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Chapter One

The Capture

He had to go back for her again. This was the fourth time that human girl collapsed in the snow and each time it took him close to 5 minutes to revive the weak mortal.

"Come on wench. GET UP!" He gritted his teeth then sank down into the cold snow, blocking his face from the frosty wind to pick her up. At first it had been easier to awaken her, but with each time she collapsed it had become harder.

"If you don't wake up, I swear I'll leave you to DIE!" His threat had barely left his mouth before the fierce blizzard whistled it away. He doubted she would have heard him anyways.

Wary of the predicament he suddenly found himself in, and of the problem he would have were she to die, he realized that they needed shelter. The snow, had started innocently enough as light flakes, was now a raging blizzard with sizable snow-flakes, and to top it off with hurricane-like winds. In all his years, he had never seen such a storm, though he had to admit he rarely paid attention to the weather. But far milder storms had wiped out entire villages, let alone single human travelers.

He looked more closely at the girl. It was obvious to his superior senses that she was not dead, but he wondered how closely darkness lurked. It occurred to him that were she to die he might use the Tenseiga to bring her back but, for the first time in awhile, he was uncertain it would work if she froze to death.

The wind at his back began to blow the snow up to his shoulders, if they didn't get moving soon the storm would burry them alive. Removing the demon armor, he loosened his kimono robe and drew the girl close to his body, so she could feel the warmth. Even through his shirt he could how incredible cold her body was. He wrapped her in his kimono cloth, then, slinging the armor over his shoulder began to trudge through the snow. His caves were close but if something else comes up that would do, too. All he required was that it kept the snow out.

She snuggled closer to his warmth with a sigh. He was not sure what the sigh meant because being a demon; he had never been to the point almost freezing to death. He imagined she was in pain, which pleased him greatly. His usually motionless face blessed the moment with the rare half smile and hugged her tighter, giving her more of his body heat.

She struggled, then calmed again.

When her breathing became even he let his mind wander to other places. He was sitting in the most pathetic excuse of a cottage he had ever known, the thin walls barely kept out the force of nature. He suspected that the snow had buried the wind side walls a number of hours ago and that was why they no longer squeaked. A small paned window showed a dull white light, telling him only that the evening hours were not yet spent. The living area was almost a square, but the roof was way to low for his taste. In truth he felt almost claustrophobic in the miniature place but it had met his limited requirement, so will suffice for the time being. The only added perk to the damn place was a sizeable wool blanket that had been left. Probable a traveler who had forgotten it in haste to leave this room. He cared little as he flung it over himself and wrapped himself up tight.

The first order of business had been a fire, but, without a vent in the roof the small room would fill up with smoke. The smoke would make him smell woodsy for months, and plus it would kill the girl. He needed her for bait.

The lure in question moaned and tried to pull her arms around herself again. He let her do as she pleased. She was still wrapped in his kimono so he doubted she would get very far. The girls raven black hair was the complete opposite of his glowing white tail. He gathered some of her hair and weighed it in his hands. The texture was different to him. Interested, he compared it, side by side, to an equal amount of his own hair. Black and white, night and day, human and demon. The difference was amazing.

Suddenly content to explore a little more about this species he had found so weak to consider, he drew her closer. Her skin was a pale color like his own, but not as much covered in fur. In fact there were tiny hairs in the otherwise naked skin. He pushed back the sleeve on her arm, watching in wonder as her tiny hair stood on end when exposed to the chilly air. He knew his own fur stood on end when he was enraged or in battle, but she was different, she was merely cold.

The skin near her eye's twitched slightly, and nuzzled her face into his tail. Her hands maneuvered so that she was holding him as a pillow. He watched her unconsciously make a face that seemed to signify...happiness? She shifted in a manner that contained her fully on his lap and, he was surprised to realize, was rather comfortable. Her body was no longer cold and the violent shivering had stopped.

The evening light, which had never really reached them through the storm, faded to night. He was aware that the storm had stopped but did not move to leave. There was little chance that his brother would be able to find them, because of their scent was buried in the snow. More than likely the Halfling was miles away, not even aware of that his precious priestess was his hostage. A note a few drops of her blood would awaken him, but that fun was to be had later.


