away from Sango and made her way to the Dining Hall.


Inu woke to the smell of fresh hay and a rooster crowing. He had slept in the barn again with his horse Totosai, a black stallion, instead of his room in the small farmhouse. He got up and started his morning chores of his family's farm. He fed the chickens, fed the pigs, herded the cattle to another pasture, and then made his way in for lunch before mucking out the barn. He sat down at the kitchen table and breathed in the sweet aroma of his mothers wonderful homemade bread. She stepped to the table and set the bread the bread down and fetched the butter as well.

" Morning Mother"

"Morning Inuyasha, did you sleep in the barn again or have you finally found a wife to sleep with?"

" MOTHER!" Inuyasha cried as he spread butter on a slice of bread.

" You know it's about time you found a wife Inu! Your brother Sesshomaru just married the Shoemaker's daughter. You should marry next!"

"I bet old Fluffy married her for her dads money and that's all"

"No Inuyasha, your wrong about him"

"Oh yeah, he married her for the good sex"

"No! He married her for love and sooner or later, he and Rin will have children and you'll be an uncle. I think those kids should deserve an aunt. I want to see you happily married Inu."

" I am happy mother, I've got you, all the animals, and my wonderful horse Totosai. What more could I want?"

"Good sex?"


With that Inuyasha got up and went back to the barn to clean Totosai's stall.


Kagome gracefully walked down the Grand staircase to the Dining Hall and in the chair on the other side of the table than her parents. A huge feast layed before her with eggs, bacon, pancakes, french toast, anything you could think of. But Kagome had no appetite, she wanted to go out to the Royal garden and look at the beautiful flowers.

" Sango said you had something important to tell me?"

"She did, did she? Okay then, we'll cut right to the chase"

She gulped as she saw her mothers pained glance and her fathers stern face.
Her father continued.

" *ahem* Kagome....your betrothed"

All thoughts of visiting the flower garden vanished as kagome stared disbelievingly at her parents.