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This is going to be a BIG story,And the most amazing thing happens...


Kim Possible plopped down on her bed and stared at the ceiling.She was slightly tired from the day at

school,but still ready for anything that came her way.

"Bored."She said in a low tone.

"Bored,bored,bored,bored,bored."It was a Friday afternoon,and

suprisingly she had nothing to do.Just then a knock came from the door.

"Coming." She said as she ran down the stairs.Being careful not to trip on the steep steps.

Ron was already waiting for her in the living room."Hey,KP,wanna hit Bueno Nacho?"

Ron asked,a large grin on his face.One of Kim's favorite features on Ron. It was the one thing that always

lighted up her day."Sure,Ron,sounds great.It'd be nice to have SOMETHING to do today.

They shot each other a smile and left the Possible residence.

@ Bueno Nacho:

Ron and Rufus dived into their nachos while Kim watched them as she quietly ate her chimmerito,

thinking of how much of a pig Ron was.Rufus was an animal, he had an excuse.But you'd think Ron could be the

LEAST bit politer.When they were both done with their meals,they left Bueno Nacho and headed for a nice walk in the




"I was wondering if you could help me out on that ancestor project that Mrs.Jenkins gave us the other day."

"What's so hard about it.I figured it'd be fun finding out about your ancestors."

"Well,that's just it.I don't know anything about them.For all I know,my great great grandfather couldv'e been the village

idiot." Kim gave a small chuckle.

"I'm serious,Kim."

"Okay,okay.I'll ask Wade if he can rig somethin' up for you in the morning."


As they continued their walk,the trees rustled around them with the scent of spring flowers from the ground up.

"I love the spring,it's so beautiful."Kim said,picking a rose off of a bush and placing it in her hair.

"Yeah,it's great." Ron bit his lower lip.Looking into Kim's emerald eyes was like looking into crystals reflecting off the sun.

The rustling sound him back to earth,despite his deep daydreaming.

But just then Ron saw something in the corner of his eye and turned.He gasped at what he saw.

"K-Kim,w-what's that?"

Kim turned to Ron's eye veiw. In the woods surrounding one side of the walkway in the park,lay a slightly small glowing

object of what looked like a glow-in-the-dark ball."I don't know,Ron.Her concerned look turned into a smirk as she glared

at Ron."But let's find out."

They walked off the road and into thick brustles and trees.

"Oww.Kim,slow down."

"What's wrong?"

"I got prickers stuck in my leg."

They kept walking until they reached the glowing ball.

"KP,I don't know,this is kinda freaky..."

"Oh,come on,Ron it's a glowing ball.Look."Kim picked it up and tossed it to Ron. See?"

"Yeah.Here ya go,Kim."

But when Ron tried to give Kim the ball,something odd happened."What the...?" When Ron handed it to Kim,it was stuck

to his hand.When Kim touched it,her hand became stuck as well.

"Why won't you let go?" Kim asked as she struggled to pry her hand offthe ball.

"It's not me,Kim.My hands stuck on it."

At that very second the oddest thing happened.The ball started counting down seconds.


"Ron, I can't get it off!!!" "Me either!!" He replied back.They had no idea what was about to happen to them.


Kim and Ron closed their eyes.Not wanting to know what was about to happen.

The same green glow scattered apon the duo as they disappeared without a trace.

Dr.Drakken's lair:

"It worked!! Drakken shreiked from inside his lair.He seemed to have been watching a camera screen.

The picture on it was the last picture of Kim and Ron as they vanished into darkness.

"At last I have finally gotten rid of Kim Possible and her buffoonish sidekick by sending back in time!"

Shego entered the room.Apparently hearing the joy."So,I'm guessing the stupid sticky ball thingy worked."

"Yes!!!"Drakken said proudly.But then he paused and turned to Shego.

"It was not STUPID!!"

"Yeah,you're right."Shego replied in a nasty tone."It was more like...LAME!

"Was not!"

"Fine whatever.So what year did you send Kimmy back to,anyway?"

"You're going to love this.I sent them back to 1803!!!!!"Drakken yelled,adding a wicked smile.

"And now with Kim Possible gone it should be a sinch to take over the world now!!"


Ooooohhh,not good for Kim and Ron.Stick around for the next chapter!!


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