Something was tickling Kagomes' nose. She swatted at it but the tickling continued. Again she swatted it away. What could be causing this..? She opened her eyes to find herself looking at someone's chest. She couldn't tell whose white shirt it was.

"Inu-Yasha?" She whispered.

She turned her head to look at the hooded face. The little light that shone in the room was not enough to see 'its' face.

"No." He said simple.

He saw fear and horror creep into her eyes blue/gray eyes. Every muscle in her body went tense. Sessho-Maru wanted to smile so badly at the expression, but held it back. What will you do now? He wondered. Will you scream, faint, or even try to escape? He liked the last thought most since it would be fun to rough her up a bit. Her fear was very fun; he knew this was going to be entertaining. Or so he thought. Quote me on that. But she didn't move. She lay in his arms, stiff as a broomstick.

They stared into each others eyes. Outside the wind had begun again, blowing the snow about the landscape. Soon they would be able to reach his cave and Sessho-Maru can start to use her. He would trade her for the great Tetsusaiga. He would mate and she'll give birth to strong pups, full demons to carry on the line. There would be no more Halflings in his family.

As he watched her eyes turn to a misty gray. His brows drew together in concern, was she casting a spell in her head... He grasped her throat, his claws slightly cutting into her skin.

"You best not be thinking up a spell!"

The colors of her eyes were now a strange gray. Flecks of silver seemed to catch what little light they had. Suddenly a single drop of liquid gathered then slid down the side of her cheek. He watched it carefully until it disappeared into her hair. To his enjoyment, another one repeated the process.

He squeezed her throat harder and was rewarded with more drops. Kagome closed her eyes and gulped.

"Open your eyes," he commanded. He enjoyed seeing this 'crying' process. Her heart was beating a million beats a second, her every muscle, tendon, and vein throbbing in his arms as she faced him, and he loved it. This was true power.

Was this what attracted his brother to her? Could the Halfling scare her so blindly that she cried for him? If so there might be hope for the brat yet...

His curiosity again aroused, he released her throat. He ran his claw down the wet trail left by the tears and tasted it. The salty liquid was not what he expected. He could remember his father saying that his mortal wife tasting sweet, human was nothing he would call 'sweet'. Perhaps she was too young, and like the unripe fruit of a mid-summer cherry tree, not quite as sweet as she would one day be. Was his brother caught under the same spell as his father did?

His face contorted with rage. There was a strange panic in his stomach which he did not like at all! Could this girl cast her spell on him as well? The possibility enraged him more and he pushed her off his lap, sending her to a corner of the small room, were she curled up into a tight ball.

"WITCH! Keep your spells to my brother, and may the gods help him break them!" He growled before leaving.

He didn't make it far before recognizing Inu-Yasha's scent. If what he smelt right he didn't want Inu-Yasha to kill him with the Tetsusaiga. Hopefully the girl's spells would not affect him, since he had been stupid enough to taste her tears. He quickly disappeared into the forest.


Inu-Yasha waited until his brother was completely gone before reaching the cottage. He spent the stormy night in the hallow trunk of a tree while in pursuit of Kagome and his brother. Luckily for him Kagome kept falling in the snow, thus leaving a rather large scent for him to follow. The storm had complicated thing only slightly.

He burst through the door and immediately spotted the living bundle curled in the corner.


At her side he tried to see if she was injured. There was no blood smell, but there was a salty smell coming from her cheeks. She wouldn't move or even look at him.

"Kagome, come on, look at me. Are you hurt? Do you still have the Jewel Shar-"

He was cut off by Kagomes screams ringing through out the room, "SIT! SIT! SIT! SIT! SIT!"

---Two Days Later---

Kagome smiled, "And that's what happened, Kaede."

The old women looked thoughtfully at Kagome, then Inu-Yasha, then the rest of the surprised group. Kagome had told them about her entire story about Sessho-Maru, right down to the 5 'SIT's she had thrown at Inu-Yasha when he'd found her. Inu-Yasha was mumbling under his breath of how he was going to kill her...

"That's an amazing story Kagome. What do you think he was up to?" Sango asked.

Kagome paused to think about it. She could see Sessho-Maru's face and eyes in her mind. There had been confusion and wonder in those eyes.

"I don't know Sango... I don't know..."

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