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Chapter 4: Questions and Straight Answers


The next day of classes was just like any other- the same boring lectures, the same lunch and the same people coming and going.

But for Inuyasha, this day left him weighted down with a very big dilemma. Namely the fact he was now had two weeks and six days to convince his roommate that he was gay. And that task was as big a mystery to Inuyasha as the lecture he was currently taking notes on.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the campus, Bankotsu was feeling weighted down with a problem of his own. He and Jakotsu had been friends for years, yet he hadn't invited him to the amusement park when there seemed to be no reason for him not to. And now, the braided-young man was thinking over how he could casually bring it up around Jakotsu.

So as the two young men finished up their classes for the day, they found themselves in low spirits as they trudged back to the apartment they shared.


Inuyasha grumbled in irritation as he stepped in the door of his apartment. Spotting Bankotsu immediately, he noted his downtrodden expression.

"Oh, hi Inuyasha," The man in question greeted him from the couch.

"Hey," Inuyasha replied and tossed his backpack onto the kitchen table. "Uh... oh yah, is Jakotsu coming over today?" He asked, setting out to confirm whether or not he'd have to leave for the evening. The last thing the white-haired boy wanted to do was be in the apartment when the openly gay man was there to display his affections towards him. Bankotsu frowned and sighed.

"Well yah he's supposed to be coming over… if he's still my friend that is," He paused. "I don't know what's wrong with him right now."

"Keh- of course he still likes you," Inuyasha retorted quickly. "He has to still like you."


"Just because well…" Cutting himself off, he crossed his arms. "I have something I need to go do."

"Okay," Bankotsu said, knowing Inuyasha's habit of leaving the house every time Jakotsu visited. Although Inuyasha was his good friend, Bankotsu actually didn't mind it at all that he wasn't present. He truly enjoyed his time alone with Jakotsu more than most anything else.

"Keh-ing," to himself Inuyasha slipped into his bedroom and reached into the small drawer in the nightstand by his bed. Pulling out the paper with the list he'd scribbled down the previous night, the young man bit his lip in thought. I guess I could buy a lot of this stuff at the store, but it's… Interrupting his own musings over how embarrassing it could possibly be, he stuffed the list in his pocket and headed out of his room. Giving Bankotsu a goodbye, he then made his way into the apartment hallway.

Inuyasha swiftly made his way down to the lower level of the apartment, eager to depart from the building. The quicker he left, the less likely he would run into Jakotsu. Glancing around to make sure the coast was clear, the white-haired boy whipped the list of his pocket and read it, pacing back and forth down the hall as he did so.

"All the make up… girly shit… hair crap… can be bought at a drug store or grocery store I guess." He scowled and stopped pacing. "Keh, I can't be going to the store to buy that. It would look…" The boy paused when he noticed where he'd come to a halt. "Kagome…" The door to her apartment lay in front of him. "I could ask Kagome to do it for me."

Hesitantly- he reached up to knock on her door.


A knock. It was quick and hasty, and so Bankotsu stood to answer it.

Inuyasha must have forgotten something… He thought to himself as he unlocked the door and pulled it open.

Eyes falling on a shirt of pink silk that hung loosely of the person that wore it, Bankotsu knew right away- it was definitely not his roommate.

"Jakotsu?" He questioned, his eyes glancing up to the face of his friend. Painted lips quirked into a smile as the person in question tilted his head to the side.

"Hey, what's up?"

Mind rushing over who just left and was headed down the stairs, Bankotsu frowned as he shrugged and turned.

"I suppose you had fun running into Inuyasha on the way up the stairs." Blinking, Jakotsu caught the air of anger that tinged his friend's voice and withheld his comment about wishing he had.

"Actually, I parked my car around the back side so I used the stairs on that side."

Bankotsu paused in his sulking for a second and mumbled a simple, "Oh."

"So, are you going to let me in or not?" Jakotsu questioned, casually nudging at the half-open doorway.

"Well…I guess… if you want to…." Pushing the door the rest of the way open, the taller man shook his head.

"Sheesh, you're acting like I'm the big bad wolf here to eat you or something. Lighten up."

"Sorry," He turned and went to sit back on the couch, "It's just…been a long day." Jakotsu's usually jovial expression turned sour for a moment as he went to sit beside Bankotsu.

"What's wrong?"

"Ur…it's nothing."

