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Haru - Spring's End

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Seasons written by Jino Turtlegod

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Haru - Spring's End

I walked into the room without even bothering to call out. I knew I won't get an answer from him. I'm not stupid enough to have been friends with him for years and not know how he is when he's depressed.

And as usual, the reason for that depression had been consistently the same for the past few years.


I won't say anything bad about her as despite how she is, I know why she's like that. The two of them had suffered things that would have been nothing more than horror stories to most people. They've got scars layered over scars. And not just the physical ones.

He loves her with all his heart.

"Oi." Okay, not the most heart-wrenching greeting one can give to a beloved friend, but hey, we're men. There's a limit to the emotions which we show.

He looks at me from where he is sitting on his bed with his back against the wall and his legs stretched out before him, the earplugs for his outdated SDAT were in his ears. He's wearing his white school undershirt and black slacks as if he had suddenly lost interest while changing into his school uniform.

Thankfully, unlike other people in depression, he doesn't trash his room, get drunk, or forget about his personal hygiene. He just clams up into himself as if he can draw his own existence within and implode into nothingness. I honestly don't think I could put up with a depressed, smelly, dirty drunk.

I pull his computer chair towards me and straddle it backwards, resting my arms along the backrest. Most of his stuff are already packed into boxes for the move to his new apartment near the university.

I don't know why, but somehow I feel a sense of pride that he had more than a dozen boxes to hold his belongings. His past few years of memories in material form. It would have been indescribably sad if everything he owned and treasured could be packed up into a single box.

We sat there not saying a word.

The muted buzz of the thriving city.

The sad ballad coming from the SDAT.

The sound from the TV program Misato was watching in the living room.

And I could swear that I did not imagine hearing the cry of a bamboo seller.

After a bit, he finally took off his earplugs. He knows better than to try to out-wait me. I have an insane amount of patience as I often had to wait for hours in order to take the perfect shot.

"What's up."

It's the same voice I heard the first time I met him. Small. Scared.

All the years that passed, all the strength that he had gathered... lost.

I smile at him as if nothing was wrong.

"Oh, nothing much. You just haven't gone to school for about half a week now and everyone's falling apart for the graduation preparations. Oh, Asakura is trying to cover for you in the school council, but she's starting to get frayed. Why the Hell did you have to take on all those tasks?"

He at least had the decency to look guilty.

"Please tell her I'm sorry."

"No way. You know what they say about the Silent Ones. You go tell her yourself."

His lips moved but no sound came.

"So, can I tell her you'll be back to take the load off of her? Trust me, she'll kiss the ground you walk on. You don't know how many guys are pissed at you for being such a ladies' man."

Still he remains silent.

I would really like to strangle him right now. "So ready for the move?"

All I get is a glare and he pulls his knees up and buries his face into them.

Like a child.

I remember a memory of long ago, sitting by a campfire as I watched him stare moodily into the flames.

I can't stand this.

He's supposed to be the hero, the one all the girls fall for. The strong one.

But then again, the source of his strength had vanished.

I reach out and laid my hand on his head. "You're running away again."

It was something he had made me promise. He didn't want to be weak ever again. And the reason for that was the same reason he had for a lot of things.


I saw his shoulders tense. And then, slowly, his shoulders relaxed like a spring unwinding.

If I could take his picture now, I would title it, 'Young Man on the Verge of Tears'.

"You can leave now."

I nodded even though I knew he couldn't see me. It's better to get out of here now that I've done my job. It's going to be uncomfortable to watch him cry.

Even though he's my best friend, it is one thing that I cannot do for him.

That's Her job.

Where ever she is, I hope that she finds whatever she's looking for.

I wasn't at all surprised to find Misato standing near Shinji's door when I came out. It would have been more surprising if she wasn't. She bowed to me in thanks. I bowed back. No words were exchanged as I doubt that Misato would have wanted Shinji to know that she had been listening at his door. Though there was not much to listen to and I have a nagging feeling that Shinji knew that she was there.

As I step out of the apartment building, I feel something touch my face. I reached up and took the thing from where it was stuck on my cheek.

A sakura petal.

It's the end of Spring.

"Hang in there."



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