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Hate to friendship Chap1

Joey woke up early in the morning so he could get to school early he knew Kaiba wouldn't be out now. And Joey was glad you see Kaiba and Joey didn't get along. Not just the oh I don't like you type of don't get along, but the fighting type. Meaning every morning Joey would get up a 6:00 and then get to school to find Kaiba standing there waiting to pound him into the ground. After an hour or so of being beaten up he would hear the bell ring stating he was late for class. Not wanting to have a daily routine today he decided to wake up early, so he could get there before Kaiba. Feeling it would be faster he climbed out his window and smashed to the ground. Ignoring the pain and thinking about the worse pain Kaiba could cause if he didn't hurry up. When he reached Domino High school he was about to sing out with joy, but then he saw Kaiba and his hope went down the drain.
Kaiba's Pov Ah I thought the mutt would never show. I was beginning to think I wouldn't have fun today. Might as well not leave him waiting.
Kaiba began to walk toward a frightened Joey. Nowhere to go Joey stood there very still closing his eyes. Kaiba socked Joey in the stomach so hard it caused Joey to crumple to the ground. Laughing loudly Kaiba kicked Joey in the stomach then the head. Joey wished he had the courage to stand up to Kaiba, but he didn't. Opening his eyes he thought that his daily pain was over, but it was yet to begin. Kaiba kicked once more at Joey's head and stomach then was done. Satisfied Kaiba spit on an unconscious Joey, then laughed all the way to the high school.
Joey's Pov Well at least I got that over with that. Oh crap the bell rang I am going to be so late. Why does this have to happen to me? Uggh! I can barely move what the heck did Kaiba do to me?
Joey got up standing the best he could and ran into the building. Running down the hallway he could just hear the teacher saying your late detention.
"Joey, your late detention," Mr. Mur said.
Sitting down next to Yugih he turned his attention toward the front.
"Joey, did, Kaiba beat you up again?" Yughi asked.
"Yes, he did," Joey, replied.
" Tell someone,"
" Not gonna to work remember last time?'
" Oh yeah," ***Flashback*** " I can't belive we have all this homework" Joey said. " I know it sucks," Yughi said. "Hey mutt!" "Oh, no it is, Kaiba," Joey whispered. " You are so going to cry," he said. Kaiba punched Joey in the stomach making him literally spray blood all over. "Go get a teacher!" Joey yelled weakly. An hour later a teacher came. "Mr. Muto, tells me you have been beating up, Mr.Wheeler, Mr.Kaiba," he said. "Me. I don't have time to beat up, Joey, remember I only spend my time and actions on Kiaba corp. stuff," he said. "Yes, your right sorry for bothering you as for you, Mr.Muto, call me when it is a emergency,' he said leaving. "Hmm, I think since, Joey, tried to rat me out he should feel more pain today," Kaiba said. "Umm," Joey gulped. ***End Flashback***

After class Joey ran down the hallway to lunch not wanting to run into Kaiba, but sadly he did making him fall backwards. Kaiba only sneered throwing a card at him.
Dear Mutt, You have been invited to my brother's birthday party (Mokuba). Please come and no this is not a trap. Don't show up and I will beat you up so much you will have to use a tube to eat. So be smart and come.
From Kaiba
Joey stared at the letter that was given to him. He didn't know what to do he was so confused. He decided he was going to ask Yughi about this. Walking to lunch he found Yughi with a scared look on his face.
"Joey, oh I am so glad you made it I thought you got hurt!" Yughi screamed.
"Umm, Yughi, not to loud people are staring," Joey, said.
"Look at him over there sitting all alone he looks like he needs a good friend," Tea said.
"Well were any of you guys invited to Mokuba's birthday party?" Joey asked.
" I was," Yughi said.
"That is great I thought the letter Kaiba gave me was a trap," he said.
Suddenly there was a loud siren flooding the room with it's annoying sound. Everyone began to panic and run out of the lunchroom. Joey looked around him to see if he could find Yughi.
"Yughi! Yughi!" he screamed.
Finally the whole lunchroom was empty, so he could breathe. It didn't smell like smoke. Someone might have pulled the alarm.
"Hey mutt!"
" So you pulled the alarm," Joey said.
"What if I did?" Kaiba said.
" Well as you can see there isn't a real fire,"
" Who said there isn't a fire?"
Joey gave kaiba a crazy look what was he talking about.
Joey's Pov Holly crap he is going to set the school on fire. Kaiba pulled a lighter out of his pocket and threw it next to Joey. Before Joey could do anything fire broke out everywhere. Looking around Joey saw he was in the middle of a ring of fire. He began to scream for help hoping someone would come. Very slowly Joey began to get over heated. How was he going to survive this? He could feel the smoke penetrating his lungs.
Joey's eyes began to droop, but he wasn't going to let himself faint in a burning building. No way was he going to let himself die. From a far he heard people yelling. Could it be help? Seeing men in yellow suits he began to walk forward without thinking about the fire. He felt a terrible burning sensation spread through out his body. He dropped to the ground with a powerful thud.
" Joey, are you O.K.?"
" Huh what where am I?"
" Your in the hospital,"
"Kaiba tried to kill me,"
" What?"
" He started the fire,"
Yughi gave Joey a strange look that said ' don't be silly'.
" Joey, Kaiba was, outside the whole time just because he beats you up and hates you don't blame him for such a horrible accident," Yughi said.
Joey looked at his body and saw it was covered in bandages. A doctor walked in with a huge smile on his face.
"Howdy ho! How are you doing, Joey," he asked.
" I feel uncomfortable," he said.
"That is normal a thing to say after you were burnt mildly," he said, "now I those bandages will be taken odd today, but you are not truly healed it will take a long time. I advise you stay out of the sun for a while. If you ever have to go out in the sun you will need to buy some sun clothes."
"Sun clothes?"
"Yes," After the bandages were taken off the nurse gave him a pair of sun clothes for free and said he should where them all the time till their next visit. Stepping on to the sidewalk he bit his lip to hold back from screaming out in pain. Turning a corner he ran into someone.
"Mutt watch where you are going!"
Joey looked up to see Kaiba staring down at him. Suddenly feeling unbelievable fear he got up and ran all the way to his house. Closing his door slowly he flopped down on his bed.
Joey's Pov Wow who knew fire could burn so badly. I can't believe Yughi didn't believe me when I said Kaiba. I mean of all people Yughi should believe me. Kaiba is just getting away with everything these days. Someone needs to stop him and it is going to be me.
Closing his eyes Joey went to sleep. End of chapter please review to find out if Kaiba gets caught. What about Mokuba's party tomorrow? Review if you want more.