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"Sarcasm is a foreign Language to you isn't it Pumba?"
-Timone, The Lion King 1 1/2


chapter one: why?


"Sasuke!" Naruto yelled for his teammate as they chased after a pair of rogue nins.

They had been chunins for two years now. Both of them, 16, tall, moody, and everything else that comes in teenage-dom. The only problem was that halfway back from a spy mission they had ran into rogue nins, and now Sasuke is ahead of him somewhere fighting the stupid jerks while Naruto gets nothing.

How rude!

"Sasuke you stupid teme you better leave something for me!" Naruto growled as he jumped through a clearing.

"You could be a little more discreet in your entrances ne Naruto?" Sasuke smirked as he jumped back from a full out defense of two of the nins.

"Hey where is the fourth one?" Naruto quickly got into the battle. He was sure he saw four at the beginning of the chase.

"I thought that he stayed behind to kill you? At least that is what I thought was keeping you behind, are you really getting that slow?" Sasuke mocked as he dodged a few dozen kunai to his left quickly slicing the closest nin's throat. Revealing a doppelganger.

"Ja, I sensed no one." Naruto glared as his opponent turned into smoke when his kunai went through it.

They both turned around to see a calmly sitting man in all black on top of a tree branch. It was the fore-mentioned 'forth' Nin.

"Hey you! Hurry up and get down here so I can kick your butt and then your coward friends who ran away!" Naruto shouted earning an annoyed 'humph' from Sasuke, not that he didn't agree.

"Awww but that is the trick you see because all there is me minus the three." The man chuckled sadistically causing both boys to glare at him.

"Huh? Talk normal you moron!" Naruto jumped from where he was toward the black cloaked figure.

"No you idiot it is a trap!" Sasuke yelled as the cloaked figure disappeared into a cloud of smoke from the impact with Naruto.

"Nani?!" The blonde shouted as he looked around.

"Idiot he is going to get away!" Sasuke cursed quickly going back into the forest to find the nin. It would help if they had heard more about the guy other that 'he is creepy and speaks with riddles' and the occasional 'he knows some kind of freaky jutsu man!'.

"Sasuke-teme don't you leave me again!" Naruto growled pulling out two kunai and quickly following his comrade, who once again was going to hog all of the fun.

"Crap." Sasuke stopped before a kunai flew right past his face barely missing his nose. "This guy is serious."

"Where is your companion, the one that smelled like an onion?" The guy appeared beside the surprised Sasuke who glared, this guy was fast.

"Do you always have to rhyme because, well you sound stupid." Sasuke pulled his katana from his back and swung behind him hitting nothing but air.

"Really now is that how it has been? I guess it is time to kill you then." The guy tilted his head as two more of him appeared smiling cynically.

"Che." Sasuke smirked opening his eyes to reveal his full sharingan mirror wheels as he got into a battling stance.

"Oh it is the sharingan! I am glad to get to have seen it again!" This time the two clones vanished, jumping into the trees as Sasuke glared at the real one.

"You have seen Itachi?" His voice full of nothing but hatred and the craving for blood.

"Hai but I do not believe he would appreciate me destroying your sharingan.............at least you shouldn't be seeing him again."

Naruto stopped as he felt a disturbance in Sasuke's chakra, "Crap he is using his sharingan!" He sped up quickly toward the evil presence. "Think about the seal Sasuke...........think about the seal."

"Hyah!" Naruto landed on a branch just to see Sasuke jump forward attacking the man head on. The two clones from before then pushed the tall Uchiha back as they were quickly turned into clouds of smoke. He turned around to see the man now right in front of him.

"Kurande no jutsu!" The man shouted performing some seals quickly.

"Sasuke!!!" Naruto shouted as he jumped from his spot and into a white light.



"You-you let this happen!" Sakura screamed with tears in her eyes as she slapped Sasuke.

She had just arrived with Lee who was now trying to calm her down as she sobbed into his shirt.


"Shut up! I still haven't forgiven you! And I will never forgive you if- if.............oh gawd what if Naruto............"

"Sakura calm down you don't know what happened! They ran into a rogue nin! Naruto is a clutz sometimes he could have done this to himself." Lee whispered the last part into her ear as she began to sob in his hug again.

"You should have protected him Sasuke." The pink-haired girl sat down still in her boyfriend's arms.

Sasuke glared at the floor. She was right. He shouldn't have made the mistake of attacking. He should have remembered about the clones. He shouldn't of let his anger over his brother take control..................but he did and now Naruto...............

"Sakura it may be a while before we know anything I want you to go home with Lee now, I will come and get you when we find out something." Sasuke looked up to see the one and only silver-haired jonin in Konoha helping Sakura out of the room.

