Hello all! This is my doofy attempt at sticking poor Bankotsu in awkward situations, just because I like to see him blush. It's cute when those big, manly guys blush! There's nothing better than a blushing bish! XD

So this will just be a bunch of super-short chapters that really have nothing to do with each other except for the fact that they include both Bankotsu and Jakotsu and are on a set pattern.

I'm sure that after just the first two chapters, you'll be able to see the pattern X3


Jakotsu wanted to go ice skating.

Bankotsu didn't know how to.

"It's easy. I'll teach you." Jakotsu informed him.


"Please?" He begged.

"All right." Bankotsu sighed in resignation.



Bankotsu watched warily as his friend laced up his skates. Jakotsu's nimble fingers worked quickly, catching the thin laces on the metal hooks as he worked his way up and finished with a neat bow. Knotting the second one, the older man looked up. "Are you ready?"

"I guess so." Bankotsu nodded. He wasn't sure why, but he felt certain he was about to let his friend lead him to certain doom.

"Don't be so nervous." Jakotsu stood easily, then offered Bankotsu his hands. He pulled the boy off the bench and led him out to the rink.

Bankotsu looked suspiciously at the ice. Then he looked at all the people flying by him. Then back down at the ice. He was leaned against the wall, already wobbling. "And Jakotsu wants me to go out there…" He muttered.

Speak of the devil.

Jakotsu coasted by backwards, arms outstretched. "Come on, Bankotsu!" He grabbed the other man by the hand, pulling him onto the ice.

"No. No; Jakotsu, I'm gonna fall!" This was very undignified; the young man could feel his legs shaking beneath him.

"I won't let you fall, Aniki." Jakotsu's bangs fluttered as they slid across the ice. "Thought you trusted me." He laughed.

"Jakotsu…" Bankotsu gritted his teeth. He was clutching his friend's hands tightly, as if afraid to let go. "I'm going to kill you later."

"Oh, but it's so much fun!" Jakotsu beamed. He was amused at seeing the leader so helpless and flustered. Bankotsu's knees trembled again and he stumbled forward. Jakotsu caught him, secretly thrilled at having such close contact with his friend. "Easy now."

Bankotsu pursed his lips, one eyebrow twitching. Jakotsu was holding him a little too tightly. "Lemme go." He growled.

"Daijoubu." The older man helped him steady, then slid his hands back into Bankotsu's. "I'm letting go now." He said shortly.

Bankotsu panicked for a moment. Jakotsu's fingers were loosening their grip around his. "No, wait! Hold on a minute! I didn't mean-"

Jakotsu, always obedient of his leader, let go.

Bankotsu lurched forward, desperately grabbing for whatever was available, trying to steady himself. His fingers wrapped around soft fabric and he clutched at it desperately, momentarily thinking that he wasn't about to crash to the ice.

He fell anyway.

There was silence for a moment, then the entire skating rink burst into mocking laughter. After what felt like an eternity, Bankotsu's blue eyes blinked open. As it dawned on him what had happened, he wished the ice would crack open and swallow him up.

Jakotsu grinned down at him teasingly, his pants around his ankles, displaying purple boxers patterned with neon pink hearts. The fabric of his jeans was still clutched in Bankotsu's hands and he looked as if he was trying to contain his laughter. "If you wanted to get into my pants so badly, all you had to do was ask." He giggled, eyes sparkling.

And Bankotsu blushed.


If you have any ideas for embarrassing situations, lemme know. I have a few more ideas, but not many!