Wicked Descent


Rated: R

Disclaimer: anything you may recognize does not belong to me! Meaning, any characters from the HP universe! (but of course I'm sure all of you know this by now?)

This is an AU Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy fanfiction, if you don't like this pairing then why are you even here!

This fic will most definitely be dark

Cassius Leonidas is a 947-year-old vampire. On his 347th year he was captured on the shores of Scotland by a powerful group of witches and wizards. They encased him in a tomb deep within the dungeons of Hogwarts; there they spelled a warning to anyone that would find it and cursed Leonidas with eternal sleep

Yet, this was not enough to fall the powerful Leonidas, for the curse had only one counter…

However cold the wind and rain
I'll be there to ease your pain
However cruel the mirrors of sin
Remember beauty is found within
...Forever shall the wolf in me desire the sheep in you...


Chapter 5: Dance with Death

Cassius felt something inside his chest snap as he looked down at the still body of the boy he had grown to love. The boy who he had watched grow through his many years in Hogwarts, the pain he had gone through. He had only tried to help, to save the last of the Malfoy, his true family… and he had failed. "Draco… Draco… you can't die on me now! Are you going to let them win, the Ministry and the Sect wanted you dead Draco and you are going to let them win so easily. What would your father say if he knew you had given up so easily!" His pupils dilated his eyes black as abyss, the green that encircled them swallowed up with his grief.

"Salazar, I beg your forgiveness. I failed to keep my promise." Cassius kneeled over Draco's body and let his crimson tears spill down his cheeks as he silently begged for mercy. Draco's limp hand gripped tightly in his own.

And Then Time Froze.

Draco looked around him, confused. He had been with Cassius only moments before and now he was somewhere else completely. He knew he was definitely not in his room anymore. He could hear the burbling and flowing of a river somewhere and all around him figures moved solemnly but never noticing him. Mist swirled everywhere clinging to everyone, but he didn't feel cold… actually he didn't feel anything at all. No pain, no cold, and no more of the intense heat as before.

"Where am I?" He asked aloud, his voice echoing oddly. He took a step, the mist disappeared, and he saw nothing but dead land and leafless trees reaching towards a dreary cloudless sky. It almost looked unreal.

"You know where you are, Draco." An emotionless voice called to him.

"Who are you?" He returned, a sinking feeling in his stomach. He turned around looking all around him for the owner of the voice.

"I am known by many names, you choose what to call me and I will answer to it." The voice called back to him. It seemed so close yet still far-far away.

"Where are you, then! Show yourself." Draco took another step and the scenery changed once more. Snow covered everything, but he could still hear the flow of running water, the sound louder then before.

"I'm as close as you want me to be or as far away as you need." The voice had a slight feminine lilt to it, and an almost annoying trace of humor. Sadistic was all he could think; her speaking in riddles was pissing him off. The voice laughed at him, "Your thoughts are very clear here, you are where the River Styx flows."

"Styx… I'm not dead!" Draco shouted, "I refuse to go out in such a pathetic way!" He folded his arms and glared stubbornly. "That does not tell me who you are though, so show your self!"

She laughed again, "I am the only one that can decide your fate, young Malfoy." Then she was there a few feet away from him. In her hand she held a staff that looked as if it were made out of the blackest night, there were carvings of skulls and lilies upon it, with vines wrapping along it. At the end was a large wicked curved blade… a scythe. She wore a black cloak that moved with an invisible wind (even he couldn't feel it), the hood was thrown back and her rich vibrant red hair stood out brightly against the white backdrop.

"Shit… your Death aren't you? You were the one Cassius was warning me about." Draco groaned.

Death laughed, "Don't be so melodramatic, Draco. Come, walk with me; there are things you need to know before you are aloud to return to my brother."

"Brother… wait a minute, what the hell is going on here? What do you mean brother?" Draco stepped towards her and the scenery changed again to vibrant green trees and grass, flowers of every color and kind bloomed all around him. People…spirits, he corrected himself, walked about, chatting and laughing. A fountain stood at the center of a walk way and a maze stood to his right. A large castle loomed in the background.

"Welcome to castle Mneme…"

"The castle of Memory? Wasn't she one of the three muses in Greek Mythology?" Draco commented as he watched the castle glisten silver.

"Yes, we have many castles here, just as I go by many names… one being Morana." Seraphina replied as she began to lead Draco down the path towards the castle.

"Death? How original. So why are you taking me to the Castle of Memory?" Draco looked around at the scenery, "And are you sure you stopped time?"

"I'm taking you to Mneme because its one of my favorites, and yes I am sure I stopped time, it is not your time to die and I would not let my brother suffer your loss." A smile slid across her blood-red lips.

Draco ignored it, "So you said that there were some things that I needed to know before I was aloud to go back to my body?"

They had just entered the courtyard where a fountain gurgled silver liquid of some sort. "Be careful at what you look at Draco, some memories can be pleasant while others can be painful. Even suppressed memories can be found here. This is another reason why we have come here. Your father knew that one day you would go through this change, but unlike you, your father didn't accept Cassius's offer. Like so many of the Malfoy, his gift was turned away… until you that is. You are the one that he has been waiting for for almost a thousand years Draco."

"I don't understand what you talking about, Seraphina. Suppressed memories, my father, Cassius's gift?" Draco sat at the bottom of the stone stairs.

"Your father suppressed a memory deep with in your subconscious, believing you were the one that would set him free…"

"Him… as in Cassius." Draco interrupted.

Seraphina nodded smiling with all the patience in the world. "As so many Malfoy's before him I have met them all and that memory has been passed down generation to generation." Seraphina swung her scythe in an arc and before him replayed a memory.


