Damn fanfiction.net has shut down the poetry section but thats ok ive made some new poetry.
As always this will be a sad one, im no good at happy tales.
so please review and take a guess what this poem implies.


Im so cold
im so scared
im the ultimate life
and now that life must fade

the golden angel has left me
even he couldnt save me
its time to face my crimes
im at the end of my line

but i feel some relieve
my promise has been kept
so please dont weep for me sonic
i have no regrets.

The burning is stronger
the fall is longer
the space is closing in
my light is dying.

i close my eyes
and shelter my soul
death awaits me
and so i must fold.

i will see you soon my friend
my sister who loved me
my mother who cared for me
my Maria.

im falling
but im falling towards you.