All right, this is for those of you who requested another chapter, this is it because I can't really write too much NC-17 since it isn't really allowed on , hope you like it though, enjoy.

A few hours later, Michiru awoke and turned to the sleeping blonde next to her,

she just couldn't seem to sleep. She gazed tiredly at Haruka and reached over

to move her spikey hair strands out of her face.

Haruka looked so cute while she was sleeping, she could lay there and watch her

for hours. A few moments later she could feel those strong masculine arms that

were Haruka's bring her into an embrace.

Haruka's eyes still remained closed, but a smile of content slowly spread over her

face. "Haruka?" Michiru asked curiously seeing if Haruka was really awake

Haruka hummed and lazily lifted her eyelids to reveal those teal eyes

which she knew so well.

"What is it Michiru? Something wrong?" she said pulling Michiru closer

towards her chest heaving a heavy sigh

Michiru rested her head back down onto Haruka's chest and gazed into

the darkness of the room and the moonlight which streamed in through

the window.

Michiru momentarily closed her eyes

"No, just can't sleep that's all, I'm not sure why." she said letting out a breath of air

Haruka sighed once more and brought her face to Michiru's level and teased her soft skin with

the tip of her nose

"Don't worry my kitten, I'm sure the other's have everything under control,

I'd have to admit, I believe in them now."

Michiru sighed and unfolded her arms putting them around Haruka holding her

tightly "I know, you're right." Michiru sighed about to continue

"But there's something else?" Haruka persuaded her to continue

looking down into Michiru's aqua complexion

"It's just I'm so used to fighting in nonstop battles, no really such time

to relax and pursue dreams." Michiru sighed

"How could you talk about such things right now, let's just enjoy the

time we have when the time comes to battle, we'll worry about it then."

Haruka said reassuringly

"You're right, Haruka." Michiru said once more somewhat more

relaxed than what she was moments ago

Michiru looked up and planted a tender kiss to Haruka's lips.

Haruka wrapped her long, slender and masculine legs

around Michiru. One of her hands reached out and stroked Michiru's

long aqua hair as she she did so she let her hand stroke her soft pale

cheek, Then let it rest on her back, and rested her head next to Michiru's.

Haruka closed her eyes and began to speak

"I don't regret anything we've done in our duty,

and I don't regret the path I had chosen, I'm

so glad I was able to meet you." Haruka spoke softly

Michiru smiled

"I was so glad when I found out you were the one,

I wouldn't want to be with anyone else, I don't care what

destiny holds, I'm just glad it led me to you." Michiru sighed

running her hand up and down Haruka's slender body feeling

the masculine curves, until it came to rest on her lower back.

Haruka gave Michiru's neck gentle kisses until she came to a stop

and she went back to resting her head next to Michiru's, still

holding each other in that tight embrace.

"I love you Michiru..." Haruka trailed off

"I love you too..Haruka." Michiru said tilting her head up and kissed

Haruka's lips then went back to resting her head on Haruka's chest

A few moments pass and Michiru's eyes close,

Haruka did the same and this time it was peace full and they

slept through the rest of the night.


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