Isn't Life Grand?

Story about a skater girl and a jock who absolutely hate each other but have to share a locker. She's got a crush on his brother and he is a playboy.
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Chapter 1: The beginning of a wonderful relationship

"Kago, where are you headed?" Kagome Higurashi sighed and turned to face her best friend, Sango Shirakawa.
"I was reassigned lockers, now its on the other side of the school. Sorry I forgot to tell you earlier." Sango shrugged her shoulders.
"No big. Who are you sharing with?"
"No flipping idea. I've got to go or I'm going to be late, see you later." Kagome waved and headed in the opposite direction of Sango, they were supposed to have lockers close to one another but for some weird reason Kagome had to move to the other side of the school, and she wasn't told who she was sharing with either.
Kagome reached her new locker and opened it up. No one else's junk was in there so she hoped she got one to herself, not very likely, but she could hope. Just as she finished putting her books on the top shelf girls in the hall started mumbling and shrieking.
"He is the hottest guy in school!"
"And captain of the soccer team too!"
"Omigod! Did you see that?! He winked at me!" Kagome ignored the stupid jock crazy girls and slammed her locker shut. She turned around only to run smack dab into somebody.
"Sorry about that." She looked up at the guy she had run into to find weird gold eyes staring back at her. A scowl crossed her face and she shoved past him.
"I take that back, I don't need to apologize to some cocky jock whose ego is bigger than japan."
"Oh Kami-sama help me, please say I don't have to share a locker with someone like you." Kagome jerked her thumb at the locker behind her.
"If that's your locker then you do have to share it with someone like me. Get a life retard."
"Kami-sama someone's PMSing today." Kagome"s battle aura sparked and she glared at him.
"This is nothing you bastard. Just stay away from me."
"Flea ridden dog."
"Cocky immature jock!" Kagome stomped on his foot and walked away, leaving him jumping on one foot, muttering obscene curses. Kagome stomped into her first class and sat next to Sango.
"I'm guessing your locker mate isn't all that desirable?" Kagome crossed her arms and leaned back in her chair.
"Hmph, he is an arrogant, cocky, I'm-Mr.-cool-grovel-at-my-feet, jock. Speaking of the asshole." Inuyasha limped into the classroom, took one look at Kagome, and sat on the other side of the room.
"I got some perverted guy named Miroku who likes to grope women and the first thing he asked me was "Will you bear my children?" he's in all of my classes too." Sango rubbed her temples to try and get rid of the headache she felt coming on. She turned around and smacked the guy behind her hard. He fell to the floor; unconsous while Sango murmured something about chopping someone's hand off. (Hmm, I wonder whom she could be thinking of?) The teacher walked in and rapped a yardstick on her desk.
"Settle down class. In science you will have the same lab partner for a whole semester. I have randomly put you in pairs and I will call off your names and show you where to sit. First up, Miroku Asukura and Sango Shirakawa. At this desk, Inuyasha Nemoto and Kagome Higurashi." Kagome gave herself a sharp smack to the head before grabbing her books and moving to the assigned desk, mumbling under her breath.
"Damn flipping teacher, partnering me with a dense, egomaniac, air headed, no good son of a..." Inuyasha dropped his books down on the desk right next to Kagome with a loud :: thwack:: almost making her fall out of her chair.
"Oops, sorry about that. Did I interrupt your train of thought? Or did it already leave the station?" Right before he sat on his stool and after a quick look around Kagome kicked the legs of it out from under him. He fell to the floor with a heavy ::thud:: and then she pushed his books off the two-person desk, smack dab onto his head, making a hollow, echoing sound.
"Damn it! What the fuck was that for!?" The teacher turned around to see what all the commotion was about.
"Inuyasha! Watch your language. Please explain what happened Miss Higurashi."
"When he went to sit down ,he must have missed the chair or something, he fell, and when I tried to help him up he pushed my hand away and that caused me to accidentally knock the books off the desk and onto his already damaged head.Ó The teacher rolled her eyes and pointed to the door.
