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Hate to friendship Chap.4

Too excited about the call telling Yughi to go to the hospital he hung up right after the doctor said Joey's name. He glared once more at Kaiba then opened the door and left. On his way to Domino hospital he heard Mokuba yelling after him. "YUGHI WAIT UP!" he hollered. Spinning around Yughi saw the pleading look on Mokuba's face he decided he could tag along. "You can come if you want," Yughi offered. " MUTO! SLOW DOWN!" Yughi took Mokuba's hand and they ran down the sidewalk. Yughi didn't want to catch up with Kaiba. Bursting open the hospital doors all the people there stared at him. H e ignored the stares and ran past the lady to the room Joey was in.
"I am sorry Mr. Muto but Joey is dead,"
Yughi broke down crying how could this be? It wasn't fair not at all. " Yughi, YUGHI! YUGHI!"
" You were day dreaming, Joey, isn't dead,"
"What, Mokuba?"
"Yeah, Mutt, isn't dead for now,"
" YOU!" Yughi yelled.
Yughi lost all his nice little kid personality right then. He jumped on Kaiba and began to punch his face in. It was not working so Yughi reached into his back pocket pulling out the kitchen knife from Kaiba's house. Without regret he stab Kaiba in the leg then in the arm.
"YUGHI STOP! YUGHI!" Mokuba yelled trying to get Yughi off his brother.
Yughi just pushed him away this time aiming for Kaiba's heart. He took the knife and was about to ram it into the CEO'S heart but someone stopped him.
"Yug dit dis me Joey,"
Yughi got off Kaiba and gave his friend a huge hug. He was totally relieved that Joey was alive. Wearing a happy smile on and gaining back his kid personality again he looked a Kaiba with Horror.
"Yug, you did dats to Kaiba?" Joey asked in fear.
"I was so angry and I – I-
Joey didn't know what was going on with him but he felt that he had to save Kaiba for some strange resaon. Looking around he realized that he would be alone on this one because Mokuba was too sad and Yughi was to busy panicking. Jumping up Joey ran to the first aid box in the hospital room. Dumping out the contents he found bandages some packets to clean it up and well other important stuff.
He looked at the places where Yughi stabbed Kaiba he had to hurry if he was going to save Kaiba' life. The blood was staining the floor quickly making it's own little puddle. Joey took some scissors from the kit to cut Kaiba pants leg.
Joey's Pov Kaiba is going to kill me for ruining his pants. I hope after I save his life he will stop picking on me for no apparent reason. Well I better stop thinking deeply if I want to get this done.
Joey applied the rubbing acohol on Kaiba's leg and arm. Kaiba began to move and scream wildly with pain. After that Joey wrapped up his leg and arm in a bandage. Happy with his work he did a little dance.
"First they going to put me in jail then they will take away my grandpa's game shop," Yughi mumbled.
"Oh, my big brother why did you have to go?" Mokuba wailed.
" Both of you guys chill cause, Kaiba, dis all righd," Joey said.
Mokuba stopped crying and Yughi stopped muttering to himself. They both looked up at Joey. Kaiba woke up looking very angry.
Kaiba's Pov Look at my pants! Who ruined them? Who ever did is going to die slow and painfully.
"BIG BROTHER!" Mokuba squealed.
"Did you fix my injures?" Kaiba asked.
"No big brother it was, Joey," he replied.
" You mean that mutt!" he yelled.
"Well since I saved you I would liked to be called Joey," he said.
"So you ruined my pants!" he said grinding his teeth.
"Yes, but to save your life,"
Joey looked at Kaiba's angry face turn into a smile. He came over to Joey and stuck out his hand.
" You aren't goanna flip me dover are ya?"
"Have I ever done that before?"
"Yes, you have,"
"Well, not this time,"
Joey took Kaiba's hand and Kaiba shook it.
Joey's Pov This will be the beginning of a beautiful friend ship.
Kaiba's Pov Mutt I mean Joey isn't that bad after all. THE END How sweet they become friends what a nice ending don't you think? Now please review. I might decide to write a sequel about how their friendship turns out do you think that is a good idea?