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Childhood Games

Epilogue: Word Association
Day unknown

Creak. Creak. Creak.

They sat on the swing set, not really swinging but not really doing anything else, either. Cyborg, Starfire, and Beast Boy played a three-way game of soccer. Neither of them were really looking at the trio laughing and arguing and shrieking in delight and moaning in disappointment. She was staring at the ground, as if she were trying to count every single grain of sand under her feet.

He was staring at her, analyzing her in the same way he'd analyze a crime scene, though he had to admit this was a lot more pleasant.


...but the creaking swing set was definitely distracting from the view.

"We should stop them. Cyborg might blow Beast Boy's head off," Raven said, looking up to see the other Titans standing in a triangle bickering senselessly. The sudden breach of silence made Robin jump in surprise.

"You mean I should, right?" Robin asked with a smirk. "You'll just stand there and laugh."

She gave him the slightest of a sneer. "No, I'll steal the ball from them and chuck it half way to China."

"You can't throw a ball over the Tower," he said, goading her. It was a hobby of his nowadays to get her to talk, argument or not. Unless it was in private, it never worked. "What makes you think you can send it to China?"

The sneer became more conspicuous. "I have telekinesis, wonder boy."



Thump! A swing between Robin and Raven fell to the ground as its rusting chains finally gave away. They sweat dropped and looked up at their own creaking swings.

"...we should probably get off the swing set."

"Yeah," he agreed.


"Or maybe we could stay here. The creaking really is charming," Raven said sarcastically. Robin rolled his eyes.

"Fine," he said. "We will."


"Fine," Robin retorted, trying to sound intelligent.

"Handicap parking, one hundred fifty dollar fine on first offense."

Robin stared. "What?"

"Word association. Just play along, okay?"

Robin smirked. "Car theft."




"Five," said Robin, feeling awfully stupid all of the sudden.




A swing to Raven's left fell to the ground. She sweat dropped. "Quasar."

"Francais," drawled Robin.

"English, please."


"Snark," snarked Raven. Robin rolled his eyes.





"...of the Rings."







"King of Hearts," said the empath, wondering how 'fine' turned into chatting Lord of the Rings romances.

"Me," Robin said with all the swaggering arrogance he could muster, and smirked. Raven rolled her eyes.

"Love," Raven said... and promptly wrinkled her nose as an unspoken "wait, where did that come from?" statement. Robin only looked at her, startled and dumbstruck. Several moments of uneasy silence passed until Raven poked him in the ribs. That seemed to wake him up. He almost looked like he blinked under his mask, and then look at her straight in the eye. Shivers ran up and down her spine and her heart beat faster in anticipation as Robin leaned over to her and whispered in her ear...



(For real this time.)

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The sequel, A Matter of Questionable Sanity, takes place around Christmas time. There's not too much continuity, and it's more of a stand alone AU-ish thing, although their relationship hasn't really changed much--one of the few things connecting the two to each other.

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