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Koda raced up the mountain where the lights touched the earth. Thinking about the discussion Rutt and Tuke had, he thought of Kenai's confession. After giving it some thought, one little voice called out to him: Go after him! You need him and he needs you, forgive him about his wrongs. He followed Kenai's footprints, but an overwhelming fear came through him when he saw human tracks…the hunter!

Finally, he reached the top, but before Koda set foot on the summit, he looked next to him to see Kenai lying flat on his back, and Denahi standing over him, dagger in hand. Koda gasped and ran to try and save Kenai, but it was a second too late.

Koda came to a complete stop when Denahi plunged the dagger right into Kenai's heart. Kenai roared in pain, but with his last dying strength he turned his head and saw Koda. He mouthed the words: I'm sorry Koda, and gave up the ghost.

Koda slowly shook his head as tears started to leak. One second too late…, Koda though, I stayed too long back there…, Koda sat down and began to cry, I'm so sorry Kenai.

Denahi still had anger raging through him, his pleasure of killing the bear he mistook for Kenai's killer wasn't enough. He heard a yelp of sadness and turned his head to face Koda. Denahi placed his feet on the dead Kenai's chest and pulled out the dagger, blood gushing out of the wound and leaking off the dagger. He turned to Koda; Koda raised his head and saw Denahi running to him with dagger in hand, and started running.

Koda ran as fast as he could, but he got pinned on the edge of a cliff, he turned around to see Denahi wielding his blood tinted dagger. Koda was stiff by fear, but he knew he was going to die right then and there. He never got the chance to say goodbye to Kenai, he never got the chance to forgive him, never had the chance to say thank you for taking him to the salmon run and saving him a few times from Denahi. But Kenai isn't alive to save him from this one.

Denahi grabbed Koda, his big, strong human hand around Koda's neck and over his shoulder. Having him caught and pinned, Denahi raised his dagger, Koda watched in terror as Denahi sent down his dagger on Koda's head.

I forgive you Kenai…I'm sorry…, Koda thought as the dagger was a few inches away from his head…

It seemed like it lasted forever, but...

Koda woke up with a gasp, fear very apparent in his eyes. The third time he had dreamt that nightmare. Only this time it was longer, this one ended just a few seconds before his death. He ran to a bush and coughed up nightmares. He walked to a river that is next to him and took a few drinks of water, washing his mouth of the rancid taste. He took a few deep breaths as he looked at his reflection on the water. Only a nightmare, it didn't happen…, Koda thought, convincing himself.

He looked back to where he was sleeping; there lies a sleeping Kenai, alive, all that matters. Koda sighed in relief and walked back to Kenai, tugging himself under Kenai's arm. The feeling of Kenai's tummy pushing forward and backward was a sign that he's alive and breathing, but Koda will still live in fear of that nightmare. But, for now, he's so grateful that he made it in time to save Kenai, happy that what he dreamt didn't happened.