Wicked Descent


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This is an AU Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy fanfiction, if you don't like this pairing then why are you even here?!

This fic will most definitely be dark.


Cassius Leonidas is a 947-year-old vampire. On his 347th year he was captured on the shores of Scotland by a powerful group of witches and wizards. They encased him in a tomb deep within the dungeons of Hogwarts; there they spelled a warning to anyone that would find it and cursed Leonidas with eternal sleep. Yet, this was not enough to fall the powerful Leonidas, for the curse had only one counter...


|Prologue: Dreams|

Draco looked around him, mist rolled down the empty hallways of the dungeons of Hogwarts. As he took a step forward, the mist started to recede. As he advanced, slowly putting on booted foot in front of another, the mist receded with every stride. Following the mist that just barely licked the tips of his boots, he looked around him. The halls were devoid of all portraits, so he knew that he was in a part of the dungeons that no one used. The farther he moved forward the darker the walls became, crimson liquid rolling from the ceiling and down the walls in warped veins, almost as if the walls themselves were alive and bleeding, yet it never touched the stone floor, never pooled.

It seemed that he would never reach the end of the blood-walled hallway, it seemed as if he had been walking forever, yet it felt like something was pulling at him...beckoning. Each and every step he took, the worse the pull became and he couldn't stop. He Wanted to keep going, Wanted to find out what he was searching for, and he knew that he was searching for something... something very significant to him, something crucial to his survival. The air became thick and he could smell...almost taste the odor of the blood that slithered its way down the walls, and yet it didn't bother him. Turning his attention back to the rolling mist he stopped, watching as it disappeared under a wall. He knitted his brow, looking right to left he noticed that it was a dead end and turning around there was nothing but a wall... of blood. He felt a small ounce of panic begin to rise as he looked at the four walls that blocked him from going anyway.

Looking back at the wall where the mist had disappeared under, he touched it and found it to be solid... solid as stone. He began to push on the wall, he kicked and he punched and finally in frustration he pounded his fist against it before sliding down to his knees. "What do you want me to do... What Do You Want!?" He shouted, his voice sounding straggled, as if he hadn't used it in years.

Resting his forehead against the wall that he had mercilessly tried to strike down, an almost strangled sob escaped from his lips. He could feel it, the pull. What he was looking for was right there... right beyond this wall and yet he couldn't get to it. It hurt, the ache was almost unbearable and yet he didn't know what it was that was so important to him. The only knowledge that he possessed was that he NEEDED it.

He kneeled there, for what seemed like an eternity, when something... a presence caught his attention.

'Help me...' The voice said.

Draco jumped, and turned around, he wasn't really surprised that there was nothing there. He really didn't expect there to be anything there. "I... can't see you. You're not even real; I have no one here that needs my help. This is my subconscious playing tricks with me. Ha! Thought you could fool me did you?" He grounded out, his throat hurt.

Turning completely around so that he now faced the blood wall he watched as something... faint began to appear. It was a boy... no, not a boy... a young man. The translucent image began to fade once again before it managed to hold itself. Draco studied him, studied the first thing that caught his attention. The greenest eyes he had ever seen, with pale skin that seemed to glow and unruly raven black hair. Draco forgot how to breathe.

The spirit copped his head to the side, "Breathe... I can't have you die on me yet."

The spirits voice reverberated around the 'room' as Draco assumed, as there was no exit. He took a breath. "What... do you want?" He whispered, still amazed by the beauty of this spirit.

The spirit just stared at him, taking in his appearance it seemed... as if judging him. A look of sorrow passed over its beautiful features as it reached out an arm, "I... don't know how much longer I can hold my image ..." The spirit faded and the appeared one more time, "but... I need your help, just take my hand." Draco leaned forward, his knees pressing into the stone floor, his arm outstretched.

"I can't reach you..." Draco cried out. Pushing himself into a crouch, he felt something heavy trying to keep him down, almost as if there were stones being stacked on his shoulders. As he reached out farther, he noticed a wetness seeping through his clothes.

"Don't look down, just reach." The spirit said, it's voice calm and soothing. So Draco reached, trying as hard as he could... and when he was almost there; his right hand slid in the liquid wetness, that he guessed was the blood and the spirit was gone and he felt a sorrowfulness that he had never felt before in his heart.


Draco woke up with a jerk, a loud painful wail escaping his lips as he clutched at his chest. His breathing was harsh and his throat hurt as if he had been screaming in his sleep. Looking down at his right hand he saw none of the blood that had been there before. Sighing, he knew there wouldn't be any blood, but he couldn't help it, looking at it every time that he woke. "Same bloody dream..." he whispered, wiping away a light sheen of sweat that covered his forehead. Tossing his blankets to the side, he stood on his shaking legs and made his way to the bathroom.

