'Back so soon, Jody? I thought Jonathan used to always get on your case when you had fast-food." Cooper laughed as Jody walked into the studio.

'Stalker troubles. Couldn't eat a thing. You don't have snack machines in this place by any chance do you?" She asked, her stomach grumbling furiously.

Cooper gave her a stern look, as if confused by the English language. When he saw that she wasn't playing around, his face grew more serious and dark. "What went on Jody? What happened?"

Jody looked down at her feet, ashamed that she couldn't be strong about this. Cooper didn't need to see her in her weak state again, the state that had told her to sleep with him on their un-official first date. She led him to two chairs facing a window looking out onto the street.

Cooper searched her eyes. He was really worried about Jody. To him, she seemed like a little girl lost in the big city without her parents. He almost felt like it was his job to look out for her.

Jody began the story about Jay. She ended with the part about needing someone to walk her home, hopefully a male "companion".

Cooper laughed at this part. 'Of course I'll walk you home, Jody. You don't even need to ask."

Jody smiled. Cooper wasn't a bad guy at all. He was just a bit miss-guided at times, that's all.

"You think that we should get back to work then?' Cooper asked playfully.

Jody nodded and she headed towards studio A, the biggest studio in the whole place. Cooper followed behind her, as if protecting her from anyone else that tried to threaten her.

The barre felt smooth under her fingertips. Cooper walked over to the CD player and played P.Y.T's 'And we're dancing'. It was one of her favorite songs. As she and Cooper went into their demi-plies, she imagined that all her dancing friends were in the studio at that very moment, dancing with her. Eric wasn't checking out Charlie's ass for once, but was dipping into a beautiful exercise. Charlie was smiling at Jody. Maureen was there too, with her long flowing lines. The best was Eva, her natural talent pouring out of her like a waterfall of graceful beauty.

Jody shook the image from her head and focused on her turn-out. Cooper glanced over at her every once and a while to check that she was doing everything correctly.

Jody didn't even focus on his suggestions. She forgot about her troubles, the stalker and her homelessness. She lost herself in the dance once again. She not only flowed to the music; she became the music.

Cooper stopped his mouth and just starred at her.

'You found it again Jody. You look so- I don't know, just keep dancing.'

Cooper plopped down on the floor and watched her steadily for half-an-hour. Jody just danced the way she felt.