By: Banshee Puppet

Epilogue: Fade to Black


"In other news: satellite MG-12, designated to monitor weather patterns and pollution levels over the Tokyo Region washed up on Okinawan shores today. This is the same satellite that malfunctioned two months ago, blowing up a building in the Shinjuku area and then self-destructing. Scientists are working diligently to replace the lost satellite, but if you want this reporter's opinion, from the gray skies overhead, I'd say it looks like rain."

Ken shut off the television and leaned back against the couch. "So, that's it then. Everything is back to normal."

"Seems that way," Omi said. "It doesn't look like the new satellite is going to have any lasers, after what happened."

"Well, whatever the case, it's nice to have an extended vacation," Yohji yawned, stretching out his long legs.

"Don't forget you still have to work the Koneko today Yohji. You promised Aya you'd cover for him."

"Mn, because he begged," Yohji said. "Seeing Aya beg is definitely worth it."

"Well, it IS the guy's anniversary."

"Hard to believe it's been six months already."

"I think it's harder to remember what it was like before Ran was here, honestly," Omi said.

"Did you notice, they finally took down the 'Black Friday' billboard," Ken asked. "That must be why he's letting the dye grow out. No one will recognize him now. Everyone's already forgotten."

"Yeah, but he seems to enjoy dressing up like a boy well enough." Omi commented idly, then shrugged. "Well, whatever, it's good for business, right? Since the girls think he's cute."

"Well, that's just the way it goes. Time to go open up," Yohji yawned, pushing himself up.

"Nnh. Coming!" Omi said cheerily, following behind him.


Ran crinkled his nose at the sunlight coming in through the window. " 'm up," he grumbled, getting up to go the bathroom, not even registering Aya's presence right away. Since everyone knew, he'd taken to sleeping in one of Aya's old white t-shirts.

When he came out of the bathroom after a quick shower, he was surprised to find Aya sitting on his bed in nothing but his sleep pants.

"Are you conscious now? Or do you need coffee? I want your full attention today," he smirked.

"Aren't you supposed to be working?" Ran asked suspiciously.

"I got Yohji to cover for me. Don't you know what today is?" he asked, smirking slightly at Ran's confused expression.

"Birthday?" the smaller boy asked.

Aya shook his head as he took her hand and pulled her into his lap.

"Eek! It's not a holiday is it?" Ran asked.


Ran chewed his lip, looking up to the right thoughtfully.

"It's been six months," Aya said, nibbling at the junction of her neck and shoulder.

"Oh! Anniversary! Oops! I forgot! Sorry Aya!" she blushed, biting her lower lip in apology.

Aya flipped them so that Ran was lying on her back and he was half over her. He gave her a strong-lipped kiss and whispered suggestively, "make it up to me."

She draped her arms loosely around his neck and said, "why, whatever did you have in mind?"

The red-head's slender fingers reached up and closed the blinds, smirking down at his lover before taking her lips in another kiss that made her mind go blank.

And outside, the world went on the way it always did, oblivious to the small twinkling of happiness in the eyes of two assassins, who after much strife had found a way to escape their sorrow in one another's arms, and a first blessed union that should, quite naturally, fade to black.

~The End~