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That's a BIT exaggerated!

Two green zaps filled the dark woods.But then appeared Kim and Ron,standing there in the thick brush.

"Well,glad that's over." Ron said,brushing his brow.But paused and looked at the hand he just brushed his forehead with.

"What the?" He stared at it confused.

"Ron,wasn't that the arm that was broken???" Kim asked,getting a little freaked.

Just then they heard some yelling.They swurved their heads and saw themselves from before.

"Ron,I can't get it off!"

"Me neither!"


And they dissappeared.

Kim and Ron stared at each other,but then Kim gave him a smirk.

"Ron,you didn't have to set it THAT close."


But then Kim felt something in her hand that made her jump.The Kimmunicator was there with the picture of Wade on it.

"Yea,Kim?" The ten-year-old questioned.

"Um,Uh,nothing Wade,sorry."

"That's okay -Kim,Ron,what are you dressed in???"

"Long story.See ya." She turned the Kimmunicator off.

"Oh,Kp,we'd better drop off Shego."

"Yeah.Be right back."

She left by time travel for a minute,but came back in a few seconds.

"I left her at the prison." She said.

Just then Ron remembered something.Digging through his pockets.

"Oh,shoot.Kim,I forgot the picture we took of the town clock!"

"It's okay,Ron,I know where we can find it."

She dragged him by the hand to the the library,and started searching in a photo album for 1803.And there in the book was

a black and white picture of Kim and Ron,and a little history next to it.

Ron jumped up and punched the air."Cool! we're historic!! And now I won't have any problem with my history project!"

"Down boy,down." Kim commanded.

Monday at school:

..."And that's the story of my g,g,g, grandfather." The wholoe class clapped.

"Thankyou Stoppable for your interesting story." Mr.Barkin again was the stubstitute (These teachers have GOT to stop

eating the mystery meat!)

After class Ron and Kim walked out hand in hand,but was soon stopped by Bonnie.

"Wait a sec,since when have you two liked each other?" The snobby girl asked.

The couple smiled at each other and answered:"Since 1803!"

They walked out,leaving a confused Bonnie behind.

Note: Kim did have a new cousin,her same age,and a GREAT person to have around and soon became apart of Team Possible.When

They grew up,Kim and Ron got married.But somehow through those years,Ron was able to keep the time ball,so they wed in 1803.

The End.

Awsome ending,huh?

Alright,everyone! Get ready for my next story!!!Look for it it's called:'On the Front'


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