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Different Perspectives

Chapter one Ð Memories:

Draco was lying on the ground near the lake, it was past midnight and he was lost in thought. Back to the day when everything changed

It was a normal day, well as normal as it ever was. He was in potions enjoying nice relaxing work and Snape sneering at the Gryffindors and complementing the Slytherins. Suddenly something happened, Draco wasn't exactly sure what it was but everyone were running everywhere, well no towards the Entrance Hall, naturally Draco followed.

Potter somehow beat him getting upstairs and was standing on the lawn in front of the main entrance, starring across the grass. Dumbledoor, McGonagal and Snape were several metres behind with the rest of the school gathering behind them all staring either at Potter or at the about five death eaters headed by The Dark Lord coming towards them, Draco noticed in amusement that a fair few of the were looking pale before realising he himself was scared, not that he'd show it.

The Dark Lord Draco thought to himself. How he hated himself for not being able to speak his name. It scared the shit out of him and pissed him off because he knew Potter didn't have a problem with it. It is a word, a name, which the vast majority of the Wizarding World fears to speak and shudders when they hear it spoken. He knew Potter had never been afraid of it and wondered to himself if Potter had ever been afraid of anything or if he a very large overdose of Griffindor courage. Griffindor courage, bullshit, they were just too stupid to realise the danger.

Potter had been staring at the Dark Lord plainly as though there was nothing to worry about, like the Dark Lord was an annoying fly flying around his face, except he would have been annoyed at a fly and he was just looking at the Dark lord as though he was nothing.

"Hello Tom," Potter said coolly taking a steep forward. The whole school gasped watching their Golden Boy calmly talk to the feared Dark Lord.

"It's a shame to see you here, I almost thought you weren't coming," Potter continued steadily. Draco stared it was almost as though Potter was expecting this but that couldn't possibly be true, could it

The Dark Lord hissed terrifying most of the student, only Potter knew what was being said.

Potter laughed, "If you want to play that way, I didn't think you would be scared to let the school hear your opinion.

Potter started hissing back, Draco couldn't imagine what he was saying but he sounded angry, maybe that was just how Parseltougne sounded. The school again gasped as one and Potter stopped hissing and jerked back to reality.

"So Tom..." Potter was interrupted when the Dark Lord's high almost whining voice broke in.

"You will call me Voldemort, Lord Voldemort. I will make you fools bow down and swear faith to me if it kills me," He shrieked only to be interrupted by Potter's calm voice,

"Oh... but it will kill you and I will call you Tom, for now, why do you hate it? Is it fear, Tom?" Now Potter sounded like he was rubbing it in, he took another step forward, "fear of what you once were? Or is it more than that? Do you think it's impossible to become anything important without a great name?" Suddenly Potter's voice dropped and Draco with the rest of the school trembled, it was terrifying. "You could have been great," Potter stated numbly, "You know that? Perhaps even as great as Albus here, but alas you choose the dark road. A dark wizard, any dark person actually, can never be great. Dark wizards instil fear; to be great you must be respected. No one can or does respect you, no one! Your followers follow you out of fear or stupidity; the stupidity soon turns to fear. You are nothing and never will be anything." Potter's voice was gradually gaining volume but was still very controlled. It dropped again.

"You shouldn't have come here today. Why did you come, to get killed? I don't think so; you wouldn't want to die with so many people watching. You know you cannot win, not here, not now, not ever.

Draco was worried what if Potter was wrong and the Dark Lord killed Potter when he wasn't looking when Draco realised his train of thought he wondered why he cared shouldn't he be going for the Dark Lord, but that seemed like the wrong thing. Draco sighed, letting himself sink back into the memory.

Potter continued, "You won't try now because you don't want to be beaten, again, in front of your so-called supporters, the other students, and the teachers but mostly in front of Dumbledore it annoys you doesn't it that he was always better could always see through you even as a student? You want the end to be quiet with just you and me because you know I'll win." Draco was struck by how self-confident Potter sounded; he never seemed that self-confident at any other stage.

"The end will not be quiet Tom, I won't allow it to be. YOU WILL BEG FOR MERCY, FOR ALL THE INNOCENT LIVE YOU'VE TAKEN, the lives of my parentsÉ" Potter's voice was deathly quiet as he finished and Draco tore his eyes away and saw the whole school shivering even Dumbledore's normally calm face showed signs of fear. Potter continued, "Do you really expect to win TomÉ Tom?

The school waited with baited breath. No answer, Potter laughed.

"Speak you fool" and the Dark Lord screamed and fled leaving his shocked supporters to the school's mercy.

Draco watched as everyone suddenly came back to life and Potter, brave as ever, walked to the Death Eaters put some sort of curse on them to stop them leaving.

Draco left, Slytherins at heel, down into the dungeons, trying to remain calm, but the sight of Potter bravely facing up to The Dark Lord still in his head.

Draco realised with a shock he was shivering with fear that he hadn't been bothering to hide. Several days later he'd heard Potter speaking to his cronies, Granger and Weasley saying he had to wait to the right time and couldn't just finished him off then. It had sounded like Potter believed that just have walked forward and killed him and could do that again. Draco seeing what he'd scene was fairly sure he would have been able to.

Draco dragged himself from his troubling thoughts and got up and went to bed only to lie awake thinking along the same lines.

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