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-Recap- We all went in the tunnel of love and I was with someone else.

Guy: What!!!!!! WHO ARE YOU!


Sesshomaru: OMG!

Me: well this is extremely creepy, ::snaps and switches Sesshy and Inu:: Hey Inu!

Inuyasha: How did you do that? How come you never told me about this.

Me: There are a lot of things I haven't told you

Inu: ::in squeaky girl voice:: OO TELL ME!

Me: why should I?

Inu: Because I'll be your best friend! ::kisses me::

Me: My god Inu! ::kisses back::

::we both fall into the water::

Inu: COLD!

Me: oh shut up and swim!

::both of us come out soaking wet::

Shorty: was it that hot in there

Sesshy: You guys look like the people from Titanic in 30 seconds re-enacted by bunnies

Me: shut up or I'll snap you to hell

Shorty: what are you talking about you cant.........

Me: oh but I can ::snaps Shorty to Amanda Chaplin's house::


Shorty: YOSHI!!!!!!! YOU BITCH!

Me: :: snaps back:: now what were you guys saying?

Shorty: ::whispers to Sesshy:: You think George is in town?

Me: I heard that! ::snaps Shorty on Mega Drop::


Sesshy: gee Yoshi talk about pissy

Me: You wanna be on that too?

Sesshy: Is it scary?

Me: well, just consider this on the way down I screamed fuck the whole time

Sesshy: Right, well how bout we go on spin out

Me: ::starts blabbing about how awesome spin out was and won't shut up:: ::accidentally snaps fingers:: WHERE AM I!

Larry: Your in Veggie Tales!

::all the veggies start to sing the theme song::

Me: I gotta get out of here! ::snaps out::

Shorty: I hate you.....that was the scariest thing I have ever been on.

Me: ::evil grin:: ::snaps Shorty and Sesshy on mega drop:: come on Inu, lets go to Spin out.

Inu: right-o

::both wait in lone for spin out::

Inu: are these lines always this long?

Me: Yea, but at least we can talk for a while.

Inuyasha: That's true

Me: so what's up

Inu: ::Kisses me::

Me: uh hello

Inu: sorry sudden impulse

::awkward silence::

::we both get on spin out::

Inu: Yoshi I'm scared

Me: its ok I'm here for your pansy ass

::rides starts::

Inu: holy crapperdoodles!

Me: wee hee!

::the ride ends and we get off::

Shorty: I am going to kill you

Me: uh oh ::snaps me and Inu back to the house::

Inu: Well that was a fun trip but what happens when they come home

Me: Lets go to Hawaii or somewhere like that

Inu: Works for me I love this new power and ::mumbles:: I love you too

Me: what was that?

Inu: Nothing

-The End fun adventure eh? Well review and send suggestions so I can write more stuff and yeah- Yoshi!