Hey people this is a Kag/Sessh fic. I hope you like it. It is not my first one just the first one that I have decided to put on fanfiction.net. AU in Tokyo.

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Chapter 1: The Reunion

* Flashback*

Kagome couldn't help what had just happened she was in total shock. She had never expected for her miko powers to over power her. It had happened so fast. Naraku the pest he was had grabbed her when she had walked by a dark alley. He had tried to rape her And she had lost control of her powers when she panicked. The last thing she remembered was the blinding white light.

*End Flashback*

Now Kagome was in a special school for kids like herself who couldn't control certain powers. What she knew of this school was that you were assigned to share a room with a person of the opposite sex that was supposedly your soul-mate. They were to help keep you in check.

It was her first day and already she was hearing rumors about herself. She for one had no clue who she was rooming with but the rumors were pretty weired. Kagome minded her own business and asked where she could find her class. Fortunately she had meditation for the first hour and a half. She knew it would help keep herself centered. As she entered the meditation room the first person she layed eyes on was a youkai. A very good looking youkai with silver hair,golden eyes, and unique markings on his face.

" Se...Sesshoumaru?," Kagome stuttered.

"Yes it is I Kagome," replied Sesshoumaru.

He had known her . it had been a year since he had seen her. He had heard of the incident and knew why she was here. He himself was here to retrieve her, although he was also here to get better control of Tensaiga.

Kagome hadn't expected to see him so soon. Her heart was still trying to recover itself. He had shattered her heart into a million pieces.


an eighteen year old Kagome was returning from school to the Shinohara household. Sesshoumaru was courting her since she was the heir of the Eastern Lands and him the heir to the Western Lands. He was twenty at the time. Kagome had run up to his room with news that she had been accepted to Tokyo University. As she reached his room she heard moaning coming from the otherside of the door. Kagome opened the door and when she looked in she was shocked at what she saw. On the bed was her older sister Kikyo and Sesshoumaru was thrusting into her. Kagome had ran out crying to her room. She had locked the door and had slid down against it. Sesshoumaru had come to her room ten minutes later. He knocked on the door and had been told to go away. He had asked Kagome to open the door. Kagome had opened her door and looked at anything but him. " I'm going home," she had stated. She had packed her things and called a cab. She got on the first flight home. The next day she called him and said the engagement was off and that he could marry Kikyo if he wanted to.

* End Flashback*

Sorry for the short chapter. No worries there will be more.