Of Elven Rivalries: 4

His eyes slowly fluttered open, not entirely wanting to give up on sleep, but he knew his parents would soon be fighting again. Sighing, and not giving a moment's thought to check his surroundings, Draco left the bed. Noticing that in his sleep-induced trance, it felt much more difficult to leave than usual. He attempted to gather his clothes, only to find he still had them on. Now, somewhat more awake, he heard the distressed sounds of a child come towards him. Whirling around, ready for heroics, his energy was wasted as his sight came to behold the most beautiful being...alive. Where...where did it start, and where did it end?!?!

The beauty of this creature astounded even Draco, one of the most soiled beings ever to walk on Arda! The dark hair filled with the scent of...of Jade. To Draco, this was adorable, beautiful...and...and perfect. Jade is the overlooked flower you see in the corner of your eye, when you pass along crowded streets. The moon and the stars, seen so very often, taken for granted, and never really SEEN. Very few are the ones who fall in love with the moon; even Romeo snubbed her for his mortal beauty, Juliet.

Jade is cousin to the Lily, has a very light smell, is quite small, and is a very modest flower. Not plain like a daisy, nor romanticized as a rose. Not sweet, like honeysuckle, yet devoid of the Lily's exotic beauty. Though not average, and certainly not able to be lost in a crowd, this beauty held a certain effacing quality, perhaps innocence. The woody scent of the neck of the beauty caught his attention as well. The graceful curve of the swan-like throat set his whole fore arms tingling with desire. Oh, and that skin! This flower had never been out of his home, and his skin showed it. The untouched fairness of a virgin's native color.

And Draco was sure, oh how he was sure! That the paleness wrapped entirely around that small, slender, fragile wraith. All around and eventually lead to...his face. His face, which held a regal nose, beautifully shaped eyes with thick, luscious lashes, and divinely arched eyebrows. And... his mouth. Each delicate line in it begged to be kissed, licked, and loved. The ashen rose color seemed to be the easiest thing to get caught staring into. The sheer tenderness of them made silent promises of delicate kisses, and gentle words. The sweet arms were held close to his chest and he seemed lost. Tears leaked out of his sealed eyelids. The wrinkled skin was shuddering violently and he at last cried out. One forced, torn scream. A wordless hurt that echoed around the room and chilled Draco down to his toes.

Taking long strides towards the now shivering man, he gathered the beauty in his arms, cradling with the greatest effort at providing another's comfort the world has ever seen.

"Shh, beauty. Let me dry your tears." Carefully, gathering the soft cotton blankets, he gently pressed the bed sheets to the youthful face.

Slowly, the young elf opened his eyes, revealing the most perfect set of green eyes one has ever seen. In the soft swirls of forest and jade, there were hints and jags of yellow and orange, a brown streak here and there. Blinking, the man backed away from Draco, who was held captive by those war-starting eyes.

"Who are you?" the voice, so young, innocent, so...untouched.

"Do you not remember me?" Draco asked, somewhat scared that he had hallucinated the whole thing. Not daring to ask further questions, he waited –hoped– until Harry remembered.

"Draco?" he asked, voice quavering fiercely. His hand flew up to his face and he flinched when it came into contact with the damaged skin. His eyes filled up with distrust and he backed away from Draco.

Noticing this, something happened to Draco that had never happened before, his heart broke. In tiny, rose-colored pieces, his heart flew to the ground and for the first time in his life, he held back the tears that threatened to escape his steel eyes.

"I am so sorry, dearest. Please, forgive me."

Seeing the pain in Draco's eyes and hearing the contrite sadness discoloring his voice, Harry softened.

"It's ok. I know you did not mean it, please, do not feel unhappy. Please, if you aren't sad, then I am happy. It's ok." Harry's soft words stirred in Draco's heart, but suddenly, caught in his self-woven web of confusion, he began muttering. His hurt soon escalated into fury, and Harry was caught in what to do.

"I...I hurt you. I touched you in a way that caused you pain. A way that should never have happened to you. I had no right...and yet I did! I...I hurt you. What a fool I am. I hurt the most precious and beautiful being in my life...I hurt you!"

Harry slapped him.

Placing his hand on Draco's red cheek, he said, smiling ever so softly, "There, we're even now."

Draco grinned, but it slowly faded away as he began to lean in closer to Harry, intent on pressing his lips against those of the sweet being in front of him.

Draco claimed his lips in a tender kiss. And Harry ducked slightly when it ended.

"I've been alone my whole life, I know not what to do..."

Pulling away an inch from Harry, Draco whispered,

"Fear no more, my beloved."

Harry bowed his head as Draco pressed a kiss to his brow.

And anyone looking upon that scene, gentle reader, would weep for knowing that such love existed in which one said to another...

"My Beloved..."


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