Whisper of the Leaves by the lady arianrod

a/n: poem based around the death of the third hokage. Spoilers.
Disclaimer: Kishimoto owns naruto. I do not.


In two pieces history cleaves
'Midst the whispering of the leaves
From past to present, stand alone
But with your precious ones be grown
Towards the glimmering perfect goal
When all the world is finally whole

Without the pain of loneliness
We'll know the world is more than this
You've taught us all that we can know,
Walked through a life of sun and snow.
And now you've fallen to your death,
Forsaking every living breath.

A voice unknown, a tale of loss
A sea of faces, black across
The tapestry on which we stand
Before the history of the land.
As clouds depart for sunny skies,
We learn today that heroes die.

End notes: Eh, it was an ok poem. Tell me what you thought.