The New Mission

Hi people! This is my first fic so please understand. I am so happy that I can be here. So, in case my summary was a little vague, here's a new one. Yugi and friends are at the beach when they see a girl that turns out to be his long-lost sister. They find out that someone has warned her to be careful. So, his sister and this 'new' girl brings them up to a shrine in the clouds. But could it be possible that this new sister of Yugi's has some special powers? And what about the new girl in the gang? Who is this person that Yugi's sister was warned about? Could they be a new threat to the world? And, to find out the rest, you have to read it. I REALLY want your reviews. They make me happy. (Sniff) PLEASE READ AND REVIEW!!!! (Puppy dog eyes) Oh, and I don't own YuGiOh. There, happy now? So, enjoy the chapter!

Chapter 1.

~~ 10,000 miles above the earth's surface ~~

Bakura reached the ancient shrine guarded by a family chosen by the gods. "Now, it is time to release ultimate chaos!"

He opened the door of the shrine.

"Give me the key to the ancient god's powers!"

"How dare you intrude on sacred grounds," exclaimed the elder.

"Give me the key now, old fool!" Bakura yelled.

With that, he used his change of heart magic card.

"Ha ha ha, yes now come to me. Give me the key," Bakura said with pure menace in his eyes.

"No grandpa!" yelled a voice.

The poor elder named Hochi had no choice. In a deep trance, he unlocked the many locks that guard the ancient key. He picked it up and carried it over to Bakura.

"Ha ha ha! Now I will rule the world! There will be no one to stop me!" Suddenly, a boy, Ryushi, jumped out at Bakura, and knocked him to the ground.

"How dare you dishonor my family!" he yelled. Then Ryushi's eyes turned a vivid red. Then there was a huge gust of wind and Bakura was knocked unconscious. But unfortunately, most of his energy supply was drained because of the great force used to knock Bakura off his feet. Then he closed his eyes and toppled to the floor.

~~ At the beach ~~

"Surf's up!" yelled Tristan and Duke together.

"Yeah! Let's hit the waves," said Joey grabbing his surfboard.

"Do you want to go in, Tea?" asked Yugi. "No, I'll just stay here with Serenity, Tomoya and Mai," she replied.

"Do you think they can swim if they fall off?" asked Serenity nervously.

"Sure, they'll be fine. After all, Joey did swim down once to save Yugi, remember?" said Mai.

"Oh yeah," Serenity said.

"Anyway, nothing can go wrong as long as we are together," said Tomoya. They watched the boys clambering onto their boards, when they all came back screaming.

"Or not," said Tomoya.

"AHH! It's a big salami!" shouted Joey.

"No, tsunami!"


They all made it safely back onto the beach. They turned around and gasped. Someone was standing on the waves with no board! The girl was tall with red hair. She was just standing there as if she did this every day! But maybe she does do it everyday... Joey couldn't believe his eyes. He just stood there, like the rest of them, with his mouth hanging wide open.

"Did you? Did I? Did you just see that?!" he stuttered

"Yeah, hope its all some illusion," said Duke.

"This is no illusion," said Yugi. The waves crashed down on the shore. The girl did a flip and landed on the beach on her feet. She spotted them looking at her and walked over. As she was coming over, the boys started balking away. The girls however, stood their ground.

"Hi. I'm Yuri,"

"H...hi Yuri," stammered Tea.

"Umm, what was that you pulled just now?" asked Mai

"Oh, you saw that? Well it was uh... something for a water-ski competition, yeah," said Yuri nervously.

"Really? That's so cool," said Serenity.

She looked over at Tomoya.

"Tomoya? Is that you? I haven't seen you for ages!" Yuri exclaimed.

"Yeah, it's been too long. How are you? You look great!"

"Thanks. I've been working out. Where are the boys?"

"Oh them, they thought you were some kind of ghost," Mai said. "Hey you guys! Come on out and meet Yuri,"

The boys carefully edged their way out of their hiding place. "I'm Joey," he said, "and this is Tristan, Duke, and Yugi. She turned her head toward Yugi so fast that she cricked her neck. . "Did you say Yugi?" He nodded

Yuri's eyes and mouth opened real wide. She looked like she was about to faint

"Oh my goodness, I can't believe it! I've finally found my brother!" Yuri exclaimed.

They all stared at her, completely dumbfounded.

"You're kidding right?" asked Joey.


"Yugi, I never knew you had a sister," said Tea.

"Neither did I," said Yugi. "I was always your sister. After mom and dad died, our uncle took me away. He didn't want Yugi, so he sent him to Grandpa. Is he still alive, Yugi?"


"Well, it was horrible at uncle's house! I was only three, and he made me do many chores. Auntie didn't help either. She kept saying to make a good girl, you make them start working at a very early stage. It was all nonsense to me. Then one day, when I was ten, I ran away and got lost in the woods. I had a few supplies with me, but it was not enough to fulfill all the travel needs. Then Master Kinshrew found me lying there one day. He saw the power in me and took me to his dojo where I learned..." Yuri paused and struggled to make the decision of telling them or not. "An ancient technique called Kinshi Ryo. It teaches you different skills that suit your benefit. Master Kinshrew found my great strength was water. Therefore, I trained under the water master, Jin Can. I trained so hard, so long, so I would have enough power to find you. That's what you all saw earlier. It wasn't for a competition. I was practicing the ancient power of water," Yuri concluded.

They all stared at her. Except for Tomoya. "So you weren't practicing for a water-ski competition?" asked Serenity.

"No, sorry."

"Y...Yuri! I remember! I remember when..." his voice faltered.

"Our parents died? Oh, I was hoping you would!" She ran over and hugged him.

"Hey... not to ruin the reunion or anything, but how old are you?" Joey asked.

"I'm thirteen,"

"Really? You seem so young to have gone through so much," said Tea.

"Yuri, you got accepted at Master Kinshrew's dojo? I remember when I went there. I studied the art of wind under Jin Shun, Jin Can's brother. Have you met him?"

"Yeah, and do you know what he said? Before I left for here, he said to be careful, and that a new evil will be unleashed. I was kind of confused. He also said that someone will steal the key and unleash the evil force that the gods locked away for many years," Yuri concluded.

"Are you serious! No way. It is impossible without getting past Ryushi's family! Unless... the guy found a way to defeat them! This is terrible," Tomoya exclaimed clutching her face.

"Hey, would you mind telling the rest of us what you're talking about?" exclaimed Joey.

"Yeah," said Tristan and Duke together.

"We'll show you," said Yuri.

With that, she and Tomoya raised their arms and muttered some weird words. Suddenly, there was a gust of wind. Mai and Serenity held on to Joey. Then somehow they all left the beach.


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