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Chapter 15: Getting Somewhere


"What do you think you are doing?"

"I'm hungry!"

"For that?"


"It's the middle of the night!"

"Why can't I have a midnight snack?"



"Fine…just leave me out of it."

"But…I kind'a need you for it…"

"No you don't…" Sasuke glared down at the blonde. "You can make your own food."

"Well you obviously disagree with my choice." Naruto sighed looking inside his bowl. "It was stuff I found in the fridge."

"Did you have to mix all of it together?" Sasuke leaned over the bowl groggily. He wanted to go to bed…wait did he just see a noodle move.

"Can't you make me something?" The blonde whined. Naruto smirked as he heard the red chakra sigh.

"Fine." Sasuke grabbed the bowl and dumped its contents into the trash can.

"Hey! I bet some of that was good." Naruto pouted as the red chakra walked across the kitchen.

"For some reason…I didn't." Sasuke sighed as he opened up a cabinet. He looked over at the blonde who was now playing with the blanket wrapped around his own shoulders.

It had been a week since…and yet he pretended like nothing happened. Like it didn't matter.

"You okay?" Sasuke sighed as tan arms wrapped around his waist. He had almost forgotten that the blonde was able to do that.

See emotions in a sense.

"Yeah." He poured some rice into the bowl as he felt the blonde lean his head against his shoulder.

A week.

It was driving him mad.

He still didn't know anything…or so he felt.

"I'm sorry…" The blonde muttered softly with his chin still resting on the taller boy's shoulder.

Sasuke glared at the rice. How did he do that? Every time…the raven-haired boy sighed.

"It's okay, I will wait until you are ready to tell me." He turned around pulling the blonde into a tight embrace. "But hurry please…"

Naruto grinned as he wrapped his arms around the red chakra letting his blanket fall to the ground. He knew what Sasuke wanted…it wasn't hard to guess.

But he wasn't ready.

"Hey you still have a few days before you have to go back to that class right?" Sasuke asked grinning at the sight of the blonde in his boxers.

"Yeah because Tsunade baa-san cancelled it for a while." Naruto noticed the quick change in the chakra's emotions. "Sasuke? What are you thinking?"

"Nothing…" The black-haired teen ran his hands down the blonde's back earning a few shivers.

"Hey is it done yet?" The blonde leaned his head over the black-haired teen's shoulder as he looked over to the stove…the orange rice seemed to be steaming a bit.

"Hey let me cook and you go put some cloths on." Sasuke pushed the blonde away earning a small growl.

"But you like me better this way admit it." Naruto grinned before a hand grabbed his nose and pulled him into the hallway.

"Get dressed!"

"But its bed time!" Naruto moaned causing the Uchiha to stop and look outside.

That was right.

"Well still put something on or your not sleeping on my futon tonight." The black-haired teen sighed as he walked back into the kitchen and fixed the rice.

Food at this time at night…just seemed sick.


"Kakashi…" Iruka smiled a bit when Kakashi opened his eyes.

"Hn?" The silver-haired jonin pulled his lover down beside him.

"I'm worried." Iruka blushed as he cuddled into the larger man's chest.

"About what?" Kakashi gave the brunette a small grin.

"Naruto and Sasuke." Iruka sighed looking back into the one opened eye. "I mean…what if this is all too much, what if?" He paused as a pale finger went to his lips.

"They'll figure it out." Kakashi curved his eyes amused.

"But!" Iruka stopped again as the finger returned. "You know that's rude."

"Yeah." Kakashi leaned over and kissed the brunette's forehead. "I know."


"What's this?" Sasuke's eye twitched as he looked at the boxes on his front porch.

"It's a payment to Naruto-chan." Tenten smiled happily ignoring the fact that Sasuke was ticked, it was six in the morning, and he only had his pajama pants on.

It wasn't like she knew that the Uchiha hadn't got any sleep that night.

