Bumps on the Road



"Hey... move it."

"Uh? Oh, sorry..." Jirou, half asleep, shifted his leg to clear up the space at the next seat.

"Shishido-san, there are more empty seats at the back."

"Thanks, Choutarou. I'll just sit here."

"Oh, okay."

Jirou had fallen back asleep before Shishido sat down. Shishido merely glanced at him, then began to talk to Ohtori at the seat behind.

The bus turned. Shishido paused from the conversation, reached around Jirou, and placed his folded jacket between Jirou's head and the glass window.

He turned back to Ohtori and resumed the conversation, saying nothing about what he just did. Ohtori didn't ask.

The ride went smoothly for a while. Then Jirou shifted in his sleep, and the jacket slipped off from under his head. Shishido replaced it without a word.

Ohtori smiled when Shishido turned back to him, but didn't say anything.

Another turn of the road had Jirou's sleeping form bouncing slightly on his seat. The jacket fell on his feet.

Shishido picked it up, contemplated it for a while, then put it on his lap. As the bus bumped once more on the uneven road, he swiftly reached to the side and drew Jirou's head to rest on his shoulder.

Ohtori, as before, watched quietly.

"Always knocked his head on the bus window without knowing it," Shishido said by way of explanation. "Got nasty bumps on his head last tournament."

"Aa," Ohtori replied.



Author Notes:

Not meant to be Shishido-Jirou, nope... as I believe Shishido and Ohtori belong together. But I need somebody to take care of Jirou, and from the subtle ways Shishido cares for Ohtori, he kinda fits that role. So yeah. ^_^