Ever since his 18th birthday he had started having those dreams, and every time he had those dreams everything was the same. He couldn't control anything, not even the fact that he knew he was dreaming... hell he knew that he was going to dream that before he even fell asleep. Turning on the tap, he gathered the cold clear water in his cupped hands and splashed his face. Looking up in the mirror he couldn't help but notice the circles under his eyes and the exhaustion seemed highly evident.

Standing up, he reached over and picked up a towel, drying his face off before giving one last looking in the mirror and tossing the towel to the floor, be damned if he was worried about his bathroom being in a mess right now. Turning the light off, he turned around pulling the door closed behind him, not letting the handle go until he heard the soft click...


A figure was standing beside his bedpost, arms folded across a slender yet strong chest. He was wearing a crimson poets shirt, the voluptuous sleeves enveloping his long arms and stopping at his wrists. The strings in front were free, leaving a long trailing v opened, showing his pale chest. A silver belt encrusted with ruby's hug low on the slender waist and lengthy legs were covered in black breaches, with soft black boots. A black velvet cloak hung over his shoulders, the inside designed with silver stitched figures that he couldn't quite make out. He just stood there, waiting for Draco to finish.


Draco shook his head and stumbled slightly. He looked at where he had been staring at the man and noticed that he had disappeared. "This is just getting worse, maybe I have some mental problem... perhaps get my own ward for the insane at Mungos." Draco muttered as he began walking to his bed. He laid down, his head resting on the now cool pillow. Turning on his side he stared at the wall...


The figure stood there, leaning against the wall and Draco bolted straight up in bed, grabbing for his wand. "What. Do. You. Want?" He grounded out each word.

The man only smiled, "Freedom."

Draco blinked, how simple of a request to make.


Draco was left staring at nothing but the wall. "I must be having a nervous break down." Of course he had noticed his features, it was the same one from his reoccurring dreams... or nightmares were more like it.

Sighing and burrowing deep within the confines of his comforter, his wand under his pillow, he began to wonder what was happening. "What the bloody fucking hell is going on here is what I would like to know!" He shouted out into the empty space, almost expecting another flash, but one never came. Muttering, he rolled onto his back, his hands behind his head. It wasn't like he was going to be able to go back to sleep anytime soon, he never did.

He wondered briefly if it was a spirit trapped somewhere, like Moaning Myrtle but then how could that explain the feeling he had in his dreams. Like he needed to find something, like it was vital to his survival. And why did it hurt so much when he couldn't completely reach it... and why the hell was there so much fucking blood!

He groaned in frustration.

He would just have to go to the library and see if he could sort this out... and no way in hell was he going to tell that old fool Dumbledore. There was just something about that old man he didn't like... something untrustworthy; the same thing with the rest of the old goody goody professors. McGonagall most of all.

Turning on his side he closed his eyes, wishing if just for one night that he could have a good nights rest.


It was in the early hours of the morning when five people came rushing down the empty corridors of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. This group consisted of Minerva McGonagall, Arthur Weasley, William Bryce, Katherine McCray and Darlene Knight. They were moving quickly, their robes billowing as they made their way to the Headmasters quarters.

When they arrived, Dumbledore was at his desk, his old hands clasped in front of him. A serious look was across his usually humble countenance. The five members of the Order set down in chairs and looked at him, waiting. "It seems that our secret is trying to be discovered. It also looks like that we will not know peace for much longer. The defeat of Voldemort only 18 years ago was only a small complication of what is about to be unleashed in this school. Cassius Leonidas is no ordinary vampire, but one of the most powerful ones that has ever graced this land, and it seems that he is stirring."

McGonagall was the first to speak, "How is this possible, Albus? Wasn't the counter destroyed before Leonidas was ever given a chance to activate it?" Minerva's voice shook. "Did our predecessors fail to eliminate this... counter?"

"It happened over 200 years ago, it is no doubt in my mind that there would be another... unfortunately, we have not the resources our predecessors had and thus we have no idea of knowing what could trigger his resurrection." Dumbledore looked at the firmly, "But I have no doubt that we will find this... trigger, this...counter and eliminate it. Keeping our lives and the lives of the children in the school safe from harm."

Arthur looked at Albus, "You better hope, for your own sake Albus. I have two children in this school." Arthur stood up, and with a final glare to all of them and cursing the name of Leonidas, he stormed out of the room.

"How long do we have until he is completely awake?" Darlene asked, her voice angry.

"Not much longer, and this counter can not be very far away."

William looked at Albus as he said this, "We must find and eradicate the threat...with the trigger out of the way Leonidas is no longer a threat."

"Yes, but that still doesn't explain why we don't just go and kill Leonidas ourselves and be done with it." Katherine spat, her eyes shining with hatred.

"Because upsetting the balance of nature is something we will not do. We may stop him, defeat him... give him eternal sleep and eradicate any counter that appears but we can never kill Leonidas." Albus finished.

Everyone took their leave, going into separate directions to prepare for their classes that they had to teach.


To Be Continued


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