"Is he here?" The girl toyed with a kunai in her fingers.

"He's sleeping." Sasuke sighed, the blonde was awake…but just pretending to be asleep because he didn't want to answer the door.


"Oh…well can you give these to him?" The girl put the kunai back in her pocket. "I kind'a need to get back to Neji."

"You two?" Sasuke rose an eyebrow…sure he had figured the inevitable event would happen again…it was Neji and Tenten…they were always in the middle of something…whether a break up or a getting back together…

He should've figured after that scene at the wedding.

"Yep! Well I will see you later Sasuke-kun." Tenten blushed and turned to leave.

"Hey wait…what are you paying him for?" Sasuke kind of…okay he really wanted to know why the blonde got all of this.

"Good advice." And with that she was gone.

"Advice?" Sasuke looked down and the boxes of ramen on his porch…large boxes full of tiny boxes…enough to last a normal person a few months maybe years. With Naruto though…maybe a few weeks…months if he was lucky…

That was when the Uchiha noticed a smaller box off to the side. He went over and picked it up noting that it was a bit on the heavy side…he opened it peering inside to see a few special kunai and a few scrolls.

"Ano-se! Ano-se!" Sasuke turned to see the blonde peaking his head out of the door to the apartment as if he was trying to hide from something. "What did Tenten leave?"

"How'd…" Sasuke stopped with a sigh. He had almost forgot again. It was hard to realize the blonde could see and sense a chakra's feelings…but harder to remember the blonde could see them through thin mass as well.

"Ramen, kunai and some scrolls." Sasuke handed the blonde the small box before going to pick up a few of the bigger ones.

"Really? I wonder why." Naruto grinned as he traced the kunai in the box with his chakra. They were a set meant to be separated. In a sense he could give the kunai to certain people and then keep one for himself and then if even one of the kunais were in a battle or heightened chakra area the other kunai no matter where the other person was would react.

Special kunai indeed.

"She said advice." Sasuke's voice brought the blonde back to reality as he watched the red chakra move back inside.

"Ah…" Naruto thought about it, "I wonder which technique she used."

"…" Sasuke watched the blonde grin to himself. Okay so he was missing something there…but then again when it came to the blonde boy…Sasuke always found himself at the side in most situations.

"Hey you want to make some ramen?" Sasuke glared over to the grinning blonde.

"…" Sasuke sighed running his hands through his hair, "I'm going back to sleep I have today is my last day off."

"Hm…you're no fun." The blonde grinned before he yawned, he was tired as well.

Of course he would be.


Naruto watched the red chakra amused.

It was sleeping.

Actually Sasuke had been awake for a few minutes but Naruto decided to pretend the red form was sleeping.

He would have almost not noticed if it wasn't for the twitch in the flow of the chakra every time the blonde traced the other boys face. Or when he let his hand trace the curves of his neck…then his chest, slowing down for every scar his hand found.

The blonde tried to imagine the teen in his head. He could almost picture the teen but he knew it wasn't quite right…it may have been a little over a year and a half that he had lost his…but he could tell that the red chakra had changed.

He was skinnier from what the blonde could tell.

Had more scars and his hands were more calloused.

He was also taller.

He let his hand travel to the other's belly button earning a small grunt.

"Ticklish?" The tan boy asked amused.

"I feel like I'm being judged." Sasuke opened his eyes with a small smirk.

"You were." Naruto grinned flattening his hand on Sasuke's stomach. "Now tell me how different are our skin tones?"

"Hn?" Sasuke looked at the blonde confused before looking at the hand on his stomach; a small smirk beginning to form on his lips.

"You remember that one time Kakashi and Iruka went to the beach?"

"Yeah?" The blonde grinned remembering them leaving…Kakashi had practically kidnapped the other sensei to take a vacation.

"You remember how dark Iruka had gotten?"

"And how Kakashi seemed to have gotten more pale?" Naruto chuckled…no one believed that he had even gone outside once during his vacation.