Lucius looked down at the small baby swaddled in a fuzzy warm blanket nestled in his wife's arms. He saw his sons clear grey eyes blinking up at him with an ancient knowing, a look of ancient power. He stroked his son's tuft of blond hair and met his wife's gaze. "Draco, for his eyes reflect an ancient knowing. Our son will be great one day, Narcissa."

"Lucius, you don't think that he could be…" Narcissa trailed off as she looked down at her son.

"We will just of have to wait and see, love."


Draco looked around, his chest hurt and he couldn't find him. Where was he? Why was it getting hard to breath, why couldn't he find him! "Father!" Draco's eleven-year-old voice shouted as he ran through the mansion door.

"Draco! What is all this shouting about?" Lucius knelt in front of his son, holding his gaze. Narcissa came running from the foyer, only to stop as she watched her husband and son gaze at each other.

"It hurts father… my chest. It hurts. I can't find him anywhere! I know he was here, he said that he would always be here to protect me! Why is he not here!" Draco's eyes shone with tears.

"Who are you talking about Draco?" Lucius asked, though he knew already.

"Cassius, father! Cassius! Where is he, why isn't he here. I fell asleep in the garden and he was there. I KNOW it, I felt his touch. He laughed and we played together. Didn't you see him? He said that he would always be here to protect me."

Lucius felt a twisting in his gut, and he knew… He KNEW that one day his son would make the decision that none of his ancestors could. That one day he would die and be reborn as a being far more powerful then Voldemort himself had been. He ran his hand through his sons blond hair. "Come with me son, and I will try and help you ease your pain."

Narcissa's hand covered her mouth, as he watched her husband and son walk up the stairs, and she knew where they were going.

"I know where you're taking me… You're taking me to his room. He lived here in the manor. I remember, I used to visit him…" Draco blushed and he was confused. "I don't understand what is going on."

"You were born with knowledge Draco, knowledge I didn't believe would come to the surface until you were older. I was hoping it wouldn't…at least until you were older. I believe that you are the one that will awaken the Malfoy family protector Draco. He is very old and has been in our family for generations." They had reached the end of the North Wing, the forbidden wing. They wing his father had told him he must never enter.

Draco looked at the door; it was a very ordinary looking door. Nothing particular or special about it, then he remembered what had usually waited behind the door for him… not him… but… his head was starting to hurt and his chest… his heart ached with a yearning he didn't understand. He knew all about Cassius but then again he didn't. It was like the memories of someone else were over riding his senses.

"Our blood is cursed isn't it father? You will die won't you… some time very soon? Mother too. No… I don't want you to, please don't leave me." Draco looked up at his father; his eyes burning with unshed tears. He looked very hard at his father and he knew… knew. "It has already taken effect hasn't it? You are in pain… but it isn't as bad as it will be. You will live for a few more years and then… and then…" Draco felt rage inside of him. He was angry and heartbroken. For his family and because Cassius wasn't here… he couldn't fix his father… save his mother.

"Draco," Lucius bent down and hugged his son as he shed his tears. Sobs racking his little body as his fists clenched his fathers' robes. "You are the one Draco, you must never let anyone know that you are the one. There are people in this world that would kill you for being who you are."

"Just because he's a vampire… just because he is a dark creature. He isn't any different from us! He isn't. It isn't right…" Draco let go of his father.

"Years ago Draco, Cassius came home to this very mansion to find our ancestors slaughtered like animals. He was angry Draco… very angry. He went on a killing spree… he got revenge for us. The Sect of Hunters and The Ministry is very dangerous Draco. Never let them know… Never."

/End Memory/

Draco was frozen to the spot, he remembered it all now, and he understood way more then he did when he had been eleven. He knew things about Cassius, things that he knew that he shouldn't know. "Sera… he used to talk about you all the time. I remember. My name was Marcus. I…I remember meeting you when you were little. Such a little fire sprite, you were always trying to catch my robes on fire when you were learning your magic." Draco shook his head, "Marcus Draconus Malfoy… funny. My name is Draconus Marcus Malfoy now. My father knew this would happen all along." A smile graced his lips, his blond hair falling into his grey eyes.

"I'm ready to go back to him now, Sera. Thank you for allowing me to dance with you." Draco stood, and he enveloped Sera in a hug, which she returned with affection.

"Tell my brother to be careful, I still don't expect to see him for a long-long time." Seraphina smiled. She sliced the air with her scythe, and shiny portal opening. "Draco!" She shouted before he stepped through. "I have a gift for you and my brother…" She ran up to him her emerald dress flowing behind her. Draco gripped her shoulders as she leaned up and kissed the corner of his lips. Draco felt something warm and powerful wash through him. But before he could ask she had pushed him through the portal. He could feel himself falling back into his body…

Draco breathed; he took one large gasping breath that was followed by another and the feeling of strong arms tightening around him. He smelled blood, sweat, death, something wild… like forests and rain. He opened his eyes and they met green, the familiar gaze almost obscured by that wild raven hair that was so long that it fell over his shoulders tickling his sensitive skin. "Cassius," He said, his voice stronger then ever, "Sera sends her regards."

Draco almost laughed at the look on his face as he fell off the bed and onto his rump, "Mar… Marcus! Sera? What are you talking about?"

Draco sat up, and looked at Cassius, "Death… your sisters the grim reaper, and the names Draco. I am Draco. Draconus Marcus Malfoy." Draco smiled and came to kneel beside Cassius, " I remember everything." He got a far off look in his eyes as Cassius reached up and buried his hand in Draco's silky hair. "I have always loved you Cassius, I want you to know that. I had obligations back then, so long ago, but I have always loved you."