"Both of you to the office."
"No problem teacher." Kagome picked up her books and flounced out of class like she was getting the day off. Inuyasha sullenly grabbed his stuff and followed.
Kagome was skipping and twirling down the hall.
"What the hell is your problem you freak, we're getting sent to the office." Kagome glared at Inuyasha, happy mode gone, utterly hate jock mode set.
"Because I really could care less if I got in trouble or not. It's not like I have parents to ground me or anything."
"So you don't have any parents either? I never even knew my dad."
"I didn't really ask for your life story."
"Heartless little bitch aren't you?"
"Only to people I loathe with my entire being." Kagome swung open the door to the office. She made herself comfortable in one of the ugly brown plastic chairs. Inuyasha sat across the room from her. The principal opened his door after a few minutes and motioned for them to come in.
"So what happened this time?" Inuyasha was about to answer but Kagome opened her mouth first.
"He insulted me so I knocked his chair out from under him, dropped his books on his hollow head, then he cursed so the teacher sent us down here." The principal shook his head.
"First day of school and your already at it Kagome. 30 minute detention for both of you after school. Now get back to class." Kagome bounced out of the room, as cheery as ever. Inuyasha followed her, less happily, he had soccer practice after school, the guys wern't going to be happy. Kagome took a right down one of the hallways, when they had to go left to get back to class.
"Where the hell are you going? We have to get back to class."
"I forgot to do something this morning, follow if you dare egotist." Kagome lead the way out to the parking lot and to a blood red porsche.
"Feh, this is what you dragged me out here for?" Kagome unlocked the trunk and started rummaging through it.
"No one forced you to come with me you idiot." Inuyasha couldn't help but lean back a little to get a better ::cough cough:: rear view.
"I know you're not looking at my ass." He stood back up strait and turned his back to her.
"Why would I want to do something like that. No one wants to look at your big butt." Kagome's aura sparked and Inuyasha backed away, he didn't know what this girl was capable of, and he really didn't feel like finding out.
"I don't feel like majorly hurting you today so I'll let you off with a warning." Before he could laugh at her and make some rude comment she turned around bow and arrow in hand, notched and ready to fire.
She let loose and the arrow just barely grazed his cheek. Inuyasha smirked and Kagome glared at him. She gabbed something out of her trunk and slammed it shut. It was a skateboard.
"You're a skate boarder? That is totally lame." Kagome whirled around to face him.
"What would you know about it jock. You're to busy flirting with girls to be coordinated enough to ride a board. You would fall flat on your ass before you could even do an ollie."
"Like you could play soccer. Those weak legs wouldn't even be able to kick it halfway across the field. Much less a decent goal kick." Kagome gave a small ::hmph::
"So now you're staring at my legs. You are a disgusting, nasty, perverted, playboy."
"Stop putting words in my mouth wench!" Kagome gave him one more If-I- ever-meet-you-in-a-dark-allyway-you're-dead glare and stormed back to class, Inuyasha keeping a good distance behind her.
Kagome had a wonderful idea, in other words, a mean cruel trick. She skipped merrily over to the pop machines and stuck in a few quarters and pushed the button for a pepsi. She sat back down next to Sango and started shaking the can.
"Uh, Kagome are you ok?" Kagome nodded and grinned a huge stupidly happy grin.
"Yup, couldn't be better. How did science go?"
"Miroku is such a lecher! He kept slapping my ass and I kept hitting him, that's how it went for the whole entire period. How'd it go with Inuyasha?" Kagome kept shaking the can and laughed.
"Oh, he's just another typical I-am-so-full-of-myself-you-must-bow- down-to-my-huge-ego type jock. Speaking of the devil be right back." Kagome put back on her stupid smile and flounced over to Inuyasha who had just sat down at a table full of jocks. She handed him the can and smiled.