"That's us now." Sasuke laid his head back down pulling one of his hands up to Naruto's hand on his stomach.

"Really? You're THAT pale?" The blonde looked at the red chakra unbelieving… "And there is no way I could be THAT tan…I mean he was practically black!"

"I was talking about the unexaggerated version of that story." Sasuke smirked as the blonde pouted. "Yes we are like that."

"You need to get outside more."

"You need to let me sleep."



"Jo…" The young man with a ponytail turned to face the older man at the table.

"Hai, Kenka-sama?" He smiled as the older man played with the food on his plate, he hadn't taken one bite.

"Hokage-sama said we could begin our class again." The old man muttered the words as if he was holding back his anger from it.

"At least we won't have to stall anymore." The younger man spoke cheerfully before giving the white-haired man a sad smile, "Or is it because of HIM that you don't want to continue this…"

"Its because of HIM that we have to…" He glared his dark purple eyes at the table, "I need to prove to that woman that he is a good for nothing and needs to be sent out of this village."

The younger man sighed walking over to the other side of the table and wrapping his arms around the older man's neck.

He didn't know what to do.

"We will begin our new training tomorrow morning, please tell our students."

"Hai." The black-haired man gave another sad smile before kissing the older man's cheek and disappearing.


"'d far you two get last night?" Sasuke spit his coffee out on the suddenly appearing jounin.

"Kakashi!" He threw the cup at the silver-haired man only for it to be caught.

"Now, now…" Kakashi looked at the Uchiha's extremely red face. "I don't think Naruto-chan would appreciate you breaking the dishes."

"Shut up baka." Sasuke glared at the man taking his cup back. "Go away."

"Don't you have today off?" Kakashi asked amused as the teen stopped and glared at him.

"Yes. What do you want?" Sasuke sighed putting the cup in the sink…was a quiet morning…er…afternoon so hard to ask for?

"Just wanted to talk." The lanky silver-haired sensei sat down on the couch. "Is this couch slanted?" He asked making himself more comfortable.

"Get out!" Sasuke threw a kunai at him this time.

"This isn't a way to treat guests you know." The lazy jounin looked at the kunai now embedded into the wall.

"Hurry up and talk so I can have some peace." Sasuke leaned against the wall a good ten feet from the annoying person.

"Ano…" Kakashi sighed before scratching his head, "How are things going with Naruto?"

Sasuke looked at him surprised before returning his cold stare. "They're good, why?"

"I meant really, how are things going." This time Sasuke could tell he was being serious by the look in his visible eye.

"He isn't talking about it, but I'm getting used to that." Sasuke walked over and sat beside the silver-haired man. "I feel like even after that incident I haven't learned anything at all."

"About Yume or the village?" Kakashi watched the teen nod his head. He had been trying also to get information but with no help from Jiraiya or Naruto…he kept finding dead ends.

"All I know is that two villages were destroyed…Yume was at one or both of them…and she died. Naruto blames himself for a lot of it." Sasuke mumble quietly earning a nod from the older man. "What about you? Find anything?"

"Ah…" Kakashi scratched his head, "I know that it was either pirates or rogue nins that attacked the villages…that's all I could find though."

"Not much help." Sasuke muttered earning a snort from the older man.

"Why not just ask?" Kakashi regretted asking the teen when a sad look came on his face.

"I would…but I can't. It caused him so much pain I just wish he would forget the whole thing really." Sasuke sighed running his hands through his hair. "How pathetic are we? Trying so hard to find out what happened but we wont even go to the source because it might break him."

"If that happened I know you could always fix him again." Kakashi rubbed the teen's head earning a grunt.

"It wasn't me that fixed him last time."


"Hey baa-chan." Naruto grinned at the yellow chakra.

"Ah! Naruto…" Tsunade glared, "You're late."

