Jody let out a long sigh and turned to Eva.

"Why does packing have to be so damn hard? I never realized how much shit I brought with me to this dorm."

"Tell me about it". Eva laughed as she stared at the large pile of Jody's things on the floor.

Jonathan wanted them to move out as soon as possible so the dorms could be ready for the next semester. Eva was moving in with her aunt in the Bronx. Jody still didn't know where to go. She was just so excited. She was a principle in a brand new company and she had a date with Charlie that night. Life was good even though she could be potentially stuck out on the streets.

"So.....when is your next practice with ABC?" Jody asked.

"Well, Jonathan wants to get started as soon as possible. I think he said that tomorrow at 6 should be our first practice as a company. Well at least the choral part of the company."

Eva looked a little sad at this. But luckily Jody knew just what Eva needed to hear in order to make her happy again.

"Oh Eva, you're such an amazing dancer. It won't be long before your dancing the part of Odette in Swan Lake" Jody said in a cheerful voice.

She knew how Eva was feeling. How much it would suck to be shoved into a choral during your best years of dancing. Jody was lucky to start out as a principle.

"Thanks, Jo. I needed that. I need as much encouragement as possible. You know, with the fact I'm probably going to be stuck with Jonathan as my company director for the rest of my life."

"Jonathan may be a bit of a prick, but you know that he makes some amazing ballets. It must have been great to dance that part in the workshop."

"Well Cooper's ballet wasn't too shabby either." Eva laughed.

Jody laughed too. Eva might be a tough girl, but she was one of the nicest and best of all the friends that she had ever had. Suddenly, the door burst open and in came Cooper Neilson with a large grin on his face.

"Hey Jody!" He said while still grinning "I have some great news!"

"Don't even bother knocking. Just come in whenever you want." Eva grumbled. She found Cooper to be cocky as all hell.

"You must be Eva. That was some amazing dancing out there in Jonathan's ballet"

Eva had to blush. Cooper might be cocky, but he was an amazing dancer and he knew good dancing when he saw it.

"Thank you." She said softly, a little embarrassed that she had been quick to be rude to Cooper as soon as he had gotten into the room. Cooper didn't seem to even remember Eva's first comment, because he quickly turned to Jody.

"I made a few phone calls and it looks like we have a studio to work in. Some old school of dance that shut down a few years ago sold us their studio for real cheap."

"That is really cool Cooper."

"I know. And this means that we can get right down to some new ballets that I had in mind. You know, ballet for the people. I mean, the ballet that we did in the workshop was an excellent piece."

At this point, Eva raised an eyebrow. Of course Cooper thought that the ballet they did in the workshop was excellent. He was the one who had created it!

Cooper continued" And I think that it was so good that we should expand it into a longer feature ballet. We could put in a lot of new scenes and characters. I was thinking of a new scene where you can take a Grande jette from right stage and then follow up with-"

Jody interrupted" Coop, slow down. I still don't even know when or where our first practice will be and you're already throwing steps at me."

"Sorry Jody. But I'm just so excited that this whole thing is really happening. My own company, you and I as the star principle dancers. We make a great team, you know that?"

"Yes Cooper, I do. Now tell me about practice and rehearsals."

"Well, since we have the studio, I want to have a practice tomorrow, just you and me. Then, we can get everyone else in the company to be ready for the first rehearsal in a couple of days."

"Who do we have in the company? So far I only know about you and me."

"Well there are a few people that I took away from Jonathan. I'm still trying to convince Charlie to join. But he's hooked on ABC for some odd reason. I thought that he would jump at the chance to work with someone like me."

That statement made Eva's other eyebrow go up. Jody had to suppress a giggle. But, Cooper could tell that she was trying not to laugh.

"What's so funny?"

"Oh, nothing Coop. Look, pick me up tomorrow when you're ready for practice. Call about 15 minutes before you get here so I can get ready, okay?"

"It sounds like a plan."

There was a knock at that door that looked as if it had startled the jumpy with excitement Cooper.

"Come in!" Jody called, and in popped Charlie, ready with a rose in his hand.

Jody walked over to him and gave him a kiss.

"This is for you." Charlie said, motioning to the flower.

"That is so sweet, Charlie. I love it. It's beautiful."

Cooper pushed past Jody and Charlie in the doorway. "I have to go." He mumbled as he stalked away.

"What was that?" Eva asked

"Yeah, my buddy old pal Cooper Neilson isn't going to say hi to me anymore?" Charlie joked.

"I have no idea. Let's just go to the party."

"Do you guys mind if I come with you. I don't have a ride." Eva asked

Jody sneaked a glance at Charlie. She really liked Eva, but she was hoping that she could have more time alone with Charlie. Eva could sense her hesitation and quickly patched up her mistake. She had forgotten that Jody and Charlie were going on an official date.

"On second thought, I think I'll check up on Eric. We can go together. Of course I'm going to have to drive his car since he has that bum foot and everything."

Jody laughed "I guess we'll see you there, Eva" Jody entwined her fingers with Charlie's and led him out the door for their first date.