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The kingdom was in grief, the loss of their beloved princess was a great one, but none suffered as much as Inuyasha when he regained consciousness to hear the news. He had thrown and broken things in his room in his anger towards Naraku, and then broken down crying in grief. Everyone had exited the room at the sight and were shocked at how emotional he was. The next day, everyone wore black as the funeral began, Kagome in her casket in a church. Inuyasha stood with her parents as the priest began to speak. Halfway through the speech though, the doors flew open and a silver haired man strolled down the aisle. Inuyasha snarled at the man, "Sesshomaru, now isn't the time. The love of my life just died."

"Ah yes, the bitch."

"Take that back, you shouldn't call people such things when they are deceased." barked out the angered King.

"But she isn't dead. At least, she won't be."

Everyone in the room stared at the man quizzically. "You see, little brother, I have been studying blacksmithing for the last few years and have finally created the most amazing sword ever......the sword that gives life."

All eyebrows were raised and there were many moments of complete silence before Inuyasha broke it, "Then what the hell are you waiting for? Revive my Kagome!"

" Fine."

Sesshomaru drew his sword and swiped it at the casket, all waited in anticipation, staring unblinkingly at the black casket.


Kagome awoke in darkness and felt oddly cramped. 'Heaven wouldn't be dark, is this hell? What could I have possibly done to wind up in hell? I was a good person.....wasn't I?' Kagome reached her hands out in front of her to feel around in the darkness and was met with a wall....a very unstable wall. Pushing on it, ray of light splashed into her face and she winced and the sudden brightness. She felt like she hadn't used her eyes in ages. Pushing harder, the whole wall moved and Kagome found herself staring at a......ceiling. ' Oops! Didn't notice I was laying down.' Sitting up she stretched her arms above her head and looked around her. She was met with hundreds of shocked faces.....and she recognized them.

"Oh good, I did go to heaven. Now I get to spend my life with my family up here."

She climbed out of the casket and stood on the ground, her legs a little shaky from not being used. Looking down at her clothes she grimaced. She had been cleaned up but was wearing a horrid black gown.

"I've got to see if they have better things to wear up here, like togas and wings." She walked closer to Inuyasha, "I wonder if this Inuyasha is like the real one." The one in front of her blinked and she beamed. "Yup, same clueless expression."

"Hey!" cried out Inuyasha without thinking and Kagome gasped.

"Wow......he's a LOT like Inuyasha."

"K-Kagome? Is that really you?"


"Kagome.....your alive!"

"What are you talking about? I died in the battle with Naraku."

"No you were revived by my brother, Sesshomaru."

kagome looked around and found another silver-haired man. She gasped, she must be alive, she had no idea what Sesshomaru looked like, so he couldn't be in her after life.

"I-I'm alive? I'm alive!" she said with tears streaming down her face. She looked at Inuyasha, who also had his eyes tearing up. "Inuyasha! I'm alive! and you are too!!" She threw her arms around his neck and hugged him as tightly as possible, ignoring the pain of her arm, and him ignoring the pain of his bandaged shoulder.

By now, the hundreds of people felt everything sink in. Their princess was a live. They all yelled in rejoice and Sesshomaru gave a smug grin. Turning he left to return to his beloved wife Rin and their newly born fraternal twins Kagura and Kanna. Kanna had inherited his silver locks and Kagura had inherited Rin's black locks. He smiled to himself and left through the doors, the cheering fading away with each step.


Kagome had been ordered to stay in her bed for a few days by her parents and Inuyasha. After three days, they said she could leave and asked her to meet them in the family room. So, on the third day, Kagome was up and out of her bed with tons of energy and Quickly dressed to run down to the family room.

Bursting through the doors, she scared her parents nearly to death, but Inuyasha had heard her since she left her bed. Kagome then stepped calmly to the couch and sat down next to Inuyasha. He took her hand in his and gave her a squeeze and a smile. She looked at him confused, had something serious happened?

"Kagome, something serious has happened." her father spoke.

Kagome looked at her, waiting for the gruesome details, was Naraku still alive!?! No, she had seem him explode. Had Kouga escaped? No, there were so many guards posted in front of his cell it would be impossible. Then what could it possibly be?

"We have decided to give you our blessings on yours and Inuyashas' marriage."

Kagome's jaw dropped. Not exactly what she had expected. For a moment she stared at her parents dumfounded until they continued.

"After Inuyasha's and yours constant rescues and your sacrifices for love, we realize how much you two are meant to be. We have watched Inuyasha and believe he will make a great king. So when are you planning on having the wedding?" asked her mother.

In the blink of an eye, Kagome could be found on top of her mother, squeezing her tightly and tears of joy streaming down her face.

"Thank you....Thank you so much!! You've made me the happiest princess in the whole world!"

"And me the happiest man." came Inuyasha's voice from behind. And so, the wedding plans began.


Kagome and Inuyasha were married a month later, in early fall. They had wanted a small wedding, but of course the queen had made the guest list and nearly the whole kingdom and the neighboring one had attended. It didn't matter though, they were only caught up in each other. They said their vows mindlessly, lost in the depths of each others eyes. When the priest said that Inuyasha could kiss the bride, they leaned closer and Kagome waited patiently for the kiss. It was only a small peck though. Kagome's eyes opened sadly, why hadn't he actually kissed her? Everyone else had noticed aswell and Kagome was becoming more and more depressed, until she was pulled from her thoughts when a hand grabbed her wrist and she was being dragged down the isle.

'What is Inuyasha doing?' Kagome wondered as they burst into the palace. Once inside, Kagome snapped her hand from his. He immediately stopped and turned to look her.

"Inuyasha! What are you doing and what was with that sappy kiss in there?"

"Oh yeah, I guess it was kind of short. I guess I was kinda impatient, there will be lots more tonight, I promise."

Kagome blushed crimson as realization dawned on her. ' Of course, the quicker the kiss the quicker wedding night comes....' She was snapped from her thoughts once again as a pair of arms scooped her up bridal style. It was what she had always dreamed of on her wedding and Inuyasha had done it for her. He took off at a dead run up to her room and pausing inside her door he gave her a wicked grin before slamming the door with his foot.

The End


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