"Heehee." The blonde laughed walking over the couch across from the chair she was sitting in. "So is Ero Sennin here?"

"Stop calling me that brat!" Jiraiya huffed as he walked into the room with some tea.

"Okay Naruto you know why I called you here." Tsunade grabbed a cup of tea and waited for Jiraiya to sit down beside the blonde boy.

"Some sort of counseling session?" Naruto could only guess that was why.

"I would like for you to talk to me about what happened again." Tsunade took a sip of tea watching the teen get uncomfortable. "This time I want you to talk about your own feelings."

"From the very beginning?" Naruto asked, suddenly his throat seemed so dry.

"What happened with that brat? Why did you tell me that he was right?" Jiraiya asked sternly remembering that night.

"Um…" The blonde teen bit his lip trying to think. He wasn't ready to talk about this! Why couldn't anyone see that? Sasuke…he saw that…Naruto sighed, he hadn't told Sasuke anything and yet he was still there for him…

"I'm such a bastard you know?" Naruto gave a small sad laugh causing both of them to look at him surprised.

"I won't tell him anything because I don't feel like I could…yet if I can't why would I be able to tell you?" Tsunade gave the blonde a smirk.

"You can tell him after this okay?" She handed the teen a glass of tea and sat back. "Now tell me."

"I…" Naruto stopped biting his lip, "When I 'saw' Daisuke again I didn't know what to do. Then he was screaming and yelling…crying at me for even being alive. It was like at that moment I remembered some things I had forgotten you know?"

"Things you had forgotten?" Jiraiya looked at the boy confused.

"Yeah, like not important stuff but the little things." Naruto smiled, "Like when I started training him and how much I hated the darkness more than I hate these colors I see now. Anything is better than nothing."

Tsunade nodded as a sad smile graced her face, this boy had been through too much.

"But then I could remember when the kyuubi took over." Naruto glared at the cup he was holding…he dipped his finger in it to trace the ripples with his chakra. "I could remember how I didn't care who I was killing."

Jiraiya looked at the boy shocked as the teen bit back a sob and his shoulders started shaking.

"I killed everyone Jiraiya, everyone I saw I killed! I didn't care anymore…" Naruto ignored the warm liquid falling out of his eyes, "Nothing seemed to matter to me any more after Yume…"

"But it was because of the fox…" Jiraiya bit his lip remembering when he had finally found Naruto…covered in blood and holding Yume's body like it was his last link to life.

"Yes and it was because of the fox that I could see everything clearly…I saw who I was killing and I didn't care. I killed children, women, men…"

"But it was the fox!" Jiraiya spat out grabbing the teens arm.

"Jiraiya!" Tsunade jumped up at the teen dropped the glass he was holding.

"Naruto you haven't remembered everything! You're still missing something! It was the fox!" Jiraiya spat out…he didn't know if he was making sense but…

Naruto stopped pulling back another sob. What was he forgetting…there was something…something…someone…sneering…

"There was a man…" Naruto grabbed his head with his free hand as a picture flashed in his mind, "A man…laughing…"

"What man? Who was it?" Tsunade looked at the blonde confused, why hadn't he mentioned this man before.

"I…can't remember…" Naruto shook his head trying to pull away from the dark green chakra that had a hold on him. "It…he…I don't know!"

Nothing was making sense anymore! What was going on? Naruto flinched as the picture ran across his head again. The man in black…sneering…with red eyes…

"You do know Naruto!" Jiraiya let the boys arm go. "Just try to remember!"

"Jiraiya stop this!" Tsunade glared at the old man…what was he thinking?

"But…I…" Naruto looked over to the yellow chakra before a shot a pain went through his head. "Ahg!"

"Naruto!" The blonde woman ran over to the blonde clutching his head, "Its okay…you don't have to remember you don't have to." She glared up at the white-haired man watching them.

"But…" Naruto relaxed as he felt Tsunade's chakra go through his body.

