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Kagome came to her senses at that moment and walked over to a mat to begin meditating.

"Kagome we need to talk," stated Sesshoumaru.

"There's nothing to talk about Sesshoumaru," replied Kagome.

Kagome was already sitting down when Sesshoumaru sat next to her.

" Kagome I'm sorry it wasn't my fault," exclaimed Sesshoumaru.

" Oh I see it wasn't your fault that you became naked and had sex with my sister," replied Kagome sarcasticly.

Sesshoumaru became livid he had just apologized to the girl and she had not accepted. Kagome had noticed how his aura spiked and flared. It was too late he had her pinned to the floor before she could look at him.

"Sesshoumaru stop I... I don't want to hurt you!," exclaimed a paniced Kagome.

" You are mine bitch and you will respect me," stated Sesshoumaru's blood beast. Kagome let some of her miko powers out to calm him. When Sesshoumaru had finally calmed down he remembered what happened. He could smell her tears. "Sesshoumaru what happened?," cried Kagome.

" You made me loose control of my blood beast," answered Sesshoumaru.

He let her up and she quickly turned away.

I'm sorry Sesshoumaru

It's okay Kagome.

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