Sighing to himself, the black-haired man reached over and placed a hand on Bankotsu's shoulder.

"Come on, you can tell me. We tell each other everything, remember?"

"Well…" He hesitated as he fidgeted with his hands.

I can't just come out and say, "Hey thanks for not inviting me to the amusement park since you're still after my straight roommate." I don't want to screw up our friendship over this. He's right, we don't keep any secrets- not that knowing Jakotsu finds Inuyasha attractive is any big secret. Hell, the whole campus knows that… But still, I know Inuyasha is more freaked out and irritated by him than flattered, so there's no way he'll go. And well, I…I thought our friendship was more important than his stupid infatuation. Jakotsu's my best friend damnit- not Inuyasha's.


Sighing to himself, Inuyasha brought his fist away from Kagome's door. Struck with a sudden fit of nerves, he found himself unable to complete the knock. Taking a deep breath to calm down and stop the heat from rushing to his cheeks he gulped and tried again. His attempt was interrupted when he heard a shuffle of feet and the chime of a young woman's voice behind him.


"K-Kagome," The white-haired boy stuttered and turned around to face her, a blush prevalent on his cheeks.

"What were you doing at my door?" She inquired, a bit flustered at the possibilities herself.

"Umm well…"

"Did you ah… want to come inside or something?"

"Keh!" Inuyasha's eyes widened as his blush deepened. "Uhh… I… I need to ask you something!" He blurted out. 'Shit…'

"Need to ask me something?"

"Well I…I have this list," He divulged, not realizing what he'd uttered until after the words had left his mouth. I guess I could ask Kagome to get the stuff for me…


"Keh- yah it's some stuff I need to pick up for a friend."

"Were you on your way to the store to get it?"

"I was but some of the stuff is… kind of… embarrassing," Inuyasha grumbled. Kagome gave him a confused look.

"What is it you need?"

"I'll write it down," He replied, not wanting to reveal to Kagome all the contents of the "Gay stuff list." Figuring he'd start with the basics, he pulled a pen out of his pocket and jotted down what he needed on the back of the list. "It's here." Glancing over Kagome read what he'd scribbled.

"Make up… flowery shampoo…. Inuyasha," She paused, a disappointed tone entering her voice. Does he have a girlfriend? She wondered. It shouldn't matter to me though… I mean… it's not as if I like him or anything. Kagome sighed, contradicting her thoughts as she felt a blush cross her cheeks. "Umm… what for?" She managed. Inuyasha bristled.

"It's for my friend… he needs it." The young man clarified. Friend? Oh good, Kagome breathed a sigh of relief. I guess he needs it for a girl his friend knows or something.

"Well it's no problem then," Kagome gave him a warm smile. Inuyasha nodded in relief and reached in his pocket, pulling out his wallet and handing her an adequate amount of money. Taking it, Kagome placed it in her purse.

"Uh, thanks," The white-haired boy muttered as his cheeks tinged pink. Kagome's did the same, and they found themselves simultaneously turning their heads away from each other's gaze to hide their embarrassment.


"Well?" Jakotsu edged him on. Bankotsu took a depth breath, and finally managed a few words.

"I just…just thought that…" Feeling the touch of Jakotsu's hand on his chin made the shorter young man pause.

"Go on," Jakotsu say, his hand cupping his friend's chin and tilting it up. Gulping, he began to finish his sentence.

"I just thought that… you'd ask me to the amusement park with you…." Eyes widening, the taller man laughed lightly.

"Is that all this is about?"

Nodding, Bankotsu muttered something under his breath as he hung his head.

Oh sure Jakotsu, act like it's funny. I'm sure it's hilarious since you think you're going with Inuyasha and I won't be there to interfere.

His thoughts paused as he felt two arms wrapping around him.

"Bankotsu, I didn't ask because I thought you already knew one of those four passes was for you. Did you really think I wasn't going to invite you?" Jakotsu questioned as he pulled him into a hug.

I'm not gonna cry. I'm not gonna cry…Bankotsu berated himself, until he felt a single tear running down his face, Shit…why do I always have to get so emotional around Jakotsu? Jakotsu just shook his head, and patted his friend's back.

"I'm sorry, Bankotsu. I really thought you already knew. You should have spoken up sooner."

"I know…" The muffled reply came from against Jakotsu's chest.

"So is everything okay now?" He questioned, slowly pulling back and trying to get a glance under Bankotsu's bangs.