"Relax." She smiled as the blonde fell asleep in her arms before turning to Jiraiya. "What were you trying to do!"


"Do you realize how dangerous it is to force memories onto someone! Especially in Naruto situation? You could seriously hurt him!" She watched as the man looked at Naruto sadly, "What were you trying to accomplish Jiraiya?"

"I found out something you might want to know…"


Sasuke walked out of the candy shop with a small smirk.

Nothing better than sweets.

"Ah! Sasuke-kun!" The Uchiha turned to see Iruka on the roof top panting like he had been running…with Naruto on his back.

"What happened?" Sasuke immediately appeared beside the chunin checking out the blonde's vital signs…he was just sleeping.

"Oh…" Iruka blushed before looking at the ground a bit confused, "I don't really know…he was there for a meeting with Hokage-sama and Jiraiya-sama but after a bit she came to me and asked me to take him to you."

"Ah…" Sasuke nodded wishing that the chunin knew more.

"Want me to just take him to your apartment?" Iruka laughed and started walking causing the Uchiha to follow him.

"I could…"

"No its okay, your hands are full…" Iruka grinned getting a better grip on the sleeping blonde.

Sasuke looked down to see he was holding his bag full of candy and another bag of groceries. "Heh…guess you're right."

"Ano…have you seen Kakashi lately?"


"I'll tell him thank you."

Naruto felt warmth around him…he let his chakra flow around to reveal he was wrapped in blankets…what about the meeting? What about the man?

Naruto sat up as the red chakra walked in.

"Good you're awake. Jo-sensei said that you will be starting class again tomorrow and that you know the time and place." Sasuke walked over to the blonde placing his hand on the tan forehead...he seemed okay…

"Oh…thanks…" Naruto bit his lip. He needed to tell Sasuke…everything…but how could he? What would happen if he did? And he was still missing something!

"Iruka brought you here…did something happen in the meeting?" Sasuke asked quietly watching the blonde.

"Um…I don't really know…" Naruto scratched his head as he tried to think. What did happen? Was it Tsunade who made him sleep? But what was Jiraiya talking about?

Did he know something that the blonde didn't?

Sasuke watched as the blonde seemed to get upset and uncomfortable. He leaned down and kissed Naruto's forehead causing the teen to stop.

"Wha?" Naruto blushed before he got pinned down and lips lightly touched his own. "Sasuke?"

"Are you okay?" Sasuke asked quietly kissing the blonde again. "I don't know what happened but I know you will tell me when you can."

"Sasu…" The tan teen was quickly interrupted but the other lips again this time with their friend…the tongue.

"I love you Naruto." Sasuke watched the blonde blush underneath him before tears began to fall out of the closed eyes. "Are you okay?"

He didn't think he would make the teen THAT upset!

"I'm…so…haaaapppy!" Naruto hiccupped with a sob, he didn't know why he was crying…whether it was for the love he didn't deserve or for the fact that he knew Sasuke would never leave him.

"Baka." Sasuke smirked kissing the blondes eyes finally getting all of the covers out of the way so he could play with the smaller teen's cloths.

"Ah!" Naruto gasped as cold hands made their way under his robe, "Sasuke what are you…"

Naruto watched the red chakra above him. It was full of so many emotions…desire, lust, loneliness, sadness, anger…

"Naruto…" Sasuke watched the blonde beneath him…he wanted to…so bad…but if Naruto was uncomfortable he would stop. "Is it okay?"

"Yes…" He knew he had to be as bright red as Sasuke's chakra…Naruto lifted his arms around the Uchiha's neck. But it was okay as long as it was Sasuke.

The taller teen blushed before kissing Naruto's neck, his hands moving so that he had the top of the blonde's robe off in no time.

Naruto squirmed as the red chakra kissed his body tracing it with his hands. Is this how Sasuke felt when he traced his body with his hands?

"Ah…" Naruto gasped as a warm wet tongue played with one of his nipples as hands slowly slid his baggy pants off.

