Bill Nye vs. Barney Chapter 1 By: sorasblade

If you are wondering how I came up with this let's just say I have a little sister and she likes barney....ewwwww I get sick of him so I have to get revenge but bill Nye is sorta cool in a dorky way

Bill Nye the science guy sat in his chair with a bag of gummi worms watching barney (who knows why?) then he said " what is this, I teach children better stuff then this all the time, children all ready know that the wheels on the bus go round and round, at least I teach kids science they're teaching them dinosaurs are real, I can't take this I'll kill him!!!"

Barney is outside teaching children about "manners" "hi children, today im going to teach you manners... in song!!! Manners are good, manners are fun, everybody uses them, yes everyone, we all need manners, that's how it goes because I am stupid and everyone hates me!!!" "Okay Barney that's a rap" Barney takes of the head of the costume (just like the chicken) "uh Mr. barney, you have a visitor" "I told you don't call me Barney my names bob!" "Oh sorry, well he says his name is bill" "let him in" I think that was the answer of his doom!!!! "Your going down you piece of purple fabric" "I think someone needs a hug" "hug this!!!" bill pulls out a machine gun and aims it at his head.

"It's on" Barney shouted at the tip of his lungs. "Here's a little science lesson Barney maybe it'll be use to you, every action has a reaction, or should I say I shoot you and guts will fly everywhere, get it?"But why do you wanna kill me?" "Because your you and you're poisoning children's mind with your I love you's and let's be friends!!!" "Eat led dino head, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha"

"Oww, the pai......" barney lay motionless on the floor covered in blood."Stupid dinosaur I knew you wouldn't win"

(Next time on bill Nye... bill tells about the innards of a dinosaur)

(Dear readers I am sorry if I have offended anyone by what happened to Barney, and for that I apologize even though it's funny)