"Yah," He said looking up, "It is."

"Good, now let's just kiss and make up and get down to business." Bankotsu's eyes widened as he saw Jakotsu leaning in towards him.

"Ja…Jakotsu!" He protested, pushing him back, "What are you doing?!"

Laughing, the taller young man crossed his arms.

"And it looks like you can't tell when I'm joking either." Frowning, Bankotsu 'Keh'ed' and looked away.

You know, he's awfully cute when he's angry. Jakotsu thought to himself with a smirk, and then he blinked as he tried to process something, Wait…is he…blushing?

Not really able to tell one way or the other, he shrugged it off, No way. If my best friend was gay, I would surely know by now, right?

Shaking the thought from his mind, Jakotsu stood up.

"All right, all right- enough of this for now. Let's get ourselves some food from the kitchen before we get started in on those video games." The braided young-man looked up, smiling as he nodded in reply.

"Okay, but no cheating on the fifth level this time." Jakotsu whipped his head back towards his friend.

"Hey, who said I was cheating?"

"And what did you say about not being able to tell when someone's joking?" Bankotsu noted smugly. Stalking over, Jakotsu gave a light tug to Bankotsu's braid.

"Okay okay, we're even."

"For now," He retorted.

"For now," Jakotsu said in return and at that, the two both started laughing as they walked into the kitchen together.


Inuyasha tapped his foot as he waited down the hallway. He knew it was nearing the time that Jakotsu always left and so, as usual, he watched carefully for the door to his apartment to open.

And sure enough, right on time- the door swung open and the tall figure of Jakotsu sauntered out. Inuyasha could see Bankotsu leaning out the doorway for a moment and perked up his ears to listen in to what they were saying.

"You gonna be okay now, or should I stay a little longer?" Jakotsu questioned as he looked down to the other young man.

"I'm okay now," He replied with a smile, "Thanks again."

"No problem. I should have said something to you about it instead of just assuming, so it's equally my fault."

"So…I'll see you tomorrow?"

"Yeah, see ya then," Jakotsu said, leaning down to hug his friend.

And at that, Inuyasha watched with a piqued interest.

Sure enough, to most it would seem like a simple, friendly embrace- but Inuyasha was looking for loopholes, and a loophole he found.

Look at the way Bankotsu's looking up at him. Straight guys don't do that…and if I just casually mention it then…

His thoughts continued their plotting as he watched Jakotsu head down the main staircase.

"Jakotsu- I thought you parked out back" Bankotsu yelled after him.

"Yah- I forgot. I'll just have to go around the lower level then," Jakotsu's voice was heard calling back from the stairwell.

Inuyasha, on the other hand, breathed a sigh of relief.

Okay, that was close. Next time- make sure to know where Jakotsu parked so he doesn't accidentally run into me while headed for the back staircase.

Shaking the idea of a possible encounter from his mind and setting his thoughts back on his current plan, Inuyasha walked towards his apartment door.

"Coast is clear," Bankotsu remarked on seeing him walking up.

"You always…do that?" Inuyasha asked as he went in the door and shut it behind him.


"You know…hug him..." Blue eyes blinked innocently for a moment.

"Um…we usually hug each other goodbye, Inuyasha."

"But you usually don't look at him like that."

The situation putting him on edge, Bankotsu snapped back.

"Like what?"

"Well," Inuyasha began, while thinking to himself- 'here goes nothing…', "I don't know. It just seemed to me like…"

"Like?" Bankotsu interrupted, trying to figure out what it was his roommate was trying to say.

"…you looked like you wanted him to kiss you goodbye or something…" He muttered quickly, hoping that it would have the desired effect.

And the effect he wanted, he got.

At the slight mention of supposedly wanting to kiss Jakotsu, Bankotsu's mind drifted back to his friend's "joke" about kissing and making up earlier. And at that thought, he couldn't help but tinge slightly pink.

"It's not like that. We're just best friends," He retorted.

But as Inuyasha smugly noted, Bankotsu was definitely flustered and his roommate's mind had definitely ventured in the direction that he'd wanted it to.

Okay, now just to keep this up… and it'll work. It has to work.


Preview for Chapter 5:

Inuyasha's got a means to getting the items from his list, but now he must find a way for Kagome to deliver those things without Bankotsu catching on. Needless to say, the chaos is only beginning.