"Here, I'm sorry about earlier, I hope you weren't hurt too badly." Kagome turned around and bounced happily back to her table before he could answer. Sango gave Kagome a weird look, she thought that Kagome had lost it.
"What was that all about? I thought you hated him.Ó
"I do, just watch." Inuyasha said something and the mindless jocks around him laughed, he pulled on the tab on the can and was showered with sticky carbonated sugar water with no natural ingredients.
Everyone in the cafeteria started laughing and Inuyasha started walking over to Kagome.
"Come on Sango, lets go outside and get some fresh air." Kagome dragged her out the doors and into the sunshine, Inuyasha followed them.
"What the hell was that for bitch!" Kagome gave him the most innocent look she could with out bursting out laughing.
"I didn't mean for that to happen. I guess I didn't shake the can hard enough, it was supposed to spray more than half the can. Oh well."
"You are so going to get it Higurashi. Just you wait and see." Kagome feigned trembling.
"I'm so scared! Someone save me from the ego tripping jock." Kagome and Sango burst out laughing, unable to hold it in anymore.
"Hardy har har. Have your laughs while you can."
"Oh, Inubaby! What happened to my Yashi?" Some girl that looked like Kagome came running up to Inuyasha. Kagome and Sango laughed harder at the babyish nicknames this girl was calling him by.
"Don't call me that Kikyou. Go away, leave me be." Kikyou jumped into his arms, he tried to pry her off of him, but to no avail.
"Oh, does poor Inubaby-waby have nasty stalker problems? Or does he just need his ba-ba and a nap?" Kagome couldnt help but say it. She was rolling on the ground she was laughing so hard. Kikyou glared at Kagome.
"Stay away from my Yashi. He's mine, you can't have him!" Kagome laughed even harder, if she didn't stop soon she wasn't going to be able to stop. She took a few deep breaths and calmed herself down.
"No worries there, you can have the half wit. Maybe if you two got together you could have almost a whole brain between you. Now wouldn't that be a miracle?" Kagome and Sango turned to walk away, but Kikyou yelled after Kagome.
"I challenge you to an archery contest, after school, today." Kagome turned around to face Kikyou.
"Usually I wouldn't waste my time on someone like you but I accept. Archery courts at 4. I have detention with Yashi first." Kagome swung back around, leaving Inuyasha to try and escape from the death grip of Kikyou's windpipe hug.
Kagome walked into the detention room and sat down at a desk in the corner, near the window. Inuyasha was already there, he was on the opposite side of the room. "Nice to have you here Miss Higurashi. I have some errands to run, I will be back when the detention is over to let you out of the room." The teacher grabbed her jacket and purse and left the room. She locked the door behind her and headed off to do "errands"
"Errands my ass. Who does she think she's kidding?" Inuyasha mumbled to himself.
"If you keep talking to yourself the nice men in white coats with big needles are going to take you away to a room lined with pillows and give you a nice snug jacket." Inuyasha already felt like strangling her, she wasn't helping him resist the urge either.
"What the hell do you have against jocks? I didn't do anything to you." Kagome laughed and pulled a sheet of paper and a pencil out of her backpack. She ignored him and he watched as her as she drew something on the piece of paper.
"What are you drawing? Let me see." Kagome covered up the piece of paper with her arm.
"No, you can't see it, no one can see my drawings, not even Sango. So back off before I hurt you."
"Kami-sama, settle down you psycho hussie."
"Stupid mindless jock with the IQ of less than below average, egotistical, prick!"
"I'm not going to have this argument. This is just plain stupid. Now shut up so I can finish my math homework." Kagome gave a loud ::hmph:: and tapped her pencil on the desk, trying to annoy him.
"Just thought you would like to know that your girlfriend is going down today."
"She isn't my fucking girlfriend! She's just some clingy cheerleader who I can't seem to shake."
"Clingy? That's a huge underestimate."
"You're not the one who has to deal with it though."