Sasuke glared at the floor again as he fought back tears, the pain on his cheek not helping but only reminding him.

"Sasuke it isn't your fault you know." Kakashi leaned against the wall beside his former student.

"You don't know that." The black-haired chunin spat out increasing his glare on the floor. Everything was his fault. It would be his fault if Naruto.................

"How is he? What happened? Does anyone know?" Both ninjas looked up to see Iruka panting as he looked over to the doors of the operating room that Naruto was in.

"Don't know. I will tell you later. And only a few people." Kakashi quickly answered all of the tan chunin's questions surprising both Sasuke and Iruka.

"And-and how are you doing Sasuke?" Iruka glanced over at Sasuke showing a bit of worry for his former top ranked student.

Sasuke glanced at the operating doors and slammed his fist into the wall creating a small dent as he left, leaving behind very concerned former senseis.

It was his fault. He allowed things to turn for the worse and yet..................and yet Naruto chose to throw himself in the way? Why? Why would he take the chance of dying, why would he take the chance of never becoming the Hokage but he instead willingly got in the way of an attack that should have the Uchiha in the hospital not Naruto.

Naruto...........the one person in the village who doesn't have a spark of a grudge against him for abandoning the village. The one person who followed him all the way into the darkness and pulled him out. When all things seemed hopeless Naruto stood up for Sasuke no matter who he was going against.

It was Naruto that Sasuke trusted most and owed the most to. His rival, comrade, and only friend.

"Naruto you better live through this."


"Naruto is resting but there was a lot of strain on his retina. I don't know how this is going to come out but his eyes were severely damaged." Tsunade spoke slowly with exhaustion. "What was the name of the jutsu the nin used?"

"Kurande" Sasuke muttered from the dark corner he had allowed himself to be in.

"Blinding no jutsu?" Kakashi mumbled to himself as Tsunade began to think about it.

"It is a jutsu made to destroy the opponent's vision. It slowly eats away all of the eye, I was able to stop it but it still destroyed the fovea and most of the optic nerves." Tsunade began to look very upset as she glared at a scroll on her desk.

"So in other words it still completed its task." Kakashi stood up and stretched glancing over at the wide-eyed Uchiha.

"It-he is now.............blind?" Sasuke stated it slowly letting the words sink into his mind. "No."

"Sasuke.........." Kakashi sighed as the raven-haired boy vanished.

"Leave him alone for a moment Kakashi." Tsunade looked up to the lanky man in front of her.

"But wouldn't the nine tail's chakra be able to fix this problem?" Kakashi sent his lazy eyes to glance back at her.

"It would have helped if the optic nerves hadn't been totally destroyed. Even the power of the Kyuubi cannot heal an arm that has been severed off." Tsunade watched as Kakashi nodded. "I just don't know what this is going to do to his future, Kakashi.........."

"Don't be worried about the future but what is happening right before your eyes. Naruto is strong enough to handle this and learn a new way around this handicap."

"A blind ninja Kakashi!?" Tsunade stood up and glared at the silver-haired man. He could be serious, at least if Naruto gave up his nin-dom he would still have a long healthy life, how could he fight out on the field?

"He will make it." Kakashi vanished in a cloud of smoke.

"You better be right Hatake-san."



No, Naruto wasn't blind!

Of course! The idiot had been through much more than that just to be blinded!

"Dobe it isn't true!" Sasuke ran over all the roofs making his way toward the hospital. There was no way that Naruto was blind!

To be blind is to be handicapped. To have handicapped shinobi on your team puts you in bad situations. To be useless to the shinobi life is all that a handicap can bring a person.

Naruto would be cancelled from all of his standings, his goals would be crushed..................he can no longer be Hokage.

He reached the hospital to see that it was closed and only a few nurses and guards were in the building.

He needed to find Naruto's room. This wasn't happening. It is all a bad dream that just seems real. Too freaking real.

Sasuke stopped at a tree when something caught his eye. He looked down through a window to see Naruto lying on his bed asleep. His eyes and the area surrounding were covered in bandages but he could still see the marks on the side of the boy's face and his wild blonde hair.

Sasuke silently opened the window and crawled in landing silently on the floor as a flash of thunder ran through the night sky only being followed by a downpour of rain.

Sasuke's body began to tremble at the sight before him. Naruto's body was paler than usual; he looked weak and drained. Sasuke's eyes followed the form all the way to his face. He wanted to see those bright blue eyes smiling at him like they usually did when Naruto laughed, he wanted to show everyone that Naruto could still see but all he saw was bandages.

"Hm?" Naruto's body squirmed a bit causing Sasuke to take a step back.

Naruto quickly sat up and pulled his hands to his face. Sasuke could feel his entire life break in two.

