Chapter 22- Epilogue

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It was five years ago that Joey had come up with the idea to meet up five years in the future. They had all agreed. Now five years later, they had each remembered their promise and most of them had assembled in Seto's mansion.

-5 years later at Seto's mansion-

"I didn't think that half of us would show up!" said Yugi.

"Why wouldn't we?" asked Tristan staring at the paper cup in his hand.

"I dunno, now that we're older, I thought we might have had more important things to do." He explained.

"Not really," said Yami. "The only important thing was to find a babysitter, but then Seto said to bring the kids so we gave up on that." He added grinning.

"There's nothing more important than friends." Said Seto suddenly.

(Shocked silence followed by laughter)

"What?" Seto asked angrily.

"Wow, Seto." Laughed Yugi. "You've changed! A lot! "

"Marriage probably knocked some sense into him," said Tristan.

"That is a very strong possibility," considered Yami trying not to laugh. Then he turned around.

"Serena!!" he yelled. "Get away from the stairs!"

He rescued his three-year old from the stairs.

"What have I told you about stairs?" he scolded.

Serena only giggled and said, "Daddy! Up!"

"Ok, ok," he said lifting Serena up in his arms. He walked back to the stunned looking group.

"Kids," Yami explained.

Seto nodded knowingly.

"You know," said Tristan suddenly staring at Serena. "She kinda looks like you."

"Yeah," observed Yugi. "She's got your eyes and Tomoya's hair. would have been funny if she had wild hair like yours."

"You should talk," snapped Yami. "Your hair is almost exactly like mine."

"You know...he's right!" laughed Tristan.

Suddenly, the doorbell rang. The short butler went and opened it. When he did, he nearly got run over by a little boy.

"Kazuo!" groaned Joey apologizing to the man and watching his son run around the house. "You're going to get lost!"

Mai stepped into the house with another kid. "Nice place, right Emi?" She asked. The two-year-old nodded as she stared at the ceiling in awe. "Come on, let's go find the girls,"

"Mai! Where'd you go? Oh. There you are." Said Joey breathlessly. "I swear, we need a leash on this kid." He said holding Kazuo.

"Well, now we know who he takes after," laughed Mai.

"WAIT!" Joey yelled as Kazuo tore out of his grasp and ran up the stairs to where Yugi, Yami, Seto, and Tristan were standing.

Serena caught sight of the blond blur that was running and yelled, "Kazuo!"

The blur stopped and grinned up at Serena.

"Hi, Serena!" he said breathlessly.

Serena jumped down. "Wanna play wif me?"

"Yea!" Kazuo said taking out his duel monsters cards.

"Ooo!" Serena squealed. Then she turned to Yami. "Daddy! Where are my cards?"

Yami sighed and took them out of his pocket. "Here you go." He said handing her a bunch of cards.

She took them and showed them to Kazuo. "Look! This is called! It's my favorite card! Uncle Yugi gave it to me!" she said. "Right?" she asked Yugi.

Yugi nodded.

Serena and Kazuo started comparing cards quietly.

Then, Joey huffed up the stairs.

"Kaiba," he groaned. "You really need to put in an escalator."

"Looks like some one's out of shape." Seto sneered. (A/n: some things never change)

"Actually, I think that running after a two and three year old is plenty of exercise." He said sitting on the sofa and pouring himself some soda.

"Too true," nodded Yami and Seto unhappily.

"Wait," said Yugi. "Where's Kristine?"

Seto shrugged. "I dunno."

"You don't care about your own daughter?" asked Yami in surprise.

Seto was spared telling him the answer when Joey suddenly screamed in pain.


"I didn't. And don't you ever call my daughter a dog, you dog." He said pulling Kristine off of Joey. "Good job, Kristine," he added lifting her up and kissing her forehead. Kristine jumped down and asked, "I want my cards, daddy." She said staring at him with those blue eyes.

"Ok," he said taking them out and giving them to Kristine. She took them and started comparing them with Serena and Kazuo's.

Kristine's twin, Hideo crawled up the stairs. He shot an evil look at Joey with his blue eyes and walked to Serena.

"Hi," he said shyly.

"Hi! Wanna play wif me an' Kazuo and Kristine?"

"Ok." He said taking his cards out of his pocket.

"Well," said Yami. "At least we know that they all inherited our love for duel monsters."

"Yep." They agreed.

(Forget the guys for a moment)

(This is going on with the gals at the same time it goes on with the guys.)

Mai walked to a big double door.

"Well Emi, time to meet your friends."