"But I do have to deal with the fact that I have trouble keeping my lunch down when I see you two all over each other."
"What the fuck! She's all over me, I don't like her!"
"So should I be rejoicing or something? Hey who's that?" Kagome pointed out the window to the soccer field. Inuyasha moved to see who she was pointing at and sat back down in his seat.
"That's my brother Sesshomaru. Why do you ask?" Kagome held her hand to her heart.
"Cause he's hot! Nothing like you, are you sure that you're brothers?"
"I thought you hated jocks, why do you like him?"
"Because I saw him on my way to school, on a skateboard. He's awesome!" Before Inuyasha could reply the teacher came back.
"You two may leave now." They gathered up their stuff and headed out the door. Both heading to the archery fields, but by different ways. Kagome past the soccer fields, just so she could look at Sesshomaru. Inuyasha headed the shorter way, away from the soccer field.
"Yashi! You came to see me beat that little wannabe look alike!" He had reached the archery fields and before you could say pickle weasel Kikyou had tackled him. He was currently laying on the ground with Kikyou on him.
"Get off me Kikyou." There were retching sounds from behind him, and who was standing there but Kagome. She had changed out of her school uniform into some more comfortable clothes. Baggy black pants and a white wife beater.
"When did you change? Never mind, I don't want to know." Kikyou glared at Kagome and Kagome glared right back.
"Lets get this over with. You can go first." Kikyou finally got off Inuyasha and strode over to the archery courts. She took careful aim and released, it hit on the ring surrounding the center bullseye.
"Beat that. Or are you too scared?" Kagome yawned and quickly released a arrow, barely taking the time to aim. It hit the center of the bullseye.
"Could you aim a little faster? This is a waste of my time." Kikyou insisted on the best out of five. Kagome got two more arrows in the center while Kikyou only got one. Kikyou was furious and stormed off somewhere, leaving Kagome to the cheering crowd that had gathered around. Mostly guys from the soccer team, since they were already there for practice.
Someone tapped Kagome on the shoulder and she was shocked to see some guy she didn't know.
"Who are you and what do you want?"
"My name is Kouga Ishii. You are now my woman."
"Like hell I am! I don't belong to anyone. Definitely not someone like you." Kouga shot his arm out and wrapped it around her waist. He crushed her to him, hand on a very inappropriate place.
"Wolves mate for life so you're mine now."
"I'm not some slave at an auction, you can't just place a bid on me then expect me to sit back and let you do what you want with me!"
"I can't have my woman thinking something like that." Kagome was about to scream when a calm voice caused everyone to look over.
"Kouga let go of her. She does not wish to be your property." Kagome looked over to see who was talking. She was shocked to see Sesshomaru.
"Mind your own business, she's my woman." Sesshomaru shook his head calmly walked closer to Kouga, Kagome took advantage of his distraction and squirmed out of Kouga's grasp. When he turned around she kicked him where the sun don't shine.
"I hope you can't ever have kids! Stay away from me you bastard!" Kagome was about to storm off when a hand gently landed on her shoulder.
"Are you alright? I apologize for his inappropriate behavior." Kagome shrugged off the hand and turned around to find Sesshomaru.
"I'm fine, you don't need to apologize for that nasty jerk." Sesshomaru laughed and walked off.
"I'll see you around, Kagome Higurashi." She stared after him in puzzlement, how did her know her name? Kagome smacked herself on the forehead when she remembered that she had forgotten her skateboard in her locker.
"Damn it! The doors are locked. How am I supposed to get it now?" She glanced around and noticed an open door. The guys locker room, she knew it led into the school but what if...
"No what ifs. I've got to get my skateboard, oh, and my history book." She looked around to make sure there weren't any witnesses and crept in. She found her way out and headed to her locker. She had retrieved her board and book and tried opening the front doors. Locked.
"Someone wants me to suffer today." That meant she had to sneak back through the locker room.

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