Sasuke grinned as be looked at the tan blushing form underneath him…it was absolutely beautiful.

"Sasuke…" Naruto breathed out quickly watching the red chakra above him…how he wished he could see…

But he could imagine.

He imagined looking into the blackest eyes he had ever seen and his stomach being tickled by the long black bangs. How the pale skin opposed his own dark skin.

For once, Naruto imagined he could see.


"What do you mean?" Tsunade glared at the old man from across her desk.

This was too much.

"I remembered some things, then I secretly followed those boys out of the village…they said something." Jiraiya mumbled closing his eyes. It was better than meeting the fierce gaze of the woman he called a lover.

"What did you remember…what are you talking about Jiraiya?" Tsunade ran her hands through her hair this wasn't making any sense.

"That man that Naruto remembers…" Jiraiya sighed sitting down, "I think it was Uchiha Itachi."

Tsunade stared at him wide eyed. "But…"

"I think the Akitsu is moving again." Jiraiya looked at the startled blonde woman. "I think that they had been planning to take Naruto for a while. I didn't see him but I felt him for a brief moment when I found Naruto. And then there was that conversation with Yume's mother I had…"

"I knew it, this strange man came through my old village and he said something about it while my husband was fixing his sword. It was such a strange sword... and his friend never spoke to anyone."

"What kind of sword was it?" Jiraiya couldn't help but ask, he was getting a strange feeling.

"Well it was different but perfect for the guy who had it. He looked not human and his sword wouldn't cut anyone if he hit them with it." She put her finger on her forehead as if it help her to think. "It was so long ago."

"Well if it didn't cut what good was it?" Jiraiya took this time to take out his pipe.

"It shaved."

"Why are you bringing this up now Jiraiya?" Tsunade could only ask the man in front of her…she still didn't know what to think.

"Well I didn't know for sure so I kept a note in my head but…" The white-haired man paused looking at the blonde for a moment. "What did those kids tell you their reason was for being here?"

"The older one said that they were sent to retrieve Naruto and put him on trail." She stopped and thought about it, "I could tell that he was lying and he was also hiding something, but I didn't press it."

"It just doesn't make any sense though…" Jiraiya huffed, "Why would they send kids no less? Then the little brat attacking Naruto…"

"I find it odd too…" Tsunade furrowed her eyebrows. "I think I'll send someone to investigate."

"It could be too dangerous…"

"I'll have to send someone who won't fool around or get caught." Tsunade frowned as she tried to think…she knew who to send…but would it be worth it?

"It would have to be someone no one would recognize though." Jiraiya sighed, "That leaves out me, Kakashi and Gai."

"Your reputations are too big." Tsunade sighed, "But no one would recognize Sasuke."

"That could be too dangerous…especially if it is Itachi…" Jiraiya frowned. "And the whole situation with Naruto…"

"We aren't sending him out for Itachi…he's just going to scout and then bring back information. A good two day mission."

"Could we send that lazy Nara kid or maybe even the Hyuga brat?" Jiraiya tried to think of other not yet famous good shinobi they could send.

"Inuzaki…we'll send him and Inoshi's kid. It will be their first jonin mission." Tsunade smirked. "Better to pair up the three newbies together anyway."

"What if things get risky? Shouldn't you send someone with more…experience?"

"If you tell me that those three are inexperienced you are way off Jraiya…" The blonde woman smirked, "Now lets call Iruka to get the paperwork together."


This wasn't going to be good.


Sasuke watched the form sleeping beside him.

The rhythmic motions of his chest going up and down showing that he was in deep sleep.


The raven-haired teen smirked reaching his hand over to move some hair out of the blonde's face.


He grabbed the tan hand in front of his face and smiled. They were so different.

This was all he wanted.

"Naruto…" The teen closed his eyes warily falling to sleep, "You don't need to tell me anything…"


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