She opened the door. A collective gasp went around the room.

"MAI!" Shauna exclaimed. "You're finally here!!"

"Yup. Who's missing?"

"Shizuka, Tea, and Umiko...oh, and their guys." Said Shauna. "Oh! Look! Meet Keiko!" she added pointing to another girl who was deep in conversation with Tomoya.

"Keiko!" yelled Shauna.

"What? Oh, hello!" Keiko said getting up. "I came with Yugi." She explained.

"Oh you mean.... oh!" Mai said.

"Yep," she said cheerfully wiggling her finger, which held a nice engagement ring.

"Nice!" said Mai.

"Yeah, isn't it?" she asked

"Where's Kazuo?" asked Serenity.

"With Joey. I expect that Serena, Kristine, and Hideo are also with the guys?"

Emi saw Serenity and ran toward her aunt. "HI!"

"Hello, Emiko!" said Serenity pulling the little girl into her lap. "Did your daddy get you guys lost again?"

Emi nodded fervently.

"Figures," said Tomoya. "Some things never change."

"That's true." They agreed.

They were all silent for a while. Then the door slammed open and they all jumped.

"Sorry we're late!" said Umiko desperately.

"Yeah," said Tea taking her coat off. "Men never ask for directions."

"Yeah" said Shizuka.

"Well," said Shauna. "We're glad you're finally here! We were sort of waiting for you."

"Sorry," Umiko said again.

They were all silent again. Then Umiko said to Tomoya,

"I wonder if you can still use your powers. I can."

"So can I. And Yami too," said Tomoya.

"I see."

"Hey..." said Tomoya suddenly. "What if some of our kids got powers from us? What would happen?"

Silence again.

"It probably wouldn't show until they're older." Said Shizuka.

"I'm just worried that they might abuse their know?" said Tomoya.

"I'm worried about..." started Umiko. She left the sentence unfinished, as they all knew what she was thinking. What would happen if their secret got out? Who would go after them? What new danger was waiting for them?

........Later...(after dinner)

"Geez," said Joey. "Kazuo, why are you wearing your food?" he asked wiping Kazuo's face.

"Food is fun!" he giggled.

"All right, go ask your mommy for new clothes," he said.

Kazuo ran off in search of Mai. Joey stood up and observed the mess. Yami and Seto were holding their kids by the back of their shirt collars. (A/n: I forgot, Yami also has a 2-year-old son.)

" That's the last time both of you are getting soup." Yami said walking in the direction of the bathroom.

"Next time," said Seto to Kristine and Hideo. "Take a bath in water, not in your food."

Joey noticed that Yugi, Keiko, Tristan and Serenity were watching nervously from a distance. Joey felt something on his leg. He looked down and saw Emi. He picked her up.

"You seem to be the only one who didn't take a bath in their soup." Joey said.

"I'm clean." She said.

"Yes, you are."

"And sparkly."


"I'm a starfish."

"No you're not!" Joey laughed and hugged Emi.

"What am I?" Emi asked.

"You're my little girl." Joey said. (A/n: AWW! That was so kawaii!)

... Later..........

Since they all lived so far away, Seto invited them over to spend the night at his place. After all, he did have enough rooms.

Tomoya and Yami put Serena and Aki in their crib. Running around with their friend tired them out, because they were already asleep. After they had put them down, they stared at them with their arms around each other.

"They're so adorable," Tomoya whispered.

"Yeah," Yami said burying his face in Tomoya's dark hair. He closed his eyes. "Yeah they are."

"I'm so tired," Tomoya sighed. "Why did we ever decide to have kids?" she asked.

Yami stared at her. "Because of they way you get them." He said. (A/n: yes, he means that)

"Oh stop it," Tomoya laughed.

"But it's true. You have to admit it."

"I...guess..." she laughed.

Yami kissed Tomoya. She put her arms around his neck, and he put his arms around her waist and pulled her closer. As each second passed, their kiss grew more and more passionate. Then they heard it. A giggle. They broke apart and found that-

"Serena!" They said in unison.

Serena giggled.

"I thought she was asleep," Yami said to Tomoya.

"So did I,"

"I pretend!" she giggled.

"Oh, what do you want?" Tomoya asked.

"A kissie!" she said laughing and clapping her hands together.

They sighed and they both kissed Serena on the cheek.


"All right, Serena." Yami said. "Go to sleep now."

" 'Kay!"

She laid down once again and instantly fell asleep.

"Well, that takes care of that," Tomoya said.

"Yes." Yami said kissing her again. "Yes it does."


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