by Wing'dCallisto

Disclaimer: I don't own a damn thing. Neuromancer is William Gibson's creation.

Author's Note: Umm... well, it's a poem, inspired by the relationship between Case and Molly... fairly random, indeed. self explanitory.


the sky is grey today

dead television static

pierces a mind

nobody'll ever understand

and he's standing atop a building

outside, looking in

on her

with her cherry boots

and fake nails,

her eyes shaded with tint

she's inside looking out

god she never said it

'cause that's the way she was wired

he could have had a chance

with that nine pointed star

and cyberspace unfolding

he let it all go

watching the figures decay

pixel by pixel by

pin the floor below him

inside that timeless space

gonna shred that beautiful face

with a line of x's and o's

one more time he wanted

wished for the razor sharp

to expose his spine

and finger prints

and he heard all the laughter

that was without laughter

in october he saw scarlet thrice

but she wasn't there anymore

and someone asked him

who he loved and he


one with a true name

of single pure notes