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I have to write this fast so, here goes...

Draco and Seamus went back to the castle and were spotted by Madam Pomfrey. Both of them were ordered to ice their faces, while Seamus also had to ice his balls- or his "front bum" as Madam Pomfrey liked to call it.

Hermione became a slut and Ginny a nerd and pretty much their lives were switched and the new eye candy for all the boys was Hermione. Ginny liked her new life, though.

Lavender and Parvati went on spreading insane rumors and Ron Weasley was now out of the closet, although he wasn't really gay anymore.

Draco was shunned for a little while because people believed that he was gay also, but eventually it all died down and people stopped caring.

Seamus was forever laughed at because he was seen waddling around with an ice pack on his dick.

Harry continued smoking pot at midnight but always avoided that scarring seventh floor corridor.

The End