"What's this?" Naruto began to tug at the bandages causing Sasuke to grab the blonde's arms.

"Shhh.......Naruto you need to lay down and rest." Sasuke scolded himself as his breath hitched.

"Sasuke? Why? What is wrong with my face? I cant see anything with this bandage on my eyes!" Naruto gave Sasuke an innocent not knowing grin.

Sasuke couldn't say anything but stand there in awe. Naruto didn't know yet.

"Sasuke?" Naruto frowned and began to move his arms around tracing up the Uchiha's body to find his face. "Why are you crying?"

"Oh gawd Naruto..........kozo........." Sasuke gasped as Naruto placed his hands on both cheeks.

"Please? Please what? What is wrong Sasuke?" Naruto felt a chill go down his back. "What happened to me Sasuke?"

"Its all my fault!" Sasuke jumped back and ran out of the window.

"Matte! Sasuke! Please wait!" Naruto reached for a form that was no longer there. "Sasuke.........."


"Hokage-sama! Uchiha Sasuke hasn't been found yet, I am afraid he may be out of the village." Gemma did a small bow toward the Hokage.

"Did anyone else go with him?" Tsunade bit her lip. This was not good.

"No Hokage-sama, not that we know of."

"Send out a team to retrieve him, I cannot lose two chunin in one day." Tsunade waved Gemma to go.

"I thought that Sasuke was the only one missing Hokage." Gemma looked at her confused.

"Yes but I sent Naruto away with Jiraiya-kun to train." With that Gemma left.

"I don't think that Sasuke knew Naruto had left. I think that he left sometime during the night." Kakashi walked up and Tsunade sighed.

"I know he visited Naruto before he left. Naruto cant hide things very well when he is confused." Tsunade sat down at her desk pulling out her old pipe.

"Hokage-sama! Naruto was dismissed from the hospital!" Iruka ran into the office holding a small bouquet of orange lilies.

"Hai, Iruka-sensei he will be training with Jiraiya for a few weeks. At least until he can work around his new um.............flaw." Tsunade looked over at the lilies. "Wouldn't it be pointless to give those to him anyway? He wouldn't be able to see them."

"Huh?" Iruka looked down at the flowers and that's when it hit him. Naruto.............his Naruto wouldn't be able to see anything. Not even his favorite color. Naruto cant see anything anymore.

"Iruka-sensei?" Kakashi looked over the chunin carefully before Iruka glanced up.

"Huh? Oh sorry, I just realized..............." His brown eyes became downcast, "I need to go think."

Iruka handed the flowers to Kakashi and left the office solemnly.

"Iruka..........." Kakashi mumbled as he looked at the flowers.

"This is effecting everyone, whether they realize it or not. Naruto was the last hope for the village."

"He still is." Kakashi said sternly vanishing from view with the orange flowers.


"Crap!" Sasuke yelled as he stumbled breathless against a tree.

He had been running straight through the areas between villages. He didn't know why but he felt the need to run. And maybe if he found Itachi he could kill his aniki and go back to Konoha to tell Naruto everything.

Of course not mentioning the fact that he only had his katana, three kunai, and four throwing stars on him at the moment. He didn't know he was going to be making a journey when he had left the hospital the night before.

Sasuke closed his eyes as visions of Naruto all bandaged up ran through his mind. He had never seen Naruto look so helpless before. Not after the fight with the desert kid, not even after the big war with Orochimaru, but he gets his life destroyed by a simple rogue nin with a special ability. One stupid rogue nin ruined the blonde's life.

Sasuke felt his legs give out from under him as he fell against the tree sliding into a sitting position.

Why was he running away? He had to go back to Naruto. He needed to get back to Naruto. He had to tell the blonde it was all his fault and wait for the boy to hate him. Despise him even for destroying his future. He had to get back and let Naruto know that he would be there for him.

He had to tell the smaller boy that no matter what happened even if Naruto hated him he would be there for him. He would give up being a shinobi if he had to. Anything the blonde asked.

He would give him his eyes if he thought it was possible. Then an idea crossed Sasuke's mind.

What if Naruto got new eyes?

No..........the optic nerves were destroyed, it wouldn't be possible for a surgery to even fix that. It was a too complex of an organ to be able to replace as easily as a lung or kidney. Also considering the nerves were destroyed................why couldn't Tsunade have healed him? Why?

But Kakashi has a new eye..................Sasuke shook his head, if there was a chance that Tsunade...........Hokage-sama could have helped Naruto she would have done it in an instance

He had to help the blonde someway. But how could he help Naruto if he had run away from Konoha. He had to return to the blonde and try his best to fix things.

He was sick of things being his fault and he not doing anything to help fix it.

Even if it seems unfixable.


Hear no evil

Speak no evil

See no evil


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