im fueled by hate
powered by anger
motivated by pain
filled with revenge

its all that i have left
one single bullet took away my life
with the death of my angel
my world ceased to be

my path is filled with darkness
i cant see beyond my pain
nothing matters to me anymore
all want is to see the world burn

to see those ungrateful humans feel my pain
to see them writhe in agony
to see them suffer for their crimes
to see them die

nothing will stop me
the eggman is a puppet
a pawn to dance as my fingers permit
to help me reach my goals

the blue one will die too
his attempts to stop me will fail
ill have his heart in my hand
and ill watch with a grin on my face
watch as he dies before me

it wasnt always like this
once i loved my world
loved my family
longed to see the beautiful blue planet

but not all i have left is my hate
and i will not rest until i have my revenge
hell will have to wait
the devil can have my soul
only when i send the people of that world to hell
with me

and only then
will i allow myself
